As of the 2016/2017 winter semester (starting October 2016) new acceptance criteria to will be applied for new application requests to the Technion graduate dormitories.

The new criteria will not be applied to Technion graduate students whose dormitories residence was approved prior to 2015/2016 spring semester, inclusive.

A request to receive/ extend residence in the dorms will be submitted according to the following: Dorms – schedules.

Maximum Dormitory residence duration

Maximum Dormitory residence duration
Degree Maximum Dormitory residence duration
Master's up to two years / Up to a maximum of 4 semesters (whichever comes first)
Doctorate up to three years / Up to a maximum of 6 semesters (whichever comes first)
Direct Track / Special Track up to four years / Up to a maximum of 8 semesters (whichever comes first)
End of Master's degree and enrollment to a PhD Track (indirect route) Up to a total of four years for both degrees/ Up to a maximum Total of 8 semesters for both degrees: The Number of semesters during the Master's degree + number of semesters in the partial Doctorate.
Transferring the contract between spouses Dormitory residence duration will be calculated according to the maximum residence duration (Pending on the degree studied) each spouse is entitled to.
This period will be deducted from the residence durations used by the contract holder, and the new contract entitlement (for the new dormitory applicant), will be possible only for the balance duration within the current degree (if exists).
  • Dormitory residence duration is calculated in full semesters only.
  • The semester count will begin from the semester entrance to the dormitories.
  • Entrance to the dormitories during the semester, will be counted as residence in a full semester.
  • Extensions for partial semesters in the dormitories, will not be granted.


  • The residency duration in the graduate school dormitories is strict and can not be extended.
  • The Extensions will not be granted due to all types of approved vacations and / or training and/or conferences abroad and / or Internships

Eligibility for dorms

Determined based on academic considerations as well as socioeconomic considerations (which are not necessarily interdependent), and based on the availability of rooms / apartments in a given semester.

More information can be found in below.