Instructions for the submission of a research proposal for a PhD

The description of the research proposal will be used as the basis for the review of candidacy and will be submitted to the Committee through the advisor within 11 months from the commencement of the course of study, based on the following instructions:

  • The name of the topic will appear in Hebrew and English.
  • Scope of the proposal: about 25 pages.
  • Content of the proposal:
    • A review of the research background (including literary review)
    • The objectives of the research (Faculty-specific instructions may be received from the Department Secretary)
  • The research proposal will be submitted to the school when signed by the advisor and the Graduate Studies Department Committee Coordinator after:
    • Passing the research ethics test
    • Appointment of the examiner’s committee for the review of candidacy
  • The review of candidacy will take place within one month from the submission of the research proposal.