PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Professor Emeritus Dinnar Uri (Deceased)
No of theses 27
Department Biomedical Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Netanel Korin 2008 PhD Abstracts Micro-Bioreactors for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture and Manipulation
Avishay Bransky 2007 PhD Abstracts A Study of Erythrocytes Mechanical and Rheological Properties, Using an Automated Rheoscope based on a Microfabricated Flow Cell
Saar Golan 2007 PhD Abstracts Differentiation of Multi Species Biofluids by Dielectrophoretic Field Flow Fractionation
Vardit Segal 2002 PhD Abstracts Processes at the Interface between Biomaterials and Physiological Systems
Claudio Gabrie Jakobson 2001 PhD Abstracts Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistors in Standard CMOS for Brain Monitoring
Maayana Herman 1993 PhD Hemodynamics of Congenital Heart Diseases
Oscar Lichtenstein 1991 PhD Physics Teaching
Giora Enden 1988 PhD The Solution of Three Dimensional Flow Problem in the Cv Sys
Ori Orion 1994 MSc Study of Flow and Transfer in the Cardiac Microcircukation
Raed Khamaisi 2007 MSc Abstracts Microchannel Flow Device for the Study of Microcirculatory Blood Flow
Galit Biron 2007 MSc Abstracts Cerebral Blood Flow-Model
Marie Mouler 2006 MSc Abstracts Measurement of Vascular Impedance in Coronary Circulation: A New Approach to Assess Severity of Coronary Artery Stenosis
Liby Sudakov 2006 MSc Abstracts Design and Methodologies of CMOS Compatible ISFFT (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) for Brain Monitoring in Head Injury Patients
Netanel Korin 2005 MSc Abstracts The Motion and Deformation of Red Blood Cells in Micro-channels – Application to Micro-Fabircated Ektacytometry
Arkadiy Morgenshtein 2003 MSc Abstracts Design and Methodology of ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) Microsystems for Biotelemetry
Saar Golan 2003 MSc Abstracts The Relationship between the Anatomy of the Canaliculi, the Pressure at it's Ends and the Blood Flow through it
Dana Lorber 1998 MSc Continuous Monitoring of Parameters in the Human Brain After Traumatic Head Injury
Alexander Blizhevsky 1996 MSc Study of a Non-Invasive Method for Blood Pressure Measurement in the Carotid Artery
Vera Michailov 1995 MSc Mathematical Analysis of Oxygen Transport in Microcirculation
Hagit Merlis 1995 MSc Feasibility Test of 3-D Reconstruction of Biofurcations of Coronary Tree from Stereo Projections
Michal Lavi 1991 MSc Modeling of Flow Mechanics Bet Ween Cerebral and Body System
Yaffa Tilbor 1991 MSc Aedsolutiontofiowpatternsinadynmicleftvenricularcrosssectio
Edmond Rambod 1990 MSc Mumerical Investigation of Blood Flow in a T-Junction
Dan Manor 1990 MSc A Model of the Coronary Circulation in the Normal and
Norit Zeiner 1989 MSc Towards the Atomatic Reconstruction of the Coronary Tree
Hana Veretnik 1989 MSc Analog Electrical Model for Coronary Flow
Maayana Herman 1988 MSc Analitical Model for the Cardiovascular System