Faculty of Education in Science and Technology

The graduate programs offer studies toward the degrees of MSc in Education in Technology and Science, Master of Education in Technology and Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

Research and Study Areas:

  • Training of high school science teachers
  • Vocational school technology teachers
  • Teaching methods and learning theories
  • Educational technology
  • Educational and social psychology
  • Cognitive science and artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent tutoring systems
  • Computer assisted learning
  • Project evaluation.

Master programs

Applicants are required to hold an undergraduate degree in one of the following: exact sciences, engineering, education, psychology, or statistics. A GPA of at least 80, a teaching certificate and at least two years of teaching experience.
The Graduate Studies Committee may, at its discretion, admit candidates without a teaching certificate, with the stipulation that they obtain such a certificate within five semesters from the commencement of their studies.


Graduates of 4-year undergraduate degree programs who choose the Research Thesis/Project route are required 26 credit points. Students choosing the Final Paper route are required 8 additional credit points.
Graduates of 3-year undergraduate programs are required additional course work. Course work, for all students, includes a 2-semester seminar in educational research and courses in statistics.

Master of Education in Science and Technology

This is a non-thesis track. Students are required 40 credit points in graduate courses. Applicants are those holding an undergraduate degree in exact sciences, engineering or science education. Other admission requirements are identical to those of the MSc program.

PhD program

Applicants are holders of a Master’s degree in exact sciences, engineering, education, psychology or statistics, a teaching certificate and at least two years of teaching experience. Course requirements for PhD students include 12 credit points, including a one-semester seminar in educational research.

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The Faculty of Education in Sience and Technology