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Khazan Kost Sofia 2022 PhD Abstracts The HLA Peptidome of Lung Cancer: Towards the Development of Personalized Immunotherapy
Rijensky Nataly Mancett 2021 PhD Abstracts Identification of Unique and Mutated HLA Peptides in Tumor Cells
Komov Liran 2021 PhD Abstracts The Effect of Interferons on the HLA Peptidome of Cancer Cells
Shraibman Bracha 2019 PhD Abstracts Toward Development of Personalized Immunotherapy and Early Detection for Glioblastoma
Melamed Kadosh Dganit 2016 PhD Abstracts Phosphoproteomic Analysis of the MAPK Signaling Cascades
Yair-Sabag Shira 2018 PhD Abstracts The Role of HLA-B27 Peptidome in Ankylosing Spondylitis
Bourdetsky Dmitry 2015 PhD Abstracts The Contribution of the DRiPome to the HLA Peptides
Shoshan Stacy 2012 PhD Abstracts Early Diagnosis of Cancer Using Serological Proteomics
Wolchinsky Ron 2011 PhD Study of Antigen Density-Dependent Hyporesponsiveness in CD8+ Memory T-Cells
Milner Elena 2010 PhD Abstracts Modulating the HLA Peptidomes by Cytokines and by Regulated Proteolysis
Bassani Sternberg Michal 2009 PhD Abstracts A Novel Methodology for Cancer Diagnosis Based on Analysis of the Serum Soluble HLA Peptidome
Dassau Lior 2005 PhD Abstracts Identification of Peptides Antigens for Immunotherapy of Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Barnea Eilon 2002 PhD Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Cancer Cell MHC Class-I Restricted Peptides
Lev Avital 2000 PhD Isolation of Recombinant Anti-Melanoma Antibodies by the Phage-Display System
Scharf-Reitses Orit 1998 PhD Production of Recombinant Antibodies by the Phage Display System, against the VEGF Receptor – F1K-1/KDR
Dvir Sagie 2019 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Epigenome Modulation on the HLA Peptidome
Melchers Micol Marie 2019 MSc Abstracts The Effect of the IDH1-R132H Mutation on the Immunopeptidome in Cancer Cells
Meller Anatoly 2015 MSc Abstracts Dynamics of the Proteome and Phosphoproteome of the MAPK Signal Cascades in Budding Yeast
Kalaora Shelly 2014 MSc Abstracts Identification of Unique HLA Peptides Presented on SCLC Cells
Haimovich Yael 2013 MSc Abstracts The HLA-B27 Immunopeptidome and the Immune-mediated Inflammatory Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis
Gutter-Kapon Lilach 2012 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Proteasome Inhibition on the HLA Peptidome and Proteome of Human Cancer Cells
Hendler Ayellet 2012 MSc Abstracts Modulation of the Cellular Proteome and HLA Peptidome by Interferon-gamma
Segal Nimrod 2010 MSc Abstracts High-Throughput Method for Analyzing T Cell Interactions with their Cognate MHC-Peptide Ligands
Hadar Liat 2007 MSc Abstracts Development of a Cancer Vaccine Based on the Identification of Cancer Peptides Presented on Dendritic-Like Cells
Shmunis Genrieta 2006 MSc Preliminary Development of a Dendritic Cell Arrays for Eveluation of Tumor Antigen Immunogenicity
Yanku Yifat 2006 MSc Abstracts The MHC Peptidome of SCLC
Halevi Lilach 2006 MSc Abstracts The HLA-B27 Peptidome in Autoimmunity and Cancer
Patoka Renana 2005 MSc Abstracts Development of Methods for Evaluation of the Immunogenic Potential of Cancer MHC Peptides by MHC Microarrays
Segal Hava 2005 MSc Abstracts Identification of New Antigens Specific for Small Cell Lung Cancer and Development of a Diagnostic Kit Based on Serologic Response
Milner Elena 2005 MSc Abstracts Turnover Kinetics of Proteins and MHC Peptides in Human Cancer Cells
Berko Dikla 2004 MSc Abstracts Membrane-Anchored Beta2 Microglobulin as a Tool to Elevate Presentation of Tumor Associated Antigens: Expression and Biochemical and Immunological Characterization
Inbar Michal 2001 MSc Construction of Recombinant Antibodies Against KDR, Using the Phage Display System and Development of a New Screening Method for Expression Libraries
Barnea Eilon 1998 MSc Identification and Characterization of Cancer Cell Mhc Class-I Restricted Peptides
Heiman Amnon 2003 MSc Abstracts Protein Identification via Mass Spectrometry
Novak-Petraro Atara 2009 MSc Abstracts Proteomic Profiling of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Early Differentiation Stages