Roles of the advisor

Responsible advisor

a member of Technion’s academic staff who accompanies and guides the student during the course of his studies. The advisor will guide the student in research methods or engineering planning, and will be responsible to ensure the performance of the research and the supply of the means for its performance. The advisor is the link that connects the student and the Department Committee and the Graduate School, on all of the matters related to his studies:

  • Outlining and approving the study program
  • Meeting the schedules of the academic requirements (submission of a research topic / research proposal / thesis)
  • Report a semester grade on the student’s progress in the research
  • Provide a recommendation for all of the student’s requests from the School, such as: a request for vacation, a request to change the research topic, a request to change the study requirements and the like.

If the advisor is unable to complete the position due to an illness, extended absence from Israel or for any other reason, he must ensure to appoint an advisor as a replacement through the Department Committee for Graduate Degrees.

Partner advisor

a member of the academic staff who is appointed based on a detailed request from the responsible advisor, when the research contains an area in which the responsible advisor is not an expert. The partner advisor will not have supervisory or reporting duties regarding the student’s study track, other than in the absence of the responsible advisor.

Research consultant

a professional expert in the area of the research topic may be appointed, who will assist the student in directing the research or in the work methods.

Rules for guiding scholarship students