PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Elon Rimon
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No of theses 27
Department Mechanical Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Kamon Yshay 1998 PhD Locally Optimal Sensor Based Robot Navigation
Shirizly Alon 2024 PhD Abstracts Study of Robotic Gravity-Based Caging Grasps with Analytical and Experimental Methods
Bunis Hallel 2020 PhD Abstracts Caging-Based Grasping via Minimalistic Robot Hands
Manor Gil 2015 PhD Abstracts Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation with Velocity Constraints
Gabriely Yoav 2008 PhD Abstracts On-Line Motion Planning Problems in Robotics
Or Yizhar 2007 PhD Abstracts Frictional Equilibrium Postures for Robotic Locomotion – Computation, Geometric Characterization and Stability Analysis
Shapiro Amir 2004 PhD Abstracts Design and Control of an Autonomous Spider-Like Robot for Motion in 2D Tunnels Environments
Khmelniker Polina 2019 MSc Abstracts Investigation of Mobile Robot Time Optimal Trajectories Under State Dependent Constraints
Avramenko Michael 2022 MSc Abstracts Development of Desktop Sample Handling Robot based on Caging Grasps
Baratz Rom 2020 MSc Abstracts Battery Powered Coverage of Planar Environments by an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Veksler Yaron 2018 MSc Abstracts Evasive On-Line Navigation of an Autonomous Robot in Planar Unknown Environments
Prigozin Amit 2018 MSc Abstracts Control of Ultra-Fast Autonomous Vehicles in Dense Urban Areas
Kain Maoz 2017 MSc Abstracts 2nd Generation Development of a Flexible Track Robot – RoboTrek, for Autonomous Locomotion over High Obstacles
Shnaps Iddo 2014 MSc Abstracts Online Coverage by a Tethered Autonmous Robot in Planar Unknown Envirinments
Bursak Alexander 2013 MSc Abstracts Development of the Flexible-Track Robot Robotrek Capable of Autonomous Lucomotion
Shapira Tal 2013 MSc Abstracts Analysis of the "Coin Snapping" Phenomenon in Multi-Fingered Grasps
Hochmann Uriel 2013 MSc Abstracts Navigation of Locally Interacting Autonomous Agents on 2D Y-Node Graphs
Bloch Victor 2011 MSc Abstracts Single Motor Closed Robot Chain Robotrex – Static Analysis and Motion Algorithms Development
Gal Oren 2010 MSc Abstracts Trajectory Planning of Autonomous Vehicle in Dynamic Environments
Meltz Daniel 2010 MSc Abstracts The Problem of Interaction between Rough Surface and a Kinematical Chain: Theory and Experiment
Reiner Ori 2008 MSc Abstracts Stability of Planar Spider Robots under Induced Linear Stiffness
Mann Moshe Peretz 2008 MSc Abstracts Dynamic Stability of Off-Road Vehicles
Gabriely Yoav 2003 MSc Abstracts Covering Algorithems for Mobile Robot
Guy Eran 2003 MSc Abstracts Navigation Algorithm for Plan Spider Robot in Smooth Intermittent-Linear Tunnel
Yeger Rami 2001 MSc Sensor Based Navigation of a Planar Three Degrees of Freedom Robot
Shmulian Leonid 1998 MSc Strategies for Sensory-Based Mobile Robot Navigation
Rodnay Guy 1998 MSc Isometric Visualization of Configuration Spaces of Two Degrees of Freedom Mechanisms