Scholarship for a student who is admitted to graduate studies, under conditioned on the completion of the bachelor’s degree

  • Approval and payment of the scholarship is contingent on the submission of; “Proof of eligibility to a bachelor’s degree” and an “Official Final Transcript”. Retroactive approval and payment of the scholarship will be made only if the required documents are submitted to the Graduate School’s Registration and Admission Office by the date specified in the acceptance letter (students who have graduated from undergraduate Technion programs are not required to submit the documents). In special cases in which an extension is granted for the submission of these documents – the scholarship (approval and payment)  retroactively is not guaranteed, and will be decided for each case.
  • A student studying towards a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Technion, in parallel, and who is entitled to a scholarship during the joint study period, is required to submit a confirmation of eligibility to a bachelor’s degree and the final approved transcript by the date set forth in the acceptance letter. Failure to meet this requirement, will result in termination of studies.