Seminar lecture

Following the regulations, during the last year of his studies, and not later than two weeks prior to date of the submission of the thesis, when the research is well advanced, the student will present a seminar lecture on his work. The seminar should be published on the technion calendar (Technion Google Calendar), on the relevant academic unit notification  boards, and on the academic unit website.

To post your seminar on the Technion calendar (Technion Google Calendar), you are required to send  an e-mail  regarding your lecture,  at least a week in advance, with the following details: your full name, seminar title, date and time of the seminar, seminar abstract, your cell phone number and both your and your supervisor’s emails.
The e-mail should be sent to the person responsible in your academic unit, who will post the seminar on the Technion Google Calendar.
The student will print the seminar publication with the seminar details and will submit them to the graduation proceedings office when submitting the thesis.