Crisis Emergency Fund

The purpose of the fund

The fund is intended to assist graduate student receiving scholarship during a crisis/emergency in which they are in temporary financial distress.

For example: a spouse’s illness that requires hospital care and financial difficulty in financing childcare assistance; Death of a first-degree family member abroad and financial difficulty in financing travel abroad, financing burial expenses etc.

Basic criteria for receiving assistance from the fund

The assistance will be granted based on the financial status of the graduate student and will be handled while maintaining the graduate student’s confidentiality.

Sources of the Fund for Assistance

Contributions from faculty members and Technion Administrative staff. The donations are kept in a dedicated budget for the fund and are managed by the Jacobs Graduate School.

The amount of assistance from the fund

Subject to the fund’s finds in the amount of up to NIS 5,000.

Deadlines for submitting an application to the fund

Throughout the year.

How to apply to the fund

By email to the Jacobs Graduate Schools Dean’s Office by email or by phone: 077-8872478.

The application will include an explanation of how the requested support, if approved, will fulfill the purpose of the fund as described above.