Scientific writing in English

  • The English scientific writing course provides tools for analyzing the structure of an academic article in various research areas, while emphasizing characteristic grammatical and syntax errors. The course includes a weekly two-hour lecture and personal meetings for discussion and improvement of each student’s writing.
  • Acceptance to the course is conditional upon the completion of the expanded English requirement (see above).
  • Notice regarding the commencement of registration for the class will be sent via email.
  • Completion of the course requirement is conditional upon participation in the lectures, personal meetings and the submission of a final paper with a “passing” grade.
  • For doctorate students
    The English scientific writing course is a required course that must be completed within three semesters from the beginning of the course of study. An exemption from the course will be provided with the recommendation of the course coordinator on the basis of the exam held in the first lecture. Students in the direct track for a PhD are required to complete the course within three semesters from having their status changed to a PhD. Non-completion of the requirement on time – A student who does not complete the requirement by the third year of his studies may complete it in the fourth semester. In the event that the student does not complete the requirement in the fourth semester – the student will be classified as in an “improper” academic state and will be given one additional opportunity to complete the requirement. In the event that the student does not complete the requirement in the fifth semester – his studies will be interrupted.
  • For master’s students
    Students studying towards a master’s degree who completed the expanded English requirement may register for the course (Master level) on an available space basis. Students who will continue towards a PhD at Technion, will be able to take an exam on the first day of the PhD level “English Scientific Writing” course. Passing the exam will grant an exemption from the course.  Notice of the registration dates are sent to students via email.