PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Professor Emeritus Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)
No of theses 23
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Alexandra Plotnik 1999 PhD Computerized Assembly Process Planning
Michael Masin 1998 PhD Performance Analysis and Design of Self Regulating Productuin Control Systems
Doron Mayersdorf 1995 PhD Research and Development Quality and Productivity : Measurement and Improvement Process
Yosef Bukchin 1995 PhD Group Oriented Hierarchical Design of Mixed Model Assembly Systems
Hadas Shtub 2005 MSc Abstracts Learning and Forgetting with Varying Breaks between Single Repetitions
Sara Shachor 2003 MSc Abstracts Learning and Forgetting in the Computer Industry
Max Lavi 2000 MSc Reengineering of the Manpower Planning Process in "Avborne"
Yitzchak Molcho 1998 MSc Business Process Reengineering in a Metal Products Manufacturing Factory
Samuel Ginzburg 1997 MSc Skill Retention and Relearning
Noam Zeev 1996 MSc Design of a Conwip Based Gt Production System Using Simulated Annealing.
Dan Oshrat 1995 MSc The Effectiveness of An Implementation of T.q.m. in An Air Force Unit
Pnina Soffer 1994 MSc Multi Product Machine Setup Reduction
Yaakov-Ron Voulichman 1993 MSc Quality Aspects in Learning Curves
Ayal Hershler 1993 MSc T.q.m.functioning to Achieve the Firm's Goals
Yuval Cohen 1992 MSc Optimization of the Makespan in Prodvction Lines Under
Doron Mayersdorf 1992 MSc Raising Red Productivity
Michael Masin 1992 MSc Predicting the Performance of Conwip-Rased Production Lines
Myriam Laloum 1991 MSc Optimizing Positioning of Mechanical Parts
Zvi Feuer 1990 MSc Design & Development of a Finite Capacity Short Term
Michal Brenner 1990 MSc Prediction of Learning in Short Cycle Tasks
Moshe Dov 1988 MSc The Allocation of Mixed Models to Assembly Lines
Karen Ayas Sabag 1988 MSc Predicting Learning Process in Long Cycle Tasks
Tal Fried 1988 MSc Schednling Methods for the Assembly of Printed Circuit Board