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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Ilan Marek
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No of theses 35
Department Chemistry
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Wang Yong 2021 PhD Abstracts Preparation and Reactivity of Stereodefined Fully Substituted Acyclic Enolate of Ketones and Aldehydes
Masarwa Ahmad 2013 PhD Abstracts Zirconocene-Mediated and Catalyzed Ring-Opening Reactions of Alkylidenecyclopropanes
Simaan Marwan 2018 PhD Abstracts Carbometalation/Oxidation/Ring Opening Sequence As a New Tool for the Synthesis of Aldehydes Bearing Quaternary Stereogenic Center
Bruffaerts Jeffrey 2018 PhD Abstracts Remote Functionalization of Alkenes by Merging C-H Bond Activation and Selective C-C Bond Cleavage
Haimov Elvira 2017 PhD Abstracts Stereoselective Formation and Reactivity of Fully Substituted Ketone Enolates
Smirnov Polina 2015 PhD Abstracts Stereoselective Synthesis via a Zn-Brook Rearrangement Followed by an Ene-Allene Carbocyclization Reaction
Mejuch Tom 2012 PhD Abstracts New and Efficient Methods for the Preparation of Quaternary Stereocenters
Gilboa Noga 2012 PhD Abstracts Preparation and Stereochemistry of Homoallylic Alcohols Containing Quaternary Stereocenters
Levin Anat 2010 PhD Abstracts Carbometalation Reactions – An Efficient Tool in Organic Synthesis
Chechik Helena 2008 PhD Abstracts Multicomponent Condensation Reactions as an Efficient Route to Aldol Product
Minko Yury 2014 PhD Abstracts Quaternary Stereocenters in Acyclic Systems: From Alkynes via Stereodefined Trisubstltuted Enolates
Shterenberg Alexander 2010 PhD Stereoselective Synthesis of Polyketide Fragments via Sequential One-Pot Reaction
Sklute Genia 2007 PhD Abstracts Development of Allylation Reactions for the Asymmetric Construction of Quaternary Stereocenters
Chinkov Nicka 2005 PhD Abstracts Stereoselective Synthesis of Metallated Dienyl Derivatives
Tenne Daniella 2005 PhD Abstracts Diastereoselective Intramolecular Carbometallation Reaction for the Synthesis of Five-Membered Rings
Unger Rozalia 2010 PhD Abstracts Zn-Brook Rearrangement in Carbocyclization Reaction
Abramovich Adi 2008 PhD Abstracts Convergent Preparation of Chiral Polysubstituted Cyclopropanes
Zohar Eilnor 2005 PhD Abstracts C-H and C-C Bond Formation as a New and General Approach for the Preparation of Chiral Cyclopropanes
Rozental Lina 2017 MSc Abstracts Remote Functionalization of w-ene Unsaturated Ethers as a New EVtry to vinyl Metal Species
Berkovitz Tiran 2017 MSc Abstracts All-carbon Quaternary Stereogenic Centers in Acyclic Systems Through Stereoselective Formation of Trisubstituted Ketone Enolates
Preshel Zlatsin Maya 2016 MSc Abstracts Formation of Carbon Quaternary Stereogenic Center in Acyclic systems via a sequence of carbometalation followed by Intramolecular Cyclization and Silicon Activation
Oskar Liron 2015 MSc Abstracts Merging Allylic Carbon-Hydrogen and Carbon-Carbon Bond Activations en-route to Sophisticated Molecular Framework
Island Biana 2013 MSc Abstracts Stereoselective Synthesis of All-Carbon Quaternary Stereogenic Centers in Acyclic Systems
Adi Tamar 2013 MSc Abstracts Zirconocene-Madiated Allylic C-H Bond Activation Followed by C-C Bond Cleavage of W-ene-Cyclopropane
Frid Liat 2012 MSc Abstracts Various Approaches towards the Creation of Stereodefined All-Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters
Masarwa Ahmad 2009 MSc Abstracts Towards the Enantioselective Preparation of Chiral Alkylidenecyclopropropanes
Tsoglin Einav 2008 MSc Abstracts Construction of New TSPO Ligands with Anti Cancer or Neuroprotective Effects and Diastereoselective Synthesis of Cyclobutyl Zirconocene Derivative
Shterenberg Alexander 2006 MSc Abstracts Construction of New Ligands for Peripheral-Type Benzodiazepine Receptor (PBR)
Levin Anat 2005 MSc Abstracts Stereoselective Preparation of Metalated Enynes and Allyl Zirconium Species
Zouev Irena 2004 MSc Abstracts New Synthesis of Polysubstituted Allenes New Developments in Organozirconium Chemistry
Unger Rozalia 2005 MSc Abstracts New Tandem Reactions for the Construction of Carbocycles
Abramovich Adi 2004 MSc Abstracts Zinc Homologation of SP3 Organometallic Alpha to Sulfoxide A new Synthesis of Olefins
Chechik Helena 2003 MSc Abstracts Stereospecific and Stereoselective Preparation of Vinyl Zirconocene
Shibli Amal 2002 MSc sp3 Zinc Carbenoid as a Source of Stereogenic Centers
Farhat Shahera 2002 MSc New Preparation of Vinyl Organometallic Derivatives from Heterosubstituted Alkenes