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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Steiner Matan 2020 PhD Abstracts Influence of the Slings on the Dynamics of a Slung Load
Enciu Jacob 2014 PhD Abstracts Stability and Handling Qualities of a Helicopter Carrying a Slung Load
Ognev Valentin 2019 PhD Abstracts Development of Aerodynamic Models for a Wind Turbine Rotor
Gur Ohad 2007 PhD Abstracts Propeller Optimization while Considering the Air-Vehicle Characteristics
Raz Reuben 1996 PhD Dynamics and Stabilization of a Slung Load Carried by Two Helicopters
Chaimovitz Menachem 1998 PhD The Influence of a Detailed Coupling Between the Rotor And the Fuselage on Helicopter Flight Mechanics
Edelshtein Evgeny 1995 PhD Dynamics of a System of Rods
Seter Dan 1994 PhD Autorotation of Systems of Bodies that Include Rotary-Wings
Isser Aharon 1995 PhD The Influence of Variations in the Locations of the Blades of a Hovering Helicopter on the Aerodynamic Loads Developed during Perturbations about Axial Flight
Sela Naftali 1993 PhD Influence of Hub Flexibility and Rotor Speed Variations
Sabag Mattitihu 1993 PhD Structural Behavior of a System of Straight Rods in Series
Iosilevskii Genady 1989 PhD Aerodynamics
Graber Avinoam 1990 PhD Aerodynamics
Rogozhan Natalye 2023 MSc Abstracts Using the Wave Equation for Actuator Surface Analysis
Fogel Omer David 2020 MSc Abstracts Wind Tunnel Tests to Investigate the Behavior of a Dual Lift System
Arbel Kfir 2017 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Autorotation of a Cargo Container
Ognev Valentin 2010 MSc Abstracts Derivation of a Model to Analyze Propeller Flutter Including Inter-Blade Influences
Kominar Sivan 2009 MSc Abstracts A New Actuator Disk Model for Rotor at Steady Flight Conditions
Klein-Frucht Malka 2007 MSc Abstracts Investigation of a Slung Load Model in a Wind Tunnel
Sandak Yishai 2000 MSc Fixed Pitch Aeroelastic Adaptive Propellers
Enciu Jacob 2000 MSc Development of a Simulation Model for the Study of Helicopter Roll-on Takeoff Performance
Losneanu Amir 1998 MSc Methods for Calculating and Reducing Airplane Propeller Noise
Cohen Eliahu 1995 MSc An Effective Free Wake Model of Wind Turbine’s Blades
Yoshpa Michael 1995 MSc A General Numerical Model for Unsteady Aerodynamics of The Rotor of the Hovering Helicopter
Ben-Ari Rami 1994 MSc The Influence of Nonuniform Hclicopter Biades on Vibratidns
Chaimovitz Menachem 1991 MSc Advanced Rotor Model for Flightmechanics of Helicopters
Lavi Izhak 1990 MSc Numerical Analysis of Tipvane Influence on Wind Turbines
Seter Dan 1989 MSc Investigation of the Autorotation of a Free Rotor
Vertzberger Omer 2018 MSc Abstracts Development and Investigation of a Theoretical Model of a Slung Load in a Wind Tunnel which is Attached to a Moving Point