Research keywords

The Graduate School maps the fields of research and the research topics conducted by the students. The information is drawn from keywords that are determined by the academic departments and typed by the students as the most suitable for their research.

Students requesting to transfer from a “non-thesis” track to a “thesis” track, may insert kewords only after the research topic was approved by the Graduate School.

Instructions for inputting research keywords

  • Log onto the school’s website > Personal Information >
  • Insert your identity number and password
  • Click Log In
  • A screen will appear that shows the student’s name and the faculty.
  • The next screen has two parts. Select Keywords on the screen.
    • Part A – My Areas
    • Part B – My Keywords

    The selection is performed by clicking “select,” in each of the parts separately

  • After selecting the words, click Save Changes on the bottom of the screen
  • You may exit by clicking Log Out

Inputting the research keywords