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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Hossam Haick
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No of theses 38
Department Chemical Engineering
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Khatib Muhammad 2020 PhD Abstracts Advanced Electronic Sensing Platforms with Skin-Like Capabilities
Shehada Nisreen 2016 PhD Abstracts Gas Sensors Based Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors for Real-World Disease Diagnosis
Barash Orna 2015 PhD Abstracts Volatile Signature of Genetic Mutations in Lung Cancer
Amal Haitham 2015 PhD Abstracts The Uniqe Chemical Signature of Cancer in Exhaled Breath
Hakim Meggie 2013 PhD Abstracts Early Detection of Lung Cancer via Breath Samples: A Clinical Study
Assad Ossama 2012 PhD Abstracts Advances towards Efficient Functionalization and Deposition of Silicon Nanowires
Shibli Abu Raya Yasmin 2020 PhD Embryo Assessment after Fertilization using Volatile Markers
Vishinkin Rotem 2019 PhD Abstracts Detection of Tuberculosis from Skin
Zilberman Yael 2011 PhD Abstracts Development and Characterization of Chemical Sensors Based on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Sensing Volatile Organic Compounds
Platzman Ilia 2010 PhD Abstracts Self-Assembly of Organic Thin Films as Interactive, Bridging and Conductive Layers for Nanoelectronic Applications
Horev Yehu David 2021 PhD Abstracts Highly Stretchable Sensing Platforms for Future Electronic Skin
Bar Meital 2017 PhD Abstracts Flexible Sensors Based on Monolayer-Capped Nanoparticles: Towards the Development of Electronic Skin
Konvalina Gad 2015 PhD Tailoring Metal Nanoparticles for Sensing Applications in Real World Demands
Nakhleh Morad 2014 PhD Abstracts Studying the Specificity of Disease`s Signature from Exhaled Breath: From Chemical Analysis to Nanoarrays
Dirawi Rawi 2014 PhD Abstracts Chemically Sensitive Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors Linked with Microfluidic Channels for Enhanced Detection
Paska Yair 2012 PhD Abstracts Understanding the Sensing Mechanism of Nonpolar Analytes with Field Effect Transistors
Shuster Gregory 2012 PhD Abstracts Sensor Based on Monolayer-Capped Nanoparticles: Towards Diagnosis of Breast Cancer from Exhaled Breath
Rapoport Shelley 2021 MSc Abstracts Nanomatreial-Based Field Effect Transistors for Detection of Chirality of Volatile Organic Compounds
Duong Tuan 2021 MSc Abstracts Nanomaterial-Based Sensors to Detect Chemical and Biological Threats Inside Containers
Ianovici Ron 2021 MSc Abstracts Evaluation of Physiological States through Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in Urine via Flexible Sensors Array
Busool Rami 2020 MSc Abstracts Wearable Chemical Sensors for Monitoring of Infectious Diseases
Sun Jiaxing 2019 MSc Abstracts Time-Resolved and Self-Accommodating Hybrid Functional Fabric Sensor for Decoupling Multiple Stimuli from Bending
Mansour Elias 2018 MSc Development of a Sensing Device for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis through Exhaled Breath
Abo Jabal Mohammad 2016 MSc Abstracts Forced sliding of volatile drops: formation of microrivulet
Bitton Yehuda 2016 MSc Abstracts Odor pattern of RPW infected palm trees
Abud-Hawa Manal 2016 MSc Abstracts Screening and Monitoring Lung Cancer Patients by Breath Analysis
Kahn Nicole 2016 MSc Abstracts Gold Nanoparticle-based Sensors on Flexible Substrates for Diagnostic Sensing Applications
Bachar Nadav 2015 MSc Abstracts Decoupling between Various Stimuli in Multiparametric Gold Nanoparticles based Flexible Sensors
Gliksman Sagi 2013 MSc Abstracts Sensing Temperature and Humidity by Monolayer-Capped Metal Nanoparticles on Flexible Substrates
Marom Ophir 2012 MSc Abstracts Detection of Abnormal Renal Function by Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds in Exhaled Breath
Bassal Rana 2011 MSc Abstracts Detection of Chronic Heart Failure by Breath Samples
Vinnik Elena 2010 MSc Abstracts Monitoring Chemotherapy Treatment of Lung Cancer via Exhaled Breath Using an Electronic Nose
Gozlan Nira 2008 MSc Abstracts Coverage Effect of Self-Assembled Polar Molecules on the Surface Energetics of Gold and Silicon
Porat Gilad 2016 MSc Sensing of Carbon Dioxide in a Multi Component Environment
Gara Allaa 2017 MSc Abstracts Monitoring the Release of Volatile Organic Compounds from Single Cancer Cells
Homede Abo Jabal Ekhlas 2016 MSc Abstracts Printing Ultrasensitive Cross-Reactive Functional Sensors Array with a Single Droplet Containing Nanoparticles
Bayn Alona 2014 MSc Abstracts The Study of Field Effect Transistors Based on Polycycle Aromatic Hydrocarbons for the Detection and Classification of Volatile Organic Compounds
Davidson Michael 2011 MSc Abstracts Detecting Acute Kidney Injury through Exhaled Breath Using Nanosensors Array