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Salib Isaac 2010 PhD Abstracts Development of Fluid Mesoscopic Modeling Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics
Katz Eduard 2010 PhD Abstracts Release of Material from an Elastic Liposome in a Shear Flow
Van Dyke Marc 2003 PhD Abstracts Transport and Dispersion of a Flexible Macromolecule under Gravity and in a Homogeneous, Unbounded Shear Flow
Yitzhak Dror 2009 PhD Abstracts Surfactant Transport and Particles Clearance from the Alveolar Liquid Lining
Peles Yoav 2000 PhD VLSI Chip Cooling by Evaporation Two-Phase Flow In Micro-Channels
Gendel Sergey 2007 MSc Abstracts Diffusion of Fine Particles in lung Alveoli
Zelig Daphne 2001 MSc Hydrodynamical Clearance of Lung Alveoli
Weisbord Michal 2019 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Interstitial Fluid Flow of Alveolar Primary Septa after Pneumonectomy
Malashenko Andrey 2007 MSc Abstracts Aerosol Generation during Recruitment of Blocked Airways in the Lung
Abraham Devi 2003 MSc Abstracts Steady Flow in a Heated Capillaries with a Distinct Phase Domain
Yitzhak Dror 2002 MSc Particle Migration inside Lung Alveoli
Hao Yue 1997 MSc Reverse Roll Coating Flow and Particle Electrophoretic Motion Normal to a Dielectric Layer
Tzori Nimrod 1997 MSc The Effect of Bubbles on Heat Transfer from a Wall to Liquid
Brodkin Oleg 1996 MSc Numerical Simulation for Red Blood Cells Motion in Middle Size Vessels
Peles Yoav 1996 MSc Development of a Domestic Heat Exchanger