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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Master Yigal 2007 Abraham Shaviv, Uri Shavit, Abstracts Modified Isotope Pairing Technique to Study Gaseous N Emmisions and N Transformations in Aquatic Systems with High Nutrient and Organic Loads
Eshet Tzipi 2007 Mira Baron, Abstracts Economic Valuation of Externalities Related to Solid Waste Management: Testing and Applying the Benefit Transfer Method
Bar-Adon Shulamit 2007 Giora Rosenhouse Abstracts Nonlinear Models for Acoustic Wave Propagation in Water
Denekamp Nadav 2006 Michal Green Abstracts Nitrification in a Fluidized Bed Reactor with Chalk as the Carrier for the Biofilm
Asaf Zvi 2006 Itzhak Shmulevich, Dror Rubinshtain, Abstracts Determination of Discrete Element Model Parameters Required for Simulation of Soil-Implement Interaction
Lew Beni 2006 Michal Green, Carlos Dosoretz, Abstracts Kinetics of Domestic Wastewater Anaerobic Degradation at Different Temperatures
Schlesinger Pnina 2006 Yaacov Mamane, Robert Armon, Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Airborne Biological Particles during Dust Storm Events in Israel
Fan Ling 2005 Peter Neumann Abstracts Growth Regulation in Plant Roots under Water Deficit
Bomzon Ze'ev 2005 Eitan Kimmel, Dror Seliktar, Abstracts Computational Methods for Studying Cytoplasmic Mechanics in Isolated Chondrocytes Seeded in Agarose Constructs
Kremen Arie 2005 Uri Shavit, Abraham Shaviv, Jacob Bear, Abstracts Simulating Nitrogen Transformations in Effluent Irrigated Soils Containing Aggregates
Abbo Hila 2004 Uri Shavit, Alon Rimer, Abstracts Ground Water and Solutes Transport Model of the Area North-West to the Sea of Galilee
Osetinsky Alexander 2003 Itzhak Shmulevich Abstracts The Operation of a Pulled Driving Wheel in Various Soil Conditions
Herzberg Moshe 2003 Carlos Dosoretz, Michal Green, Abstracts Biological Degradation of Atrazine in FB Denitrification Reactor with Activated Carbon as the Carrier for the Biofilm
Mezhibovski Vadim 2000 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased), Moshe Israeli (Deceased), Abstracts Numerical Simulation of the Flow in Energy Towers And Their Surroundings
Schmilovitch Ze'ev 2000 Itzhak Shmulevich, Amos Notea, Abstracts Composition Analysis of Agricultural Fluid Product By Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy
Linker Raphael 2000 Ido Seginer, Per-Olof Gutman, Abstracts Failure Detection and Isolation in Greenhouses
Meijer Leonard 2000 Yoram Avnimelech Abstracts Processes in Fishpond Sediments
Ayalon Ofira 2000 Yoram Avnimelech, Abstracts Environmental Accounting as a Means for the Development of Solid Waste Management Policy in Israel
Frenkel Victor 2000 Eitan Kimmel Abstracts The Effects of Ultrasound on Particle Transport in the Epidermis of Fish
Safray Iris 1999 Michal Green, Ido Seginer, Abstracts Investigation of Oxygen Regime in Nitrification Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland
Rorberg Eli 1999 Kalman Peleg (Deceased) Abstracts Classification of Agricultural Produce By Multispectral Imaging
Admon Smadar 1999 Yoram Avnimelech, Michal Green, Abstracts Land Treatment of Sludge Generated at Oil Refineries
Nedan Shimshon 1999 Gideon Sinai (Deceased), Israela Ravina, Abstracts The Relative Efficiency of Various Deep Drainage Systems In Irrigated Agriculture in Gromossol Soils
Picus Mati 1999 Kalman Peleg (Deceased) Abstracts Optimal Adaptive Classification by Prototype Populations
Tarre Sheldon 1998 Michal Green, Gedaliahu Shelef (Deceased), Abstracts Denitrification of Drinking Water in an Upflow Sludge Blanket (USB) Reactor
Lahav Ory 1998 Michal Green Abstracts A Physical-Chemical-Biological Process for the Removal of Nitrogen Compounds from Secondary Effluents
Robinzon Roni 1998 Yoram Avnimelech, Eitan Kimmel, Abstracts Simulations and Models of Pile Composting
Lu Zhongjin 1998 Peter Neumann Abstracts Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Different Responses of Cereal Plants to Water Deficits
Levi Eldad 1997 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased), Moshe Eisenberger, Abstracts Exact Calculation for Dynamic and Buckling Loads of A Space Truss with a Large Number of Degrees of Freedom (Towards Designing the "Energy Towers")
Galperin Noam 1997 Per-Olof Gutman Abstracts Modeling and Identification of Uncertain Systems Using Lissajou Figures
Zaidel Elina 1997 Abraham Shaviv Abstracts Models of Controlled Release of Fertilizers
Noyman Yonatan 1997 Itzhak Shmulevich Abstracts Ground Surface Sensing through Plant Foliage
Israeli Dorith 1996 Eitan Kimmel Abstracts Fish School Behavior under Stress Conditions
Seri-Givol Michal 1996 Eitan Kimmel Abstracts Rheological Properties of Liquid Foams
Zidan Abraheem 1996 Peter Neumann Abstracts Effect of Salinity and Calcium on Biophysical and Biochemical Parameters of Corn Root And Shoot Growth
Shezifi Yuval 1996 Eitan Kimmel, Abstracts Stress in Fish: Non-Contact Continuous Monitoring
Chazen Ofer 1995 Peter Neumann Abstracts Mechanisms of Growth in Cereals Leaves during Water Deficits
Singer Elhanan 1995 Kalman Peleg (Deceased) Abstracts Model Analysis of Fruits
Keinan Mordechay 1995 Itzhak Shmulevich, Giora Rosenhouse, Abstracts Application of a Spatial Frequency Algorithm for Analysis Of Underground Pipe Response to Surface Load
Musel Ud 1994 Dan Wolf (Deceased) Abstracts The Effect of Varying Velocity and Load On Wheel Traction Performance
Hitron Rony 1994 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased) Abstracts Solution Concentration by Spraying
Gonen Yael 1994 Eitan Kimmel, Abstracts The Effect of Hydrodynamic and Shape Parameters on the Growth Rates of the Red Alga Gracilaria
Mizrach Amos 1994 Naphtali Galili, Giora Rosenhouse, Abstracts Non-Destructive Quality Control of Fruit and Vegetables Through Dynamic Response to Acoustic Excitation
Rimer Alon 1993 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased), Israela Ravina, Abstracts Lateral Flow in Shallow Soils
Rosenfeld David 1993 Itzhak Shmulevich, Giora Rosenhouse, Abstracts Fruit Sorting According to Their Response to Dynamic Loading
Baril Claudio 1993 Per-Olof Gutman Abstracts Control of Mechanical Systems Affected by Friction And Other Nondifferentiable Nonlinearities
Guetta Ramy 1993 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased), Yoram Tambour, Abstracts Energy From Dry Air- Model for Air Flow and Droplets
Alchanatis Victor 1993 Kalman Peleg (Deceased) Abstracts Machine Classification of Potato Shoots for
Shnek Meira 1993 Abraham Shaviv, Israela Ravina, Abstracts The Study of Preactions in the Rhizospere as a Basis for
Ben-Hanan Uri 1992 Kalman Peleg (Deceased), Per-Olof Gutman, Abstracts Optimal Classification by Time Variable Features
Bugaevsky Michael 1992 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased) Abstracts Flow in Satvrated and Unsaturated Slopes
Salinger Yigal 1991 Yoram Avnimelech, Menahem Rebhun (Deceased), Abstracts Geochemistry of Phosporus in Lake Kinneret Watershed
Hinga Shalom 1989 Kalman Peleg (Deceased) Abstracts Frequency Response and Energy Dissipation in Fruits and Vege
Rubinstein Dror 1990 Naphtali Galili, Abstracts Direct and Inuers Dynamics of a Very Flexible Beam