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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Sahoo Devabrata 2019 PhD Abstracts Unsteady Supersonic Flow Over Spiked Blunt Body
Karp Michael 2017 PhD Abstracts Transition to Turbulence in Wall-Bounded Shear Flows
Gluzman Igal 2017 PhD Abstracts Disturbance Identification in Boundary Layer Flow via Blind Source Separation
Philip Jimmy 2009 PhD Abstracts The Relationship between Streaks and Hairpin Vortices in Subcritical Wall Bounded Shear Flows
Braun Benyamin Orit 2008 PhD Abstracts Initiation of Atherosclerosis – Correlating near Wall Flow Patterns with Endothelial Activation Markers
Fastovsky Dina 2007 PhD Abstracts Experimental Study of Vortex Breakdown and its Control in Swirling Flow
Svizher Alexander 2005 PhD Abstracts Experimental Study of the Evolution of the Coherent Structures in Wall Bounded Shear Flows Using HPIV
Suponitsky Victoria 2004 PhD Abstracts The Generation of Streaks and Hairpin Vortices from a Localized Vortex Disturbance Embedded in Unbounded Uniform Shear Flow
Friedman Aaron Joseph 2018 PhD Abstracts Reduced System Order and Sensing/Actuation Resolution for Estimation and Control of Transition to Turbulence
Ben-Dov Guy 2007 PhD Abstracts Optimal Disturbances and Secondary Instabilities in Shear Flows
Amitay Michael 1994 PhD Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Stability Of a Laminar Two-Dimensional Wall-Jet
Mittelman Amir 2019 MSc Abstracts Aft-Sting Mount Effects on Missile Longitudinal Stability and Base Flow Characteristics
Rudin Irina 2018 MSc Abstracts Performance Improvement of Boundary Layer Ingesting Inlets using Active Flow Control Techniques: Computational Analysis
Tor Hilla 2016 MSc Abstracts Laminar flow over a backward-facing step with a wavy- surface bottom
Malkine Ilia 2015 MSc Abstracts Prediction of the Nonlinear Interaction between a 2D Instability Wave and the Maen Flow of 2D Turbulent Wake
Roizner Federico 2015 MSc Transition in Plane Poiseuille Flow
Ribak Yasmin 2015 MSc Abstracts The Aero-Optic Phenomenon in a Compressible Shear Layer
Rosu Dov 2014 MSc Design and Construction of an Experimenal Apparatus to Examine the Possibility of Reducing Aero-Optical Distortions Caused by Turbulent Shear Layers
Weiss Tewner Shoshana 2013 MSc Abstracts Formation and Evolution of Buoyancy Driven Vortices in Stratified Shear Flow
Vyomesh Mehta 2013 MSc Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Mechanisms Leading to Transition in Pipe Flow
Alon Gali 2011 MSc Abstracts The Development of a Buoyant Vortex (Thermal) in Stagnant and Irrotational Shear Flows
Shahar Mark 2007 MSc Abstracts Aerodynamic Removal of Viscous Liquid Drops Attached to a Tube or Channel Wall
Ben-Dov Guy 2002 MSc Abstracts Optimal Disturbances in Swirling Flow
Schilder Shlomo 1995 MSc Linear Stability of Laminar, Two Dimensional Growing Wall Jets on Curved Surfaces
Nec Yana 2002 MSc Hydrodynamic Stability of Pulsatile Flows through Stenotic Blood Vessels
Krizhevsky Larisa 1995 MSc Absolute and Convective Instabilities in Buoyancy Induced Shear Flows
Levavi Shay 1995 MSc Experimental Investigation of Vortex Breakdown of Swirling Flow in Tubes