PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Ady Mann
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No of theses 21
Department Physics
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Subag Eyal 2013 PhD Abstracts Contraction of Representations of the Three Dimentional Lie Algebras as Direct Limit
Weinstein Yossi 2012 PhD Abstracts Algorithmic Cooling of Spins
Kalev Amir 2008 PhD Abstracts Local Hidden Variables Underpinning of Entanglement and Teleportation
Klich Israel 2004 PhD Abstracts Quantum Fields under the Influence of External Conditions
Kenis Alexander 2002 PhD Abstracts Design of Optical Devices by Means of Quantum Mechanical Approaches and Computational Methods
Ramon Guy 2002 PhD Abstracts Polariton-Electron Scattering in Microcavities with Embedded Quantum Wells
Brif Constantin 1998 PhD Generalized Coherent States and their Applications in Quantum Optics
Guvari Asaf 1995 PhD Symmetry Methods in the Study of Quantum Hall Effect And Many Body Systems
Peleg Yoav 1992 PhD Superspace Quantum Gravity and the Cosmological Singularity
Idilbi Ahmed 1996 MSc Wick's Theorem at Non-Zero Temperatures and Feynman Diagrams
Harari Gal 2012 MSc Abstracts Quantum Mechanical Analysis of Harmonic Oscillator with Time-Dependent Parameters with Application to Ion Trap
Ginzburg Dimitry 2012 MSc Abstracts Time Evolution of a Class of Quasi-Distribution Functions
Simkhovich Boris 2010 MSc Abstracts Factorization Properties of Finite Spaces
Subag Eyal 2009 MSc Abstracts Contractions of SO(4) Representations
Bar-Lev Yevgeny 2005 MSc Abstracts Analysis of a Boson Model for Cuprate Superconductors
Rubin Shimon 2005 MSc Abstracts Casimir Effect
Gur Yaniv 2004 MSc Abstracts SO(2,1) Lie Algebra and Radial Coherent States – from the Harmonic Oscillator to the Hydrogen Atom
Musslimani Ziad 1996 MSc Squeezed States with Thermal Noise
Kenis Alexander 1996 MSc Unusual Doppler Effect in Superfluid 3he and Sounds in 4he – 3he Mixture
Jann Albert 1992 MSc Coherent States Thermofield Dynamics and Phase Operators in
Fortus David 1991 MSc The Bcs Model of Superconductivity in Thermofield Dynamics