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Yasin Nasra 2020 PhD Abstracts Novel TSPO Ligands, Based on a Quinazoline Scaffold, as Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Including the Potential Involvement in Modulation of Nuclear Gene…
Zeineh Nidal 2020 PhD Abstracts Cigarette Smoke, TSPO, Oral and Respiratory Diseases
Monga Sheelu 2020 PhD Abstracts The Effect of the Novel TSPO Ligands (MGV-1, 2-Cl-MGV-1, 2,4-Di-Cl-MGV-1, CB86, and CB204) on the LPS-Induced Inflammatory Pathways
Gabay Martin 2020 PhD Abstracts Treatment Of Brain Tumors Utilizing Liposome-Based Targeted Drug-Delivery System
Kahana Meygal 2018 PhD Abstracts Targeting of Therapeutic Agents to the Brain Based on Liposomes: a Treatment Paradigm to Control and Improve the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
Azrad Maya 2017 PhD Abstracts TSPO- A Regulator of Apoptosis and Inflammation in Cells of Glial Origin
Vainshtein Alexander 2017 PhD Abstracts Regulation of Differentiation and Programmed Cell Death of Neuronal and Glial Cells by TSPO Ligands
Pe’er Yelena 2015 PhD Abstracts The Role of TSPO and TSPO Ligands in Glutamate Induced Astrocyte Cell Death
Zeno-Sizikov Sivan 2011 PhD Abstracts The Role of TSPO and ROS in Mediating Cell Death Induced by CoCl2 and PPIX
Rosenberg Orit 2009 PhD Abstracts The Physiological and Pharmacological Role of the Translocator Protein 18kDa TSPO in Human Osteoblast Like Cells
Shoukrun Rami 2005 PhD Abstracts The Involvement of the Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor in Colorectal Cancer
Levin Evgeny 2004 PhD Abstracts Relevance of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors to Brain Cancer
Golani Idit 2000 PhD The Influence of Female Sex Hormones on the Expression of the Gene for the Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptor
Fonia Ora 1995 PhD The Relationship Between Prophyrins, Porphyria and the Benzodiazepine Receptors
Amiri Zamit 1991 PhD Regulation of Central and Peripheral Benzodiapine Receptors
Katz Yeshayahu 1990 PhD Functional Aspects of the Peripheral Benzodiazepine
Awad Mohamed 1989 PhD Comparative Study on Peripheralbenzodiazepine Binding Site
Bidder Miri 1989 PhD Biochemical and Endocrinological Studies on Peripheral Type
Scher Keren 2003 MSc Abstracts The Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptor in MCF-7 Cells as a Model for Breast Cancer and a Potential Target for Gene Therapy
Tsoglin Einav 2008 MSc Abstracts Construction of New TSPO Ligands with Anti Cancer or Neuroprotective Effects and Diastereoselective Synthesis of Cyclobutyl Zirconocene Derivative
Shterenberg Alexander 2006 MSc Abstracts Construction of New Ligands for Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptor (PBR)
Obeid Fadi 2022 MSc Abstracts The Anti-Inflammatory Effect of 2ci-mgv-1 in Lps- Induced Systemic Inflammation
Amara Rula 2021 MSc Abstracts Hypoxia, TSPO, and Lung Cancer
Mullokandov Michael 2015 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Mitochondrial Function in CNS Oxygen Toxicity by Means of Repeated Exposure to Non-Convulsive Hyperbaric Oxygen and Following Administration of
Mohadeb Odelya 2013 MSc Abstracts The Interaction between TSPO and p53 in Relation to Cell Death, Implication for Lung Cancer Cells
Bayaa Doaa 2012 MSc Abstracts The Possible Interactions between Steroids and TSPO in Relation to Glioblastoma Cells Death
Perry Luba 2011 MSc Abstracts The Role of TSPO in Mediating Cell Death Induced by Nitric Oxide
Cohen Shiri 2009 MSc Abstracts The Synergistic Effect of Cigarette Smoke and Saliva on the Translocator Protein (TSPO) in an In Vitro Model of Lung Cancer
Shandalov Yulia 2009 MSc Abstracts Modulation of Apoptosis by the Translocator Protein (TSPO) in Relation to Brain Cancer
Maniv Inbal 2009 MSc Abstracts The Effects of Novel TSPO Ligands on Apoptosis and the Potential Implications for their Use as Therapeutic Agents
Savulescu Dana 2008 MSc Abstracts Characterization and Monitoring of Salivary Translocator Protein (TSPO) under Physiological Conditions and Following Exposure to Cigarette Smoke
Krayzler Ella 2008 MSc Abstracts TSPO as a Marker of Oral Cancer Progression
Goldberg Shimrit 2008 MSc Abstracts Involvement of the Translocator Protein (TSPO) in Cell Death Induced by Ultra Violet Light (UV) and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Cancer Cell Lines
Roim Inbar 2008 MSc Abstracts In vitro and in vivo Studies of the Potential Involvement of TSPO in the Pathological Effects of apoE Dysregulation
Shtukmaster Stella 2007 MSc Abstracts The Effect of an Aqueous Extract of Teucrium Polium on Glutathione Homeostasis
Danovich Ilana 2006 MSc Abstracts The Influence of Chronic Treatment with Clozapine and other Antipsychotic Drugs on Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptor Expression
Orbach Ady 2005 MSc Abstracts The Influence of the Voltage Dependant Anion Channel Gene Expression over Cellular Functions Regulated by the Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor
Gaitner Michal 2005 MSc Abstracts Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury and the Glutamergic System on Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor Expression
Held-Kuznetsov Viktoria 2005 MSc Abstracts Adenine Nucleotide Transporter (ANT) Knockdoen with Short Interfering RNA and Tumorigenic Characteristics of The C6 Glioma Cell Line
Atir-Lande Avigail 2003 MSc Abstracts Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor-Function in Cancer of the Prostate
Yosef Dorit 2000 MSc The Involvement of Peripheral Type Benzodiazepine Receptor In Proliferation and Cell-Cycle in the C6-Glioma Cell-Line
Shafriri Iris 1997 MSc Involvement of the Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptors in Breast Cancer Tumors at the Basic and Clinical Level
Hershcovich Ela 1997 MSc Studying the Roles of the Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptor in Cultured Ma-10 Leydig Cell Line
Rosenberg Orit 1996 MSc The Role of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor in Regulation Of Female Steroid Hormones.
Bendel Nahum 1995 MSc Hormonal Regulation of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors In the General System of Pseudopregant Rats
Dagan Efrat 1994 MSc Benzodiazepine Receptors in Pregnancy and Lactation
Raphaeli Ram 1992 MSc The Role of Rdz in Regulation of the Neuroendocrine System
Burgin Ruth 1992 MSc Clinical Sicnificance of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor
Dar Dalit 1991 MSc Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Peripheral Bz Receptor