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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Full Professor Yechiam Eldad
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No of theses 28
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Daniel Ben-Eliezer 2018 PhD Abstracts The Effect of Stress, Anxiety and Anxiolytic Drugs on Cognitive Performance and Decision Making Among Healthy Adults
Amitay Kauffmann 2018 PhD Abstracts Buyer-Seller Gaps in Bubble Metrics of Asset Markets
Taher Abofol 2016 PhD Abstracts The Seller's Sense: Buying-Selling Perspective Affects the Sensitivity to Expected-Value Differences
David Ohana 2014 PhD Abstracts Dehydroepiandrosterone Improves Mood and Decision-Making of Polydrug Abusers during Rehabilitation and Decreases Subsequent Relapse
Ariel Telpaz 2013 PhD Abstracts Reliability of Risk Taking Behavior: The Moderating Role of Losses
Nirit Agay 2012 PhD Abstracts Non-Selective Effects of Methylphenidate (Ritalin) on Cognitive Ability and Decision-Making of Adults with ADHD and Healthy Adults
Gilly Koritzky 2010 PhD Abstracts On the Potential of Decision Tasks for Predicting Exertion of Self-Control in Adult Samples
Guy Hochman 2010 PhD Abstracts The Role of Losses in Decision Making Processes: The Interplay between Physiological and Behavioral Measures
Julia Pavlodskey 2009 PhD Abstracts On the Connection between Decisions Making based on Descriptions and Decisions Making based on Experience
Eyal Ert 2008 PhD Abstracts Do People Exhibit Loss Aversion in Decision under Risk and Uncertainty?
Ivet Yehuda Davidov 2019 MSc Abstracts Are Bubbles Driven by Effort Gaps Between Buyers and Sellers? Experimental Intervention in Asset Markets
Chaim Salzer 2018 MSc Abstracts Is There No Bad Publicity in Politics? Negative Valence and Attention on Twitter
Eli Arditi 2015 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Stock Market Losses on Subsequent Internet Searches
Guy Madar 2015 MSc Abstracts How Feedback Affects Adults Performance during Computerized Training Program; Comparison between Individuals with and without ADD
Nimrod Rosenblatt 2013 MSc Abstracts Disentangling Self Control Manipulations in Training and Depletion of Resources
Matan Retzer 2013 MSc Abstracts The Loss-Contrast Effect as an Attentional Phenomenon
Yael Sidi 2012 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Resolve-Based Reminders on Adherence: The Role of Self-Justifications, Memory and Decision Making
Michal Shelef-Gabrieli 2011 MSc Abstracts In the Quest of Developing an Effective Training Protocol for Psycho-Motor Procedural Skill: Are Stuctured and Aid-Driven Guidance Good Ideas?
Ilanit Hochmitz 2010 MSc Abstracts Spatial Relation versus Abstract Representation Training in Procedural Skills Acquisition
Maya Arad 2010 MSc Abstracts Generalized and Sympathetic Measures of Arousal Represent Different Cognitive Strategies
Adi Cohen 2010 MSc Abstracts Effects of Practice and Sensory Modality on Stiffness Perception
Ariel Telpaz 2009 MSc Abstracts Autonomic Arousal as Predictor of Risk Taking in Experiential Decisions
Olga Arshavsky 2009 MSc Abstracts Choice Convergence in Decision Making: Studies of Healthy Adolescents and Adolescents with Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Meir Druyan 2008 MSc Abstracts On Individual Decision Making in a Group Context: When Does the Group Context Facilitate Risk Taking?
Ofer Tal 2008 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Alarms on the Perception of Small Probabilities
Yonatan Tal 2008 MSc Abstracts Non Intrusive Speedy Lie Detection
Eyal Hershkovitz 2007 MSc Abstracts Cognitive Modeling Analysis of Decision Making Processes and Personality Traits in Dangerous Drivers
Itay Sagi 2007 MSc Abstracts The Association between Amusing Titles and Article Citation