Data and Decision Science

The Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences offers a number of Master’s Degree programs:

The aim of the faculty is to provide outstanding scientists and engineers with tools for conducting research in a rich interdisciplinary environment, while enriching their basic theoretical knowledge and engineering skills in their relevant field and area of research, preparing them for academic or industrial research and enabling them to thrive in the swiftly changing modern environment.

MSc in Data Science

  • The Program in Data Science places the emphasis on experimenting with research methods in the scientific and technological fields dealing with the collection, management, analysis and presentation of big data. Research relies on knowledge in math, computer science, performance research, statistics, computational learning, psychology, artificial intelligence and more.

MSc in Behavioral and Management Sciences

  • Available tracks:
    • Master of Science in Behavioral and Management Sciences – Organizational Psychology (with thesis)
    • Master of Science in Behavioral and Management Sciences – Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors Engineering (with thesis)
    • Master of Science in Behavioral and Management Sciences – Marketing (with thesis)

Studies include theory and methodological tools for researching people’s behaviors, feelings, and decisions in organizational, social, technological, and inter-cultural contexts.

MSc in Information Management Engineering

  • This program aims to provide technological knowledge and basic research capabilities in information technologies and related subjects. Fields of research include the design and implementation of information systems, analysis of algorithms and other technological and theoretical topics, as well as research that relates to human users and their capabilities and needs.

MSc in Operations Research and Optimization

  • The master’s program in Operations Research and Optimization is a challenging program covering a broad spectrum of mathematical theory (such as combinatorial and continuous optimization, stochastic processes, probability, and game theory), as well as exposure to a wide range of practical applications. The program places an emphasis on the study of mathematical methods (in particular optimization methods) and their use in analyzing complex systems, modeling, and solving realistic, deterministic, and stochastic problems.

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management

  • The program is designed to provide students with a broad theoretical background and with deeper knowledge of various industrial engineering topics on which they choose to focus. Fields of research include: Managing for quality improvement and continuous innovation, supply chain management, project management, productivity, human factors engineering, planning and control of systems, learning and forgetting processes, and the use of simulators in employee training.

MSc in Economics (Specialization in behavioral economics) – Joint Program with the University of Haifa

  • The program aims to deepen and broaden students’ theoretical knowledge of economics, whilst introducing modern aspects such as social and sentimental factors, cognitive biases, unique psychological traits and bounded rationality. Graduates of the program can expect to find work in a research capacity in the private sector or in academia.

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