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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Noah Galil (Deceased)
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No of theses 38
Department Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Lerner Mark 2008 PhD Abstracts Wastewater Reuse for the Minimization of Fresh Water Consumption in Paper Production
Jacob Lila 2007 PhD Abstracts Comparative Study of Biosolids from Membrane Bioreactor versus Activated Sludge
Merom-Jacov Osnat 2004 PhD Abstracts Investigation of Disturbances to Separation and Dewatering of Suspended Bio-Solids in Biologicl Treatment
Antizar Ladislao Blanca 2002 PhD Abstracts Effect of Biomass Dynamics on the Fate of Chlorophenols in Porous Media under Bioremediation Conditions
Schwartz-Mittelmann Adrian 1998 PhD Investigations of Disturbances to Bioflocculation Caused by Phenol
Kostovetsky Alexandra 2011 MSc Abstracts Evaluation of Energy Requirement as Influenced by the Level of the Primary Treatment Sedimentation
Tzfati Eran 2017 MSc Abstracts Study of the De-ammonification Process for Nitrogen Removal from Reject Streams to Reduce Municipal WWTP Load
Pinkesfeld Eran 2015 MSc Abstracts Evaluation of Potential Renewable Energy Production in Wastewater Treatment Plant
Furer Guy 2012 MSc Abstracts A Decision Support Protocol for Cost-effective Retrofit Strategy of an Existing WWTP for Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR)
Birenbaum Haya 2012 MSc Abstracts Biological Nutrient Removal by Sequencing Batch Reactor in Industrial Wastewater
Haick Rana 2012 MSc Abstracts Treatment of Nitrogen Compounds in Petrochemical Wastewater
Sabo Naama 2009 MSc Abstracts Evaluation of Washing Materials on Kerosene Contaminated Soils
Gutman Gil 2009 MSc Abstracts Mass Balance as a Key to Water Quality Management in Rivers Affected by Sea Water Entry
Graif Hagit 2008 MSc Abstracts Energy Balance on Selected Wastewater Treatment Plants
Ben-David Keren 2007 MSc Abstracts Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphours Compounds by Biological Process with Membrane Separation
Levin Doron 2006 MSc Abstracts Analysis of Primary-secondary Sludge Ratio and Influences on Wastewater Treatment Costs
Bruker Yehuda 2006 MSc Abstracts Study of External and Internal Factors Affecting Water Separation from Biological Sludge
Marek Orly 2006 MSc Abstracts Comparative Study of Soil Bioremediation by Internal and External in Situ Treatment
Yaacobi Avishag 2006 MSc Abstracts Study of Chemically Enhanced Primary Sedimentation of Raw Wastewater
Tartakovsky Dmitry David 2003 MSc Abstracts Examination of the Influence of Absorption and Biodegradation Parameters on Bioremediation of Soil
Yefet Pniela 2002 MSc Abstracts Interaction of Halo-Organic Compounds and Soil
Wenger Iosyf 2000 MSc Study of Trickling Filters for Biodegradation of Toluene By Recycling of Liquid and Gas Phases
Jacob Lila 2000 MSc Comprehensive Study of Environmental Effects Caused by Domestic Use Garbage Grinders
Beno-Ayash Efrat 2000 MSc Complementary Treatment of Aerated Ponds' Effluent for Removal of Residual Organic Matter and for Nitrification
Wolf Doron 1999 MSc Dissolved Air Flotation for the Removal of Organic Matter From Petrochemical Wastewater
Shmulevich Vyacheslav 1998 MSc A Comparative Study of Phenol Biodegradation by Fixed Film Biomass with and Without Addition of Adapted Bacteria
Abadi Yaron 1997 MSc Accumulation of Low Biodegradability Hydrocarbons in Attached Growth Reactor
Shpiner Ram 1997 MSc The Effect of Domestic Garbage Grinding on Sewerage Systems And Wastewater Treatment Plants
Ehrenfreund Dganit 1997 MSc Utilization of Magnesium for the Efficacy of Phosphorus Fertilization
Zeira-Blum Dafna 1996 MSc Characterization of Hydrocarbons in Refinery Wastewater
Sarousy Orly 1996 MSc Biological Damages Caused by Phenol to Suspended Biomass
Mevorach Shaul 1995 MSc Characterization of Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Based On Sorption Ability
Rabinovici Ariela 1995 MSc Adsorption of Hydrocarbons of Mineral Origin by Biomass In Biological Treatment of Wastewater
Kreisel Itay 1995 MSc A Review of Sorption Characteristics of Heavy Metals by Activated Sludge
Libman Vacheslav 1994 MSc The Effect of Phenol on the Biomass Activity in the
Trumper Boris 1994 MSc Wasfewater Treatment Cost as Influenced by Sludge Treatment
Levinsky Yael 1990 MSc Influence of Design and Operational Parameters on Wastewater
Staal Natan 1990 MSc The Influences of Specific Power Input in Mixing on the