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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Weiss Uri 2010 PhD Abstracts From Combinatorial Plane Geometry to Word and Conjugacy Problems
Chouraqui Fabienne 2009 PhD Abstracts Decision Problems in Tableau-Groups and Tableau-Semigroups
Shwartz Robert 1999 PhD The Freiheitssatz over Certain Free Products with a Single Relator of Length 4
Abboud Elias 1994 PhD Topics in Combinatorial Group Theory
Shpigelman Yuval 2011 MSc Abstracts Solution of the Word Problem in Certain One-Relator Free Product
Gamliel Avihu Meir 2008 MSc Abstracts Equations over Groups with Finite Order Solution
Weiss Uri 2004 MSc Abstracts Small Concellation Techniques in Automatic Groups
Chouraqui Fabienne 2004 MSc Abstracts Rewriting Systems for Alternating Knot Groups
Donin Dmitry 2003 MSc Abstracts On Laplace Operator and Homology of Some Lie Subalgebras of the Loop Algebra sl2
Ga’bor Luka’cs 1999 MSc P-Automorphisms of Lie P-Rings and Finite P-Groups
Rovinsky Olga 1994 MSc Lie Algebras and Relation Lie Modules
Leibman Alexandr 1993 MSc Topics in the Combinatorial Group Theory