PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Raoul Weil (Deceased)
No of theses 6
Department Physics
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Nkum Robert 1989 PhD Ferroelectricity in Zinc Cadmium Telluride
Abdulhalim Ibrahim 1988 PhD Cw Lager Induced Structural Changes in the Amorphous State
Cohen Sally 1993 MSc Optical and Electrical Characteristices of Cdse 0.18 Te0.82
Fredj Erick 1991 MSc The Optical and Ferroelectric Characteristics of Znxcd1-Xte
Busso Arturo 1990 MSc Light Influence on the Effusion of Deoterium from
Silverman Amihai 1990 MSc Diffusion of Fluorine in Amorphous Silicon