Studies in Parallel: Undergraduate – Graduate Degrees

Outstanding Technion undergraduate students, whose cumulative GPA is 90 or greater, and who have completed their required mandatory courses, may study for both an undergraduate degree and a Graduate degree during their last semester of undergraduate studies, based on the recommendation of the academic unit. Students in four or five year tracks may, in unique cases, do so during the last two semesters of their studies, based on the recommendation of the academic unit.

Students who are accepted for master’s degree studies in a research track and who receive approval to study in parallel (during one or two semesters) in undergraduate studies at Technion in order to complete the bachelor’s degrees are entitled to receive a tuition scholarship for the period of study in parallel. The tuition scholarship will be granted automatically to a student who does not receive a scholarship from the academic department, provided that the student pays tuition for undergraduate studies.

Students who study in parallel and are entitled to a (graduate) scholarship during the parallel studies are required to complete their obligations for the bachelor’s degree and be entitled to a degree by the date written in the acceptance letter. Failure to meet this requirement will lead to ttermination of studies.

Students who studied a double major in undergraduate studies at Technion and who were accepted for graduate studies on the basis of one of the majors may complete the additional undergraduate degree at Technion in parallel, in a scope of up to six academic credits per semester, with the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School.

Graduate students may not study towards an additional undergraduate degree.

For details regarding the possibility of studying for an additional master’s degree, please review Studies towards a secondary degree.