Student life

Your New Exciting Home

Technion, located on a beautiful 300-acre campus in the heart of Haifa, offers international students a wide variety of weekly athletic, social and cultural activities as well as top notch recreational facilities like state-of-the art media centers and a full-service gym that includes an Olympic-size pool. With restaurants, cafes, banks, shops and student centers within easy reach, Technion campus has come to be known as “Technion City.” We know it won’t take long before our city becomes your home away from home.

Technion is home to students from all over the world – a diverse atmosphere that creates a vibrant, open and welcoming environment on campus.

Unique to Technion, students have a weekly ritual on Wednesdays that helps them relax and take a break from their busy academic schedules. During what’s called, “The Wednesday Noon Happening,” all teaching stops for two hours while Technion City celebrates with music, arts & crafts fairs and a lively student marketplace.

Student singers can lend their voices to the Technion Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a popular extracurricular activity. Those who prefer to listen to music, rather than perform, can enjoy regular classical and contemporary music concerts on campus.

Dancers can join the Technion’s Folk Dance Troupes, an acclaimed troupe that performs often on campus as well as at national and international events.

Technion student life

Sports and Athletics

International students at Technion have the chance to excel not only in science, but also in athletics, with more than 200 courses in 51 sports offered in the Physical Education and Sports Department. Over 500 students play on 34 different teams in the various sports events. Each student can find a sport activity that they can enjoy.

Technion offers international students a broad spectrum of athletic activities. Facilities include an Olympic-sized indoor pool, three outdoor pools and a full-service gym, as well as tennis, basketball and squash courts. In addition, Technion students organize freesbie, cricket, soccer and basketball games, open to anyone.

Technion Sport Center


Technion City never sleeps with student access to computer labs available 24/7. The Taub Computer Center offers centralized computer services such as e-mail and Internet.

The CALL Lab helps students strengthen their scientific and technical English language skills. A teaching team prepares faculty-specific programs and multimedia modules that offer instruction in German, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Spanish. Taub computer center


International Students at Technion have access to some of the finest research libraries in the world. The Elyachar Central Library is one of the most comprehensive and advanced information centers in Israel, joining 18 specialized faculty libraries with combined holdings of over 1,000,000 volumes and 8,000 journal subscriptions. Computerized sources include indices, multimedia databases, abstracts and full text. Students also have access to a virtual library, with access to online information, full-text journals and databases.

Elyachar Central Library

Cafeterias and Restaurants

With over 20 cafeterias and restaurants on campus, it’s easy for students at Technion to find whatever food they fancy. A taste of home – wherever home may be – is easy to find with cafeterias serving American, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Thai, Italian and Indian cuisines. You won’t have to look hard to find the sights and scents of international cuisines.

Green Campus

Technion isn’t just about abstraction, it’s about action. Through the Green Campus Project, students find practical ways to protect the environment and its natural resources.

As part of this effort, Technion students have helped build devices for saving and recycling water, taken part in waste recycling projects and designed eco-smart buildings.

At the Gutwirth Ecological Garden, students nurture plants that can develop with minimal irrigation and gardening care. Students also lead guided tours and workshops for the public in the gardens.

Students are encouraged to use bicycles when traveling through the campus. Bike racks are situated outside each building and outside the dorms.

Recycling is a big part of life on campus. Plastic bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, and batteries can be recycled using the recycling bins throughout the campus. In addition you can find compost bins next to the dorms.

Student Center

The new Student Center in the Technion is an all-encompassing complex that houses everything from restaurants to a movie theater to gift shops and pub.

First Floor: Offices of the Technion Student Organization
Second Floor: Shopping and restaurants
Third Floor: Offices, movie theatre, pub and dancing hall

Canada Recreation Center

The Center offers various classes for students such as ballroom dancing, pilates, belly dancing, yoga and kickboxing.

Various music performances occur every month and a fully equipped music and recording room can be used.

Campus Activities