Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering offers programs leading to Master and Doctor degrees.
The principal objectives of the MSc, ME and PhD programs in Materials Engineering are to provide knowledge in materials science and engineering and to develop the capability for dealing with materials problems in modern technology.

The department is the main center of its kind for studies and research in materials science and engineering in Israel.
The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering has initiated a special non-thesis track program which enables students to earn a MSc degree performing an industrial project, as is the ME program which is most suitable for engineers and scientists working in the industry.

Foreign Students
The graduate program is open to foreign students.

Research and Study Areas:

  • The structure of materials
  • Diffusion and phase transformation
  • Mechanical and physical properties
  • Process metallurgy
  • Environmental effects
  • Oxidation
  • Corrosion

The materials investigated include: metals and alloys, ceramic materials, polymers and plastics, composite materials, electronic materials and thin films.
The research involves the use of advanced techniques for materials characterization.

MSc and ME programs

According to the requirements of the Graduate School, candidates for an MSc/ME degree in Materials Engineering must have achieved a high grade point average in their undergraduate studies. The Departmental Committee for Graduate Studies also takes into consideration the applicant’s academic background, professional experience, and letters of recommendation.

PhD program

Studies towards the Doctor of Science degree are meant for exceptional students who are eager to do research in the area of materials science and engineering. A candidate who applies for registration in the doctoral program must have a Master of Science degree (see Paragraph 4 for Direct Transfer to the doctoral program) and above average achievements in both studies and research.

Before submitting an application to register in the doctoral program, the candidate must find a member of the academic staff who will agree to be his advisor.
The decision of the Departmental Committee for Graduate Studies to accept a candidate will be based on the candidate’s degrees, curriculum vitae, professional achievements, letters of recommendation, and the recommendation of an Admissions Committee that will interview the candidate.

The appointment of an advisor and the selection of the research topic are subject to the approval of the Departmental Committee for Graduate Studies and the Dean the Graduate School, taking into consideration the student’s area of interest and the requirements of the Department of Materials Engineering.

More details

Registration: 972-4-8292693, 972-4-8292739