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Zamir Inna 2020 PhD Abstracts Electric Control of the Burning Rate of a Solid Propellant
Komornik Sardas Daniel 2019 PhD Abstracts Study of a Ducted Rocket with a Hybrid Gas Generator
Elitzur Shani 2017 PhD Investigation of Aluminum-Water Reaction for Hydrogen Production and Energy Storage
Mor Yoash 2017 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Mechanisms for Containment and Combustion of Liquid Oxidizer in Solid Propellant
Kishilev Evgenia Golda 2016 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Nano-Porous Silicon Based Energetic Materials
Michaels Dan 2015 PhD Abstracts Interior Ballistics of a Combustion Chamber Discharging a Condensed Mass
Saraf Shimon 2013 PhD Abstracts Parametric Investigation of Aluminized Solid Fuel Combustion in Ramjets and Scramjets
Gofer Aviad 2013 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Performance and Basic Phenomena in Air Augmented Waterjet Propulsion
Weinstein Alexandra 2012 PhD Abstracts Parametric Investigation of a Hybrid Motor Using a Paraffin- Based Fuel
Yavor Yinon 2012 PhD Abstracts Characterization and Improvement of Aluminum Combustion in Solid Propellants
Stepura Gelena 2011 PhD Abstracts Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Metal Hydride Combustion
Pelosi Avishag 2008 PhD Abstracts Solid Propellant Enhancement by Liquid Oxidizer Addition
Cohen-Zur Abraham 2008 PhD Abstracts Theoretical Study of the Hall Thruster and its Operating Characteristics
Yusupov Mor Marat 2003 PhD Abstracts Analysis and Solutions for Two-Phase Bubbly Nozzle Flow and Their Application in Underwater Jet Propulsion
Schneebaum Yaron 2001 PhD Abstracts Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Barrel Steel Erosion Mechanics in Hot Reactive Flows
Ben-Arosh Rachel 1997 PhD Theoretical Investigation of Supersonic Combustion Of Solid Fuel in a Ramjet Engine
Hadar Ilan 1995 PhD Investigation of Droplet Combustion at Sub- and Supercritical Conditions
Libo Ilan 1994 PhD Ignition of Particles with Internal Heat Sources
Albagli David 1992 PhD A Study of High Speed Bubbly Flows in Vnderwater Jet Propuls
Haustein Herman 2009 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Bubbly Flow Creation by Phase-Change for Application in Marine Ramjet Engine
Elanjickal Silky 2020 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Influence of Graphite Additives on the Fuel Regression Rate in Hybrid Propulsion
Zamir Yossi 2019 MSc Abstracts Electromechanical System for Solid Rocket Motor Thrust Modulation
Wollmark Shahar 2018 MSc Abstracts Investigation of the Burning Rates of Solid Propellants Composed of Nano-Aluminum and Water
Shilav Ramin 2018 MSc Abstracts Apparatus and Experiments for Thermal Conductivity Study for Ablative Materials
Uzan Segoula 2016 MSc Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Blunt Body Film Cooling in Supersonic High Enthalpy Flows
Schreiber Ilanit 2014 MSc Abstracts Experimental Investigation of a Hybrid Motor with Nitrous Oxide Oxidizer
Sisi Shani 2014 MSc Abstracts Parametric Investigation of a Hybrid Motor Using Paraffin and Nitrous Oxide
Komornik Sardas Daniel 2014 MSc Study of a Hybrid Gas Generator for a Ducted Rocket
Elitzur Shani 2013 MSc Abstracts Parametric Investigation of Hydrogen Supply for a Fuel Cell from Aluminum-Water Reaction
Livne Or 2013 MSc Abstracts Combustion Model of a Solid Propellant Augmented by a Liquid Oxidizer
Keidar Moran 2011 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Ignition of Aluminum Particles at the Vicinity of Detonation
Setter Avishay 2011 MSc Abstracts A Study of the Performance and Combustion Characteristics of a Rocket Motor Employing Solid Propellant Enriched with Liquid Oxidizer
Gofer Aviad 2009 MSc Abstracts Transport and Compressibility Phenomena in a Two-Phase Bubbly Flow
Socher Avichai 2009 MSc Abstracts A Parametric Investigation of Propulsion Systems for Air Launch of Micro-Satellites from a Combat Aircraft
Elkin Georgy 2008 MSc Abstracts Combustion Model of a Metal Hydride Particle
Itenberg Olga 2007 MSc Abstracts Effect of Individual Flow and Combustion Process Efficiencies on the Scramjet Engine Cycle Performance
Stepura Gelena 2007 MSc Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Combustion Synthesis of Metal Hydrides
Valensi Shlomit 2006 MSc Abstracts Parametric Sea Trials of Marine Ramjet Engine Performance
Koren Oren 2005 MSc Abstracts Water Tank Testing of a Laboratory Two-Phase Marine Ramjet Engine
Fridman Gidon 2005 MSc Abstracts Study of a Cycle Combining Rocket/Ram-Rocket for Space Launcher
Adar Motti 2005 MSc Abstracts Numerical Study of Flare Separation
Scheuer Ron 2005 MSc Abstracts Thermodynamic Aspects of Boron Combustion in Propulsion Systems
Pelosi Avishag 2001 MSc Solid Fuel Ramjet Regulation by Means of an Air Division Valve
Feldman Igor 2001 MSc Combustion of a Fuel-Rich Solid Propellant in a Supersonic Airflow
Gross Amichay 2000 MSc Heat Transfer Amplification Due to Combustion Instability In Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines
Benyakar Adela 1995 MSc Investigation of the Combustion of Solid Fuel at Supersonic Flow Conditions in a Ramijet Engine
Varshay Yehezkel 1994 MSc Development of a System for a Feasibility Study of
Fisher Lior 1994 MSc Fundamental Study of High Speed Bubbly Flows through
Tsoor Amos 1992 MSc Testing Thrust Modulation in Ram-Rockets
Shachar Elyahu 1992 MSc Investigation of Slow Tungsten Delay Mixtures
Hadar Ilan 1991 MSc Fuel Type Effect on the Combustion in a Solid Fuel Ramjet
Goldman Claudio 1991 MSc Fuel Flow Rate Modulation in Ram-Rockets
Ben-Arosh Rachel 1990 MSc Similarity and Scale Effects Insolid Fuel Ramjets
Schneebaum Yaron 1990 MSc Development and Ballistic Charactesication of An Xlob Propel
Shalom Abraham 1990 MSc Ballistic Properties of Fuel Rich Propellants
Rom Hanan 1988 MSc Pulsating Operation of a Rocket Motodr Based on Catalytic
Arad Ludar Lotan 2017 MSc Abstracts Cavitational Flows and Supercavitation Bubbles
Shaltieli Hila 2018 MSc Abstracts Parametric Investigation of Aluminum, Tungsten and Fluoropolymer Mixtures