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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Gamer Sergei 2019 PhD Abstracts Spatial Learning and Insight into Robotics through Practice in Programming and Operating Robotic Systems
Revzin Leonid 2015 PhD Abstracts Adaptive and personalized Learning in the High School Chemistry Automated Laboratory – A Multi-Case Study
Cuperman Dan 2014 PhD Abstracts Fostering Analogical Thinking and Integration of Science and Technology Studies through Practice in Building and Exploring Robotic Models of Natural Phenomena
Massarwe Khayriah 2013 PhD Learning Geometry through Inquiry into Cultural Contexts
Polishuk Alex 2015 PhD Abstracts Development and Investigation of Student-Robot Interactions as Learning Activities in the Museum of Science and Technology
Korchnoy Evgeny 2007 PhD Abstracts Characteristics of Learning Computer-Controlled Mechanisms by Pupils and Students in the Technion Laboratory Environment
Aroshas Shmuel )Shuki( 2006 PhD Abstracts Teaching Calculus with Applications as an Approach to Enhancing Students' Understanding, Achievements and Motivation
Maor Sarah 2005 PhD Abstracts Mathematical Aspects in Architectural Design in Training Practical Engineers
Romm Tal 2021 MSc Abstracts An Approach to Introduce High School Students and Teachers to the Concepts of Robot Connectivity
Akiri Ofer 2021 MSc Abstracts Integrating the Subject of Adaptive Control in the Studies of Engineering Systems in High School
Saad Doaa 2019 MSc Abstracts Robotics Experimentation of Ninth Graders for the Development of Motivation to Study High School Physics
Walter Yuval 2019 MSc Abstracts Learning Digital Design and Production through Cross-Age Mentoring
Bassat Nissim 2019 MSc Abstracts Development and Evaluation of an Enrichment Course in Science-Rich Technologies for Middle School Students
Perez Villalobos Huberth 2019 MSc Abstracts Characteristics of Engagement in Learning through Design and Experimentation with Robotic Systems
Buri Boaz 2018 MSc Abstracts Construction of Basic Knowledge in High School Mechanics through Integrative Learning of Physics and Mechatronics
Rothnitsky Irina 2014 MSc Abstracts Directing Robotics Education in Primary School to the Development of Learning Skills – A Case study
Nekritch Tatyana 2013 MSc Abstracts Fostering Visual Literacy and Aesthetic Perception through Practice in Geometric Design and its Application to Creative Work
Kardosh Ruba 2013 MSc Abstracts Integration of Mathematics Learning in Middle School Science-Technology Projects A Case Study
Drucker Doron 2009 MSc Abstracts Development of Mechanical Literacy throughout the Engineering Science Discipline: A Case Study
Taub Hanoch 2009 MSc Abstracts Development and Evaluation of Method for Electronic Studies by Building Sensors and Manipulating Robots
Hershko Eyal 2003 MSc Abstracts High School Graduation Projects in Robotics – Contents, Learning Processes, and Assessment
Kolberg Eli 2001 MSc Case Study: "Real Time Systems and Robotics" as a High School Subject-Aspects of Integrating Technology in School Curriculum