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Emuna Nir 2020 PhD Abstracts Bifurcation Phenomena and Sensitivity to Residual Stresses in Soft Tissues
Cohen Tal 2014 PhD Abstracts Cavitation and Shocks in Porous Plasticity
Masri Rami 2008 PhD Abstracts Cavity Expansion in an Elastoplastic Medium – Theory and Applications
Davidi Gal 2006 PhD Abstracts Plastic Forming Processes of Composite Materials
Hollander Yaniv 2011 PhD Abstracts Morphology Based Constitutive Model for the Coronary Media
Fisher Nahman 1998 PhD Incremental Elastoplastic Response of Loaded Structures
Karp Baruch-Boris 1996 PhD On Saint-Venant Principle in Elastostatics And Elastodynamics
Ore Emanuel 1990 PhD Structures
Roshu Cornel 1994 PhD On Some Axially Symmetric Problems with Plastic Orthotropy
Godin Yluri 1994 PhD Interaction of Inclusions in an Elastic Medium
Dayan Yosef 2022 PhD Abstracts Post-Contact Behavior of a Compressed Fiber Inside a Cylindrical Tube: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
Farajun Itay 2021 MSc Abstracts Quantitative Correlation between Strains Measurement and Damage Severity in a Structure with Local Opening
Mendelson Dana 2020 MSc Abstracts Influence of Confining Pressure on Ballistic Shielding Effectiveness of Porous Solids
Soussan Maor 2019 MSc Abstracts Soft Biological Tissues Cavitation and Penetration Mechanics
Meir Tomer 2019 MSc Buckling of Columns with Non-Ideal Boundary Conditions
Weiss Alon 2016 MSc Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Projectile Penetration Resisting Force in Polycarbonate Targets
Gecht Michael 2015 MSc Abstracts Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Dynamic End Effects
Emuna Nir 2014 MSc Abstracts Bending Theory of Functionally Graded Beams
Cohen Tal 2010 MSc Abstracts Constitutive Aspects of Static and Dynamic Cavitation in Elastoplastic Solids
Schneiderman Alexander 2009 MSc Abstracts Elastoplastic Buckling of a Circular Cylindrical Shell under Combined Loading of Axial Force and Hydrostatic Pressure
Marciano Elite 2007 MSc Abstracts Simple Shear with Initial Tension of Elastoplastic Solids
Kidron Ya'eer 2006 MSc Abstracts Parallel lmplicit Algorithms for Cartesian Grids
Hollander Yaniv 2005 MSc Abstracts Bifurcation Phenomena around a Spherical Inclusion
Masri Rami 2002 MSc Abstracts Dynamic Spherical Cavitation in a Porous Elastoplastic Medium
Davidi Gal 1999 MSc Plastic Forming Processes through Rotating Conical Dies
Biran Etgar 1997 MSc A New Solution for Large Strain Pure Bending of An Elasto/plastic Bar
Yagel Omer 1995 MSc Simple Shear of a Porous Material at Large Strain
Leser Rodolphe 1992 MSc Singular Fielps in Steady Penetration of a Rigid Wedge Into
Fisher Nahman 1992 MSc Decay of End Effects in Elasto Plastic Beams
Zuckerman Zvi 1992 MSc Optimal Path in Elastoplastic Buckling of Plates
Roshu Cornel 1990 MSc On the Influence of Plastic Orthotropy on Stress Concentrat
Kubi Michael 1990 MSc New Solutions for Pressurized Elasto-Plastic Cylinders
Karp Baruch-Boris 1989 MSc On Saint-Venant Principle in Elastostatics and Elastodynamics.
Bracha Ido 2016 MSc Abstracts Health Monitoring of Airborne Bolted Joints by Local Dynamic Effects
Ptashnik Idan 2012 MSc Abstracts Experimental Research of Aluminum Plate Cutting by Flexible Linear Shaped Charge
Blum Neta 2019 MSc Abstracts Assessment of Saint-Venant Principle in Biological Tissues
Dayan Yosef 2007 MSc Abstracts Non-Linear Behavior of Magneto-Rhelogical Fluids
Tadmor Ellad Boaz 1991 MSc Plastic Failure of Pressurized Multilayered Cylinders