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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Itamar Kahn
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No of theses 16
Department Medicine
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Student's Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Yona Guy 2017 PhD Abstracts Novel Tools for Probing the Motor Control System in Behaving Animals
Mcley Liron 2021 PhD Abstracts Functional Optoacoustic Neuro-Tomography in the Mouse Brain In Vivo
Lichtman Daniela 2023 PhD Abstracts Behavioral and Neuroimaging Characterization of a Novel Mouse Model of the A350V IQSEC2 Mutation
Bosak Noam 2022 PhD Abstracts Acute Pain Chronification as Reflected by Post-mTBI Brain Imaging
Asleh Jad 2022 PhD Abstracts Mesoscopic Interrogation of Mouse Motor Networks in Health and Disease: from Network Dynamics to Movement
Paz Rotem 2021 PhD Abstracts Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging Characterization of Carriers of Autosomal Dominant Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Zur Gil 2020 PhD Abstracts Mapping Brain Networks using Structural and Functional MRI: Methods Development and Feasibility Studies in Healthy Brain and Tremor Related Pathologies
Bergmann Eyal 2019 PhD Abstracts From Connectivity to Function: Comparative Analasis of Mesoscopic Organization of Mouse and Human Brain Networks
Feinsod Moshe 2019 PhD Abstracts The Nineteenth Century Endeavor of Cerebral Thermometry. Did it Contribute to Functional Imaging?
Abu Amneh-Abbasi Dalal 2019 PhD Abstracts Uyilizing Multi-Scale and Multi-Model Methods to Characterize Neural Systems in Health and Disease
Shofty Ben 2018 PhD Abstracts Of Mice, Men and NF1: Contributions Of Neurofibromin Deficiency to Disrupted System-Specific Brain-Wide Functional Connectivity
Dolgopyat Irit 2018 PhD Abstracts Brain Networks Dynamics Following Neurodegeneration
Levinsky Alexandra 2016 MSc Abstracts Holographic Fiber Bundle System for Patterned Optogenetic Activation of Large-Scale Neuronal Networks
Lawen Amir 2022 MSc Abstracts A Whole-Brain Mapping Approach for Characterizing the Reward System and Dissecting Code for Value-Based Decisions
Olszakier Shunit 2017 MSc Abstracts Intracellular Labelling of Selected Neurons Utilizing MR-Visible Nanoparticle Imaging
Goldberg Michal 2013 MSc Abstracts In Vivo Multi Scale Functional Neural Imaging – Bridging between Nanoscopic and Mesoscopic Resolutions