MSc Theses – Polymer Engineering

Department Polymer Engineering
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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
David Waisman 2017 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Development of a Characterization Method of Surface Energy for Carbon Fibers in Phenolic Polymeric Matrix Pre-Preg
Noga Steiner Gelman 2017 Zussman Eyal Abstracts The Local and Global Molecular Orientation of Electrospun Nylon-6 Nanofibers
Koby Amsalem 2016 Breuer Orna, Marmur Abraham, Abstracts Characterization of Icephobic Polymer-Coated Surfaces
Nataliya Kuplennik 2015 Narkis Moshe, Fishman Ayelet, Abstracts Development and Investigation of Active Antimicrobial Plastic Packaging
Irena Levin 2015 Cohen Yachin, Zussman Eyal, Abstracts Optical Properties of Thin Polymer Films Containing Aligned Nanofiber Composites with Carbon Nanotubes
Koranit Shlosman 2015 Narkis Moshe, Semiat Raphael, Abstracts Investigation of Migration of Antifog Additives through Thin LLDPE Films
Parisa Zrubaveli 2013 Narkis Moshe, Silverstein Michael, Abstracts Investigation of Nucleation and Formation of Cellular Thin-wall Foamed Polyethylene
Ramiro Regueira 2014 Narkis Moshe, Grader Gideon, Abstracts Hybrid Electrically Conducting Systems: Polyaniline/Graphene
Erez Tamir 2012 Marmur Abraham Abstracts Wetting and Adhesion in Substrate-Polymer Coating System
Naomi Belenky 2012 Narkis Moshe, Silverstein Michael, Abstracts Thermosetting Polymers Containing Carbonaceous Conductive Nano-Particles
Adi Gefen-Azran 2012 Bianco-Peled Havazelet Abstracts Matrices for Controlled Release of Amiodarone
Shiran Shultz 2012 Szpilman Alex.m, Eisen Moris, Abstracts Polymers for Trapping Materials
Tal Eshel-Green 2011 Bianco-Peled Havazelet Abstracts Medical Sealant for Gastrointestinal Surgeries