Interdisciplinary program together with the Faculties of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture and Town Planning

Israel is a small, fast-growth country with a very high population density and high real-estate prices. It also has a unique public land regime and a complex system of planning and real estate laws and taxes. In Israel, private and public decisions about real estate bear far reaching economic, environmental and social implications.

Practice in the real estate area requires extensive multi-disciplinary knowledge in the fields of economics, urban and regional planning, law and surveying. The purpose of the graduate degree program is the train for the braid range of roles in the field of real estate – entrepreneurship, management of development companies, property management in both private and public agencies, land appraisal, market research, and real estate finance.

Registration Criteria

The program accepts graduates of the following fields: All the engineering fields, natural sciences, architecture, landscape architecture, law, economics, business administration, chartered accounting, geography and other social sciences. The program’s Academic Committee may consider graduates from other fields who have very high grades. The threshold prerequisites are as set by the Graduate School however, the Program Committee is authorized to set higher threshold levels.

Course subjects

Among the courses are: Land surveying and cartography; introduction to economics; urban and regional economics; engineering economics, statistics, introduction to urban and regional planning, advanced cadastre, geographic information systems, financial management in a construction firm, Project entrepreneurship and implementation, property rights and land policy, legal and administrative aspects In planning, land taxation, selected topics in land economics, land appraisal, appraisal workshop, advanced seminar in real estate studies.
The degree program is structured, lasting 4 semesters. It includes a personal advanced seminar.
The graduates will be awarded the degree of Master of Real Estate

More details

Registration: 972-3-6966662/3-6966663
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