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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Velasco Jose Maria 2024 Alon Grinberg-Dana Abstracts Automated Kinetic Model Generation of Ammonia and Ammonia/Hydrogen Combustion
Meisner Eytan 2023 Dan Liberzon Abstracts Nonlinear Deterministic Wave Forecasting Model for Wave Power Harnessing Systems
Bachrach Arnold 2023 Yaniv Edery Abstracts On the Coupling of Flow and Elastic Expansion of Porous Media
Zyser Noam 2023 David Eisenberg Abstracts Strain as an Activity Descriptor in the Electrooxidation of Urea Over Nickel
Chen Yinke 2022 Matthew E. Suss Abstracts Development of Sulfonated Porous Carbon Electrodes for Ion Selective Water Purification
Cassell Joseph 2022 Carmel Rotschild Abstracts Overcoming the Thermodynamic Challenges of Small External Heat Engines for 24/7/365 Solar Electricity
Doroshev Arthur 2021 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Degradation of PEMFC Cathode Due to NO Contamination, Studied by Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis
Avioz Cohen Gal 2021 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Studying the Effect of Operating Conditions and CO2 Cathode Contamination on PEMFCs using Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis
Keisar Or 2021 Yair Ein-Eli, Yair Cohen, Abstracts Surface Stress Study of Oxides Electro-Catalysis during ORR in Metal-Air Battery Cathodes
Vardi Ariel 2020 Guy Ramon Abstracts Adsorption-Based Thermoacoustic Refrigeration
Brustin Tom 2020 Guy Ramon Abstracts Mass Transfer and Working Temperature of a Wet Thermoacoustic Engine
Cohen Lior 2020 Lilac Amirav Abstracts Coupling the Photosystem with Nanoscale Photocatalysts for Overall Solar Water Splitting
Cohen Matan 2019 Viatcheslav Freger Abstracts Development of High Performance Fuel Cell Membranes Based on Electrospun Nafion Nanofibers
Chazan Idan 2019 Beni Cukurel Abstracts Thermodynamic and Experimental Demonstration of Inverted Brayton Cycle in Heat Recovery Applications
Engelberg Lee 2019 Galia Maayan Abstracts Peptoid-Co(II) Complexes as Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts
Berenbaum Dina 2019 Roy Kishony Abstracts CRISPR Evolution within Natural Microbial Communities
Shvarzfarb Anna 2019 Yehoshua Dayan Abstracts Developing Two-Chamber Biomass Gasifier
Lutzky Itay 2019 Lilac Amirav Abstracts Colloidal Nanoparticle Based Photocathodes for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Elkayam Nimrod 2019 Guy Ramon Abstracts Adsorption-Mediated Mixture Separation by an Acoustic Field
Halfon Elad Binyamin 2019 Matthew E. Suss Abstracts Developing Electrodes Which Can Transition Between Static and Flowable Modes
Bavly Shir 2019 Simon Brandon Abstracts Applying a Lattice Boltzmann Formulation in the Analysis of Radiative Heat Transfer
Dana Asaf 2018 Guy Ramon Abstracts Dynamics of Fracture Relaxation During Shale-Oil and-Gas Production by Hydraulic Fracturing
Atlas Imri 2018 Guy Ramon Abstracts Periodic Energy Conversion in an Electric-Double-Layers Capacitor (EDLC)-Based Transducer
Ziv Noga 2018 Dario Dekel Abstracts The Effect of CO2 on Anion Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells
Tamir Liron 2017 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Development of Transgenic plants with improved tolerance to environmental abiotic stresses, for the production of Biofuel
Horowitz Adi 2017 Michael Silverstein Abstracts Nitrogen- containing, Emulsion- templated, Porous Carbons With Hierarchical Porosities
Epstein Michael 2017 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Development of an Ignition Device for Continuous Combustion of Nitrogen-Based Alternative Fuel
Kootzenko Michael 2017 Yeshayahou Levy, Gideon Grader, Abstracts Properties of H2O-N2-CO2 at High Pressures and Temperatures for a Nitrogen-Based Alternative Fuel Power Cycle
Kozokaro Victoria 2017 Maytal Caspary-Toroker Abstracts Theoretical Characterization for Nickel Oxyhydroxide – One of the Best Water Oxidation Catalysts for Energy Applications
Meir Avishai 2017 Guy Ramon Abstracts Low-Temperature Energy Conversion through a Vapor Power- Cycle in an Acoustic Resonator
Garzozi Anan 2017 David Greenblatt Abstracts Exploitation of the Coanda effect for wind energy generation
Rozent Ofer 2016 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Electrospinning and thermal processing of PZT nanofibers mats for energy applications
Elishav Oren 2016 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts The Nitrogen Economy: Techno-Economic Analysis and The Utilization of Nitrogen-based Fuels
Danon Ron 2016 David Greenblatt Abstracts Coanda-based Reciprocating Wind-Energy Generator
Avraham Bat-Chen 2016 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Thermochemical Research of Combustion of Biofuels and Comparison to Fossil Fuel
Beitner Tzvia 2016 Yoed Tsur, Ilan Riess, Abstracts Determining the Active Cathode Area in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Neufeld Ofer 2016 Maytal Caspary-Toroker Abstracts A Theoretical Study of ALFA-Fe2o3; Solar Water Splitting Catalysis and Metal/Metal-Oxide Interfaces in Advanced Photoelectrochemical Cells
Yehezkel Shani 2016 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Development of Carbon Fabric as a Lightweight Highly Conductive Current Collector for Li-ion Battery
Eshel Ben 2016 David Greenblatt Abstracts Closed-loop control of a plasma-enhanced vertical axis wind turbine
Granot Dafna 2016 Carmel Rotschild Abstracts Efficient Tenfold Up-Conversion through Steady- State Non-Thermal Equilibrium Excitation
Grossfeld Tom 2016 Yaron Amouyal Abstracts Microstructure Evolution and Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency of PbTe- Based Compounds for Renewable Energy Applications
Binyamini Yael 2015 Yoed Tsur Abstracts Implementation of Impedance Spectroscopy Genetic Programming on PEM Fuel Cells
Joseph Elad 2015 Yaron Amouyal Abstracts A First-Principles Study of the Role of Substitutional Elements in PbTe – Based Thermoelectric Compounds for Renewable Energy Applications
Berdugo Nir 2015 Dan Liberzon, Yehuda Agnon, Abstracts Stable Operation of a Two-Phase (Wet) Thermoacoustic Engine
Bracha Yehiel 2015 Dan Liberzon, Yehuda Agnon, Abstracts Investigation of Parameters Governing the Onset of the Two-Phase Thermoacoustic Engine
Elfimchev Sergey 2015 Alon Hoffman Abstracts Photo-Thermal Electron Emission from Polycrystalline Diamond Films
Omari Ahmad 2015 Leonid Tartakovsky, Michael Shapiro (Deceased), Abstracts Laminar Burning Velocity Measurement and Combustion Characteristics of Alcohol Steam Reforming Products
Weltsch Oren 2015 Dan Liberzon Abstracts Investigation of a Thermoacoustic Mass Streaming
Reichel Mika 2015 Gershon Grossman Abstracts Investigation and Simulations of a Hybrid Vapor Compression and Liquid Desiccant A/C
Gevorkyan Arsen 2014 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Electrospinning of Piezoelectric (PZT) Ceramic Nano Fibers for Energy Harvesting
Buk Ahuva 2014 Gideon Grader, Gennady Shter, Abstracts Synthesis of Intumescent Layers for Fire Resistant Windows
Luder Daniel Isaac 2013 Yair Ein-Eli Abstracts Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTIL) based Magnesium-Air Battery
Kruger Nimrod 2014 Carmel Rotschild Abstracts Frequency Conversion of Solar Radiation for Energy Harvesting