The Interdisciplinary Program for Biotechnology

The Interdisciplinary Program for Biotechnology leads to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. This is an interdisciplinary program and includes the following academic departments: Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Bio-Medical Engineering.

The Program’s research and study curriculum combines aspects from life sciences and engineering to form the unique interdisciplinary area of biotechnology.

MSc program

The standard study program option for earning a Master of Science degree requires 20 credits of graduate courses and a research thesis (equivalent to 20 credits). Students from 3-year undergraduate programs require an additional 20 credits of undergraduate courses.
Earning an MSc degree allows for applying for PhD studies following the Graduate School regulations.

PhD program

Doctoral students are assigned a study program consisting of at least 6-10 credit points corresponding to their academic background, and are required a final research thesis.

More details

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