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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Department Data and Decision Sciences
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Schmilovitch Ze'ev 2000 PhD Composition Analysis of Agricultural Fluid Product By Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy
Bushlin Yossi 1989 PhD Quantitative Characteristic of Flaws by Digital Radiography
Pal Deborah 1989 PhD Spatial Distribution of Material Density by Radiography
Attias Judith 2010 PhD Abstracts Application of Engineering Methods in Standardization and "Group Technology" for Chest-Pain Patients in Emergency Room
Dallal Iris 2009 PhD Abstracts "Fan-Out" Model for "System of Systems" Development
Riechstien Riki 2009 PhD Abstracts Management Model for Products Quality through Severity and Interaction of Defects
Manor Erez 2009 PhD Abstracts Engineering Fuzziness in Quality and Reliability
Cohen Shira 2008 PhD Abstracts Distortion Evaluation in Quantitative Radiography
Schwierz-Yosefzon Tatyana 2002 PhD Abstracts Tomography of a Product from a Projection: Influence of Deviations of Ideal Symmetry
Altar Ariel 1999 PhD Geometrically Magnified 3D Tomography
Elad Dani 1997 PhD Signal Space and Its Application to Oscillators Design
Frumkin Ygor 1995 PhD Advanced Digital X-Ray Imaging Detector for Radiography and Other Applications
Twitto Abraham 1995 MSc Detection of Internal Defects Using Holographic Interferometry
Oren Hila 2008 MSc Abstracts Estimation of the Uncertainty in Chemical Testing with Assistance on Horwitz's Predictive Model
Pav Irit 2005 MSc Abstracts Evaluation of the Uncertainty in Chemical Testing for Determining the Fat content of Meat
Cohen Shira 2005 MSc Abstracts Model of Uncertainty Determination in Calibration for Strain-gage Balance Measurements Complying with ISO GUM
Riechstien Riki 2003 MSc Abstracts Measuring Consensus in Decision Making
Gilady Adar 2003 MSc Abstracts The Significance of the International Requirements for Certification Bodies for Personnel
Kociak Eldar 2003 MSc Abstracts Generation, Development and Implementation of Uniform Quality and Reliability Measures for Materiel Command in the Air Force
Simon Kalman 2002 MSc A Comparison between Methods of Evaluating Inspection Quality in Software Documents
Teper Lina 2002 MSc Abstracts Estimation of Uncertainty in a Model for Calculation Uncertainty of ISO GUM
Giterman Eleonora 2000 MSc Feasibility of X-Ray Radiography for Characterizing Quality Of Poultry Eggs.
Granot Yonat 1998 MSc Criteria for Compliance of R and D Laboratory in Defined Development Objectives
Schwierz-Yosefzon Tatyana 1997 MSc Measurement of Discontinuity's Dimensions by Microfocus Radiography
Pinkas Naomi 1997 MSc Requirements Model for a Quality Assurance System of Research and Development Laboratories
Khazen-Portnoy Natalia 1996 MSc Combining Service Elements in Quality Requirements from Calibration and Testing Laboratories
Shoef Joseph 1996 MSc Uncertainty in Radiography
Galin Michal 1996 MSc The Correlation Between the Quality System and Final Quality
Bayer Peres 1995 MSc Early Detection of Fatigue Damage through Ultrasonic Nde
Lipnik Boris 1995 MSc Development of Tools for Radiographic Defects Scanning In Ceramic Materials
Altar Ariel 1994 MSc Fruit Quality Indices by Radiography Methods
Stossel Smadar 1994 MSc Implemention of Total Quality Assurance in Citrus Fruit
Shtekel Ronen 1994 MSc Measurement Methods for Radiogr Aphy Resolving Power
Baratz Joseph 1992 MSc Measurement of Build Up Factor with Co-60 Radiation in Soli
Niv Hadas 1992 MSc Statistical Characterization Oftexture in Radiographs
Ben David Gad 1992 MSc Simulation of Film Based Tomography
Yoskovich Benjamin 1991 MSc Measurement of X Ray Ruild Up in Propellant
Shlmovitz Avigdor 1991 MSc Film Based Industrial Tomography
Stekel Amit 1990 MSc Development of Optomechanical Method of Non Destructive Ava.
Shapira Mordechy 1989 MSc Cost Optimization of Qt on Printed Wiring Assembly Processes