Student complaints’ procedures

Student Complaints

Students who experience academic or administrative problems and feel that they have been wronged may contact the appropriate agencies to address their problem. Following are details regarding the process:

It is recommended to contact the Graduate School Academic Secretary, who will direct the complaint to the appropriate party (the teacher, the department GS coordinator, Vice Dean or Dean, Student Accounts, Security Officer, etc.). If the problem is not resolved, the student write to the Dean of the Graduate School, with supporting documents. If the Graduate School Dean will decide it is needed, an appointment with be scheduled.

If all the options have been exhausted without a satisfactory, the complaint may be referred by attaching relevant documents to the Commissioner for Student Complaints as explained below:

(Note: A complaint that was not dealt with as detailed above, will be returned to the student without treatment).

  1. The Student is an independent and neutral authority that deals with student complaints that have not been resolved. The acts as an objective arbitrator between the students and the academic and administrative authorities of the institution. She/He has access to all parties and to all relevant written information.
  2. Every student may contact the on any subject they feels they have been wronged, including scholarship and dormitory issues.
  3. Students may contact the for consultation regarding the filing of a complaint.
  4. The does not handle anonymous inquiries, but at the request of the student, the name may be kept secret.
  5. The receives students in the Office of the Student Dean at the Student Union Building, Ground Floor, on Wednesdays from 10 am to 12 noon. Pre-register with the Dean of Students’ secretary is required at tel. 04-8292535.

Commissioner of Acceptance at the Technion for Sexual Harassment

The Technion strives to be a learning environment and a respectful, safe and optimal work environment. To this end, the Technion is working against the ill-effects of sexual harassment and having an intimate relationship in the context of a bitter relationship. The Technion operates in accordance with the Sexual Harassment Procedure, as well as the Accession Commissioner for Sexual Harassment.

The purpose of the Sexual Harassment Procedure is to inform the Technion students and students of the 1998 Israeli Sexual Harassment Prevention Law, which changed social norms that had been the case in the past and to present an address to the conversation or to file a complaint of sexual harassment.

Acceptance Commissioner at the Technion for Sexual Harassment is Professor Emeritus Michal Green:

Tal. 04-8293479