PhD Theses – Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Department Autonomous Systems and Robotics
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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Kopitkov Dmitry 2021 Vadim Indelman Abstracts General Probabilistic Surface Optimization and Log Density Estimation
Salem Lior 2021 Yizhar Or, Amir Gat, Abstracts Soft Robots Actuated by Controlled Flow in an Embedded Channel Networks
Farhi Elad 2021 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Joint Incremental Inference and Belief Space Planning for Online Operations of Autonomous systems
Mi La 2018 Oded Gottlieb Abstracts Nonlinear Dynamics and Stabilization of a Multi-Tethered Spherical Aerostat in Severe Environmental Conditions
Denenberg Elad 2017 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Satellite Cluster Collision Awareness and Avoidance
Manor Rotem 2017 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Gathering and Guidance of Multi-Agent Systems
Rubin Daniel Yitzhak 2020 Per-Olof Gutman Abstracts Vehicle Active Suspension Applications for Lateral Disturbances Attenuation and Safety
Yona Guy 2017 Itamar Kahn, Shy Shoham, Abstracts Novel Tools for Probing the Motor Control System in Behaving Animals
Barel Ariel 2019 Alfred Bruckstein Abstracts Gathering and Steering Swarms