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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Levin Ilya 2012 Yefim Haim Michlin, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Improvement of Planning Methodology for Comparison Sequential Tests
David Lilach 2011 Yefim Haim Michlin, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Sequential Test for Reliability under Allowance for Target Uncertainty
Yurman Goldberg Meytal 2011 Amir Tomer Abstracts Design and Implementation of Keyword Driven Automation Framework for Automated Software Testing
Volodin Maryana 2010 Leonid Burstein Abstracts Artificial Neural Network Application to Time Series Forecasting
Shaham Ofer 2010 Yefim Haim Michlin, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Planning of Truncated Sequential Binomial Tests under Identical Supplier and User Risk Conditions
Raginsky Alexander 2010 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased) Abstracts Estimation of the Number of Faults in Inspected Software Code Documents
Miller Sergey 2009 Jacqueline Asscher Abstracts Preparation of the Camel Forges Raw Materials Cutting and Weighing Process for Certification According to the Pratt and Whitney ACE Program
Khazin Liat 2009 Amir Tomer Abstracts Implementing CMMI Practices by Applying Extreme Programming Practices
Paykin Victoria 2009 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Development of a Model for Key Characteristics Identification
Dayan Yoram 2009 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Planning of Sequential Test for Checking the Desirable Ratio (different from unity) of Two Constant Failure Rates
Assor Nurit 2009 Meira Itzkovitz Abstracts The Key Drivers that Explains Organizational cCmmitment and their Connection to the Product Quality
Kaplunov Vladimir 2009 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Development of Planning Methodology for Comparison Sequential Testing for Reliability at Unequal Probabilities of I-and II-Type Errors
Oren Hila 2008 Haim Hacham, Amos Notea, Abstracts Estimation of the Uncertainty in Chemical Testing with Assistance on Horwitz's Predictive Model
Zohar Kobi 2008 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Reliability Assessment of High Pressure Vessel by Fuzzy Logic
Turjeman-Gets Iris 2008 Pavel Grabov Abstracts FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) at the Transition from Development to Production
Magid Avi 2008 Johann Makowsky Abstracts Structural Properties of Formulas for which SAT Problem is Easy
Merigan Lior 2008 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Estimation of Uncertainty in Fracture Toughness Parameter – J ic Testing
Mantel Yaniv 2008 Leonid Burstein Abstracts Simple Processing System Simulation Using Arena Software
Klein David 2008 Liviu Singher Abstracts Analysis of White Light Scattering from Nanometer Structures Using FDTD
Pozoisky Boris 2008 Jacqueline Asscher Abstracts Certification of the Tensil Laboratory in the Carmel Forge Factory as a Part of the Standard ACE Certification
Meshkov Lyubov 2008 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Binomial Approach to Truncated Sequential Test Design in Exponential Case
Cohen Bar-Gil Hadas 2007 Shmuel Liran Abstracts How Quality Management and Reliability Tools/Methodologies Can Minimize the Causes that Damage the Monopoly Rights of a Patentee
Rivkin * Alla 2007 Meira Itzkovitz Abstracts Improving Student Management Main Business Processes at The Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Using Quality System Management tools Examining the possibility to
Pimenovsky Gila 2007 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Improving Software Development Processes through CMMI Staged Representation
Gad-Nomberg Danit 2007 Daniel Galin, Avigail Barzilai, Abstracts Designing a Tool for LMS Quality Evaluation For the Technion
Fuchs Tiziana 2007 Anatoly Goldfeld Abstracts Study of Complex Model with an Emphasis on the Link between the Field Performance and Logistic Chains
Metzger Galia 2007 Mordechai Frank, Avigail Barzilai, Abstracts Student and Faculty Attitudes towards Web-based Learning in Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion
Leshchenko Elena 2007 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Time to Decision in Sequential Test for Parameter Ratio of Two Exponential Distributions
Levy Merav 2007 Gilat Cohen Abstracts Identifying Way of Measuring the Quality of Service Given by an Organization's Human Resource Advisor in Relation to the Exceptions of the Stakeholders
Paltchi Rami 2007 Dror Perlstein Abstracts Harmonization of Risk in Chemical Industry and Road Transportation
Koifman Maya 2007 Ofer Strichman Abstracts An Approach to Extracting a Small Unsatisfiable Core
Tzour Tzafrir 2006 Gedalyahu Manor Abstracts Increasing Driving Safety through Quality Assurance
Kerzner Ronit 2006 Meira Itzkovitz Abstracts Assimilation Control – ERP Technion Project
Almog Nadav 2006 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts A Non-Simulative Approach in Development of Sequential Test for Parameter Ratio of Two Exponential Distributions
Freund Feinstein Uzi 2006 Shlomo Bekhor, Yaacov Nahmani, Abstracts Investigation of Preferences as a Methodology for Measuring Quality and Level of Service in Domestic Air Transportation
Bibliowicz Aida 2006 Gilat Cohen Abstracts A Service Quality Measurement Strategy Based on a CRO-Clinical Investigator Partnership Model
Faraj Emad 2006 Gedalyahu Manor Abstracts Quality Assurance on Construction of 400kv Transsmion Line
Halabi Anan 2006 Sergiu Samuel Abstracts The Influence of ISO 9000 Implementation on The Operation and Performance of IDF Organizations
Grunin Irit 2006 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Extension of the SPRT Set Tests in MIL-HDBK-781A
Lavi Yifat 2005 Dov Ingman Abstracts A Reliability Approach to Spare Parts Supply
Shternberg Liora 2005 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts A Model for the Evaluation of Internal Quality Audits Effectiveness
Shourky Keren 2005 Pnina Sason Abstracts Production Process Control by Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC)
Avrahami Mordechai 2005 Daniel Galin Abstracts The Impact of the Quality Assurance System on the Quality of Software Development Products
Pav Irit 2005 Amos Notea, Haim Hacham, Abstracts Evaluation of the Uncertainty in Chemical Testing for Determining the Fat content of Meat
Nagari Haddif Galit 2005 Jacqueline Asscher Abstracts Certification for Machining Process at the Carmel Forge Plant
Shai Yair 2005 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Sequential Testing of Hypotheses about Ratio of Two Exponential Scale Parameters
Salus Aylon 2005 Amir Tomer Abstracts A Specification Document for an Internet Site using the MethodA(TM) Methodology with UML and A Comparison to A Information System that was Formulated without Specificat
Harel Orit 2005 Jacqueline Asscher Abstracts Certification for Heat Treating Process in 'Carmel Forge' Factory
Cohen Shira 2005 Amos Notea Abstracts Model of Uncertainty Determination in Calibration for Strain-gage Balance Measurements Complying with ISO GUM
Golan Shai 2005 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Reliability of Naval Electronic System and Experimental Method for Improvement Evaluation
Drofin Dmitry 2005 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Assessment of a Method to Measure Radioactive Content in Drinking Water
Gorelik Alexandra 2005 Konstantin Kovler Abstracts Development of Acoustic Method for Quality Control of Laminated Elements in Construction
Lishansky Israel 2004 Eitan Naveh Abstracts The Market for Quality Assurance and Reliability Technion's Graduates
Dekel Daniel 2004 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Reliability Model of Optical Surface Subjected to Laser Radiation
Russo Olga 2004 Konstantin Kovler Abstracts Testing of Radon Exhalation Rate from Building Materials
Bukh Julia 2004 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Fuzzy Logic Implementation Model in Risk Assessment
Goldenberg Dov 2004 Abraham Rotem Abstracts System Aging of Explosives and Propellants – A Critical Review
Alter Ariela 2004 Eitan Naveh Abstracts The Effect of Implementation of International Management Practices on Organizations in Israel
Aizenchtadt Elena 2004 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Lessons from Radiological Accidents to Reduce Risk and Enhance Safety
Elyash Olga 2004 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Method for Risk Assessment under High Uncertainties
Davidovitch Danny 2004 Yefim Haim Michlin, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Long Life Reliability Test of Cantilever Beam
Strul Israel 2004 Juda Kaufman Abstracts Development of Safety Manual for Operation, Maintenance and Servicing of Steam Boilers
Sholokhman Dmitry 2004 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased) Abstracts A Comparison of Methods for Evaluation of Quality of Code Inspection
Eilam Rachel 2004 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Manufacturing Process Characterization Using Comparative Analysis of Poisson and Binomial Models
Gutzeit Gal 2004 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Comparison and Combination between the Requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and Various IDF Orders that Bound a Logistic Headquarters
Vinitsky Leon 2004 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Development of Sequential Testing for Checking Resolution of Measuring Devices
Bourchakov Marat 2004 Liviu Singher Abstracts Hyperspectral Inspection of Egg Age
Ziegel Ben David Liat 2004 Baruch Rosen, Pavel Grabov, Abstracts Combining the HACCP and SPC Methodologies in a Production Process
Khorshid Iman 2004 Avner Halevy Abstracts A Comparison between Squeglia's "0 Defects" and of ISO 2859-1 Incoming Inspection Sampling Plans
Ecker-Stav Shiri 2004 Shimshon Arueti Abstracts A Model for Managing and Assimilation of Safety in a Complex Project
Weizer Erez 2004 Abraham Rotem Abstracts Availability Improvement of an Impermeable Power Unit for Small Vessels of the Israeli Navy
Harel Naomi 2004 Avner Halevy Abstracts Annual Product Review Model for the Pharmaceutical Production
Harpaz Meir 2003 Shmuel Ur Abstracts The Examination of the Utilization on the Combination of Automation Tool "Gotcha-TCBeans" and WinRunner Tool to Improve Software Quality
Riechstien Riki 2003 Amos Notea Abstracts Measuring Consensus in Decision Making
Man Natalya 2003 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Waves in Multilayered Media
Kievitski Rena 2003 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Risk Assessment and Safety Measures in Ultrasonics
Mirer Tatiana 2003 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Application of the Theory of Catastrophes to the Analysis of Elements of Power Plants
Ben-Jacob Alon 2003 Eitan Naveh Abstracts Structure and Flexibility in Project Management: The Influence of the Management Practices, TOC and PMBOK, on Project Outcomes
Altus Keren 2003 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Implementation of AFMEA (Advanced Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) for Process Analysis
More Karin 2003 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Risk Assessment of the Exposure to Extremely Low frequency Electromagnetic Fields
Zingerman Anna 2003 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Applications of Wavelets Entrophy in Nondestructive-Testing
Soloveichik Pinhas 2003 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Reliability Analysis of Clearing Disturbances in Electricity Supply Network at Substation Facilities
Gabay Rita 2003 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Accreditation and Certification of Personnel (Rregistered Nurses)in the Health Care System
Sedan Boaz 2003 Yefim Haim Michlin, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Statistical Process Control of Client-Server Software with Application to Internet Web Servers
Poltielov Sonya 2003 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Development of Improved Repeatability and Reproducibility Procedures for Products Effected by the Measurements
Gilady Adar 2003 Amos Notea Abstracts The Significance of the International Requirements for Certification Bodies for Personnel
Kociak Eldar 2003 Amos Notea Abstracts Generation, Development and Implementation of Uniform Quality and Reliability Measures for Materiel Command in the Air Force
Migdali Refael 2003 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Reliability-Oriented Periodic Inspection Interval for Helicopters
Notea Eran 2002 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Accreditation Process Analysis of Inspection Bodies in Compliance with International Criteria
Laks Yael 2002 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Radio Frequency Radiation: Biological Effects, Assessment of Hazards and Safety Considerations
Chkhartishvili Julia 2002 Liviu Singher Abstracts Plants Classification by Texture Recognition
Alperin Regina 2002 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Statistic Analysis of Hebrew Word Software Users' Complaints and Preparing Measures for Estimation of these Complaints
Agmon Noga 2002 Paul Feigin Abstracts Sequential Design of Experiments – Methodology and Practice
Simon Kalman 2002 Eliezer Kantorowitz (Deceased), Amos Notea, Abstracts A Comparison between Methods of Evaluating Inspection Quality in Software Documents
Kaplan Eleonora 2002 Ronen Bar-Nahor Abstracts Automated Software Testing Development Method
Lobovich Irina 2002 Liviu Singher Abstracts Machine Vision Using Linear Programming Implemented for Plant Classification
Teper Lina 2002 Amos Notea Abstracts Estimation of Uncertainty in a Model for Calculation Uncertainty of ISO GUM
Magen Margarita 2002 Liviu Singher Abstracts Nondestructive Inspection of the Quality Evaluation of Agricultural Products Using Acoustical Holography
Gurevich Arkadi 2002 Yakov Ben-Haim Abstracts Reliability of Mechanical Design Based on a Model with Uncertain Error
Schachner Eyal 2001 Ronen Bar-Nahor Abstracts Development of Principles and Tools for Building and Testing Training-Set for Automatic Hierarchical Document Categorization
Torem Nirit 2001 Liviu Singher Abstracts Automatic Classification of Plants by Iterative Learning
Erlikh Anna 2001 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Alignment Process Characterization and Analysis in the Semiconductor Industry by Means of Statistical Process Control (SPC) Methods
Kouperkhand Evgeni 2001 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Quality Manual for Calibration Laboratory
Dallal Iris 2001 Dov Ingman, Abstracts Project Management Using TOC
Volovski Levana 2001 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts methodology for comparison of publications on worldwide quality programs
Hava Avshalom 2001 Yefim Haim Michlin Abstracts Design of Accelerated Reliability Tests for Automotive Vehicles on a Test Course
Goldner Ronen 2001 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Implementation of Advanced Statistical Methods for Short Run SPC
Sachyani Miriam 2000 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Application of Nde Techniques to Assess the Environmental Durability of Adhesive Joints
Foros Dmitri 2000 Abstracts Development of a Questionnaire Program, Complying with Iso 9000 Requirements
Berko Yaniv 2000 Liviu Singher Abstracts Inspection Methods for Pressure Vessels – a Critical Review
Rabinovich Alexander 2000 Abstracts Data Migration and Enrichment in Transition Between Information Systems
Lublinsky Ekaterina 2000 Abstracts ""Branch and Bound" Algorithm for 100 Percent Quality Contro Of Group-Testable Items
Sandler Noa 2000 Itzhak Shmulevich, Abstracts Nondestructive Apple Quality Assessment Using Acoustic Measurements
Ben-Shachar Michal 2000 Abstracts An Evaluation Method for Leak Detection Equipment in Underground Storage Tanks
Billert Oleg 2000 Abstracts Adaptive Optical Pattern Recognition by Multiple Filtering
Azar Inbal 2000 Abstracts Defining Indexes for Quality Assessment of Script Languages
Gins Orly 2000 Liviu Singher Abstracts Multispectral Imaging for Inspection of Eggs
Giterman Eleonora 2000 Amos Notea Abstracts Feasibility of X-Ray Radiography for Characterizing Quality Of Poultry Eggs.
Kohem Moshe 2000 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Realization of Iso Guide 25 in a Computerized Laboratory
Fuerst Amiram 2000 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Establishing a Data Acquisition System for Functional Testers in a Production Line
Vardi Gonen 2000 Abraham Rotem Abstracts Quality Improvement Plan for Repairing and Maintenance Israeli Navy Ship Propellers
Getsis Miriam 2000 Abstracts Anova Basis for Spc Strategy Optimization
Boim Leonid 1999 Liviu Singher Abstracts Optical Ellipsometry Based Thin Film in-Situ Measurements
Shabalin Kira 1999 Abstracts Filter Design with Several Gray Levels for Optical Signal Processing
Mirkin Irina 1999 Abstracts Filter Design with Genetic Algorithm for Optical Pattern Recognition
Rakita Yuri 1999 Abstracts Improving the Quality of Sensors by Applying Statistical Methods of Design of Experiments (Doe)
Bugaisen Michael 1999 Abstracts Development of Software Documentation Methodology Complying With Iso 9000 Requirements
Bensimon Alon 1999 Abstracts Microstructure Determination in Aluminium Alloys Using Ultrasonic Testing
Rozenberg Avraham 1999 Abstracts Quality Assurance in the Jewish Tradition
Teller Amit 1999 Abstracts Application of Damage Models in the Prediction and Improvement of System's Reliability
Levites Henrique 1999 Abstracts Comparison of Maintenance Policies for a System with Several Bases and One Repair Depot
Joseph Yuval 1999 Abstracts Maturity of Design and It's Impact on Field Reliability
Cohen Ra'anan 1999 Abstracts Improving the Organization Service Quality by Focusing on The Logistics Array
Shvarch Jakov 1999 Abstracts Quality Improvement Plan for Planning and Control in Ordnance Corps Command
Bahir Gil 1999 Abstracts Analysis of the Logistics of Maintaining An Ongoing Work Clothes Supply System Within the I.d.f's Equipment Centers
Mayerowicz Lior 1999 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Safety Management Is Based on Quality Management Priniciples
Kastin Vadim 1999 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Application of Advanced Quality Assurance Methods to Assembling Processes
Hanan Deny 1999 Abstracts Integrated Quality Index Development for Semiconductor Industry
Gilboa Mordechai 1999 Abstracts Improving the Testing Capabilities of Rubber Products Through the Use of Ultrasonic Testing Methods
Zuskovich Peter 1999 Abstracts Robot Calibration Using Sensitivity Analysis Methods
Dag Ayelet 1999 Abstracts Data Fusion of Thermal and Optical Images
Stern Nava 1999 Abstracts Quantifying the Uncertainty of a Microbiological Test on Drinking Water
Gordon Alexander 1998 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Optimization of Standard Sample Distribution in Radiometric Gauge Calibration
Iosifsohn Mark 1998 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Application of Software Reliability Analysis Methods to Development of Flight Simulation Software
Granot Yonat 1998 Amos Notea Abstracts Criteria for Compliance of R and D Laboratory in Defined Development Objectives
Rubin Rafael 1998 Dan Wolf (Deceased) Abstracts Quality Improvement Plan for Engine Workshop
Shemesh Shmuel 1998 Ayala Cohen (Deceased) Abstracts Statistical Analysis of a Multi-Parametric Test to Examine The Performance of An Electronic Instrument Based On Nuclear Techonology
Parash Paula 1998 Abstracts Emulators User Quality Metrics Research
Chioclea Shmuel 1998 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Principles of Data Fusion in Multi-Sensor Systems for Non- Destructive Testing
Geva Amnon 1998 Dov Ingman Abstracts Degression in Mechanical Properties of Nitrocellulose Based Propellants
Khazen Michael 1998 A. Dubi Abstracts Analysis and Development of Variance Reduction Methods for Monte Carlo Applications to Systems Engineering And Reliability
Mann Nahum 1998 Samuel Kenig Abstracts Accelerate Quality Tests for Plastic Pipes
Tovim Erez 1997 Abstracts Improvement in Satisfaction of Diners in Large Organization Dining Halls
Zeyfman Micael 1997 Pavel Grabov, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Reliability Analysis of Control Charts for Variables
Sorkin Zhanna 1997 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased), Abstracts Transfer Function in Discontinuities Measurements by Ultrasonics
Schwierz-Yosefzon Tatyana 1997 Amos Notea Abstracts Measurement of Discontinuity's Dimensions by Microfocus Radiography
Erman Mark 1997 Abstracts Optimization of Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Methods for the Detection of Defects in the Metal Rail
Zvulun Gil 1997 Pavel Grabov, Abstracts Commercial Components in Military Systems – Problems and Solutions
Pasternak Gill 1997 Avner Halevy Abstracts Improving Machined Products Quality by Applying Statistical Process Control Method in Manufacturing Process
Dickstein Boaz 1997 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Feasibility Study of Software Quality Assurance Methods for Development of Automatic Test Equipment Software
Silber Milca 1997 Abstracts Detecting a Changepoint in a Line of Products with the ""Double Or Divide" Group Testing Policy
Armon Tami 1997 Abstracts Computerization of "Research Proposal" Application by Quality Assurance Procedures
De-Leon Shmuel 1997 Abstracts Imporovement of Testing and Screening Process in An Environmental Testing Laboratory
Bashan Eliahu 1997 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Quality Management Tools – Methodology for Implementation in Cyclone Aviation Product Ltd
Hooker Jonathan 1997 Abstracts Sub Optimal Group Testing Policy in the Presence of a Given Demand
Nakar Oren 1997 Abstracts Quality Improvement Plan for Service Organization
Pinkas Naomi 1997 Amos Notea Abstracts Requirements Model for a Quality Assurance System of Research and Development Laboratories
Rothschild Talia 1997 Paul Feigin, Abstracts Quality Assurance of Fumaric Acid Froduction from Maleic Acid Solution in Phthalic Anhydride Production
Gal Alon 1997 Shimshon Arueti, Abstracts Safety and Danger Zone Analysis for High Performance Weapon
Shapira Aviv 1997 Abstracts Derivation of Lessons and Corrective Action – Changes Due to the Tqm Approach
Turgeman Isacc 1996 Dov Ingman Abstracts The Correlation Between Reliability of Electronic Components And Their Energy Transparency
Rozen Aharon 1996 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Measurement of Quality and Productivity in Public Service
Horev Eli 1996 Shimshon Arueti Abstracts Probabilistic Risk Analysis of a Detonator Manufacturing Press
Wilensky Reuven 1996 Abstracts Reliability Analysis for Antenna Control Box
Almog Benny 1996 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Adhesive Bond Quality Classifier Using a Neural Network
Pasternak Avraham 1996 Abstracts Stress Corrossion of Brass in Moist Propellant Compound
Beth-Av Zeev 1996 Shimshon Arueti Abstracts Safety Analysis for An Air to Air Missile
Vladimirov Angelina 1996 Abraham Rotem Abstracts Development of a Computerized Documentation System for Small Plant According to Iso 9002 Requirements
Winkler Avraham 1996 Abstracts Passing on the Responsibillity of Quality on to Producers
Khazen-Portnoy Natalia 1996 Amos Notea Abstracts Combining Service Elements in Quality Requirements from Calibration and Testing Laboratories
Bagdasarian Larisa 1996 Abstracts Studies in the Basics of Radiographic/tomographic Imaging on Film
Malka Meir 1996 Abstracts Reliability Analysis for Dual High Voltage Power Supply
Maoz Ariel 1996 Paul Feigin Abstracts Optimization of Cottage Production Process
Schonberger Victor 1996 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased), Abstracts Quality Manual for a Small, Multidisciplinary Electronics Plant
Itzkowich Avraham 1996 Abstracts Design a Model for Improving Data Systems for Supporting Organizational Decision Making
Nir Moti 1996 Abraham Rotem Abstracts Efficient Management of a Technical Logistic Military Unit
Or Oved 1996 Abstracts A Method for Choosing Subjects for Quality Improvement in a Modern Plant
Pereg Yaacov 1996 Abstracts Reliability Analysis of the Irr-1scram System
Ziony Zecharia 1996 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Implementation of Poor Quality Cost System as a Managerial Control Tool
Shoef Joseph 1996 Amos Notea Abstracts Uncertainty in Radiography
Galin Michal 1996 Paul Feigin, Amos Notea, Abstracts The Correlation Between the Quality System and Final Quality
Yakobovitch Amir 1996 Shimshon Arueti Abstracts Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Human Error Caused Events in Complex Man-Computer Controlled Systems
Tareef Fadil 1996 Phineas Dickstein Abstracts Measurement of Mechanical Parameters of Structural Adhesive Joints by the Receptance Model
Bensimon Itzhack 1996 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Process Optimization Strategy in Nonsymmetrical Tolerances.
Hirshnzon Avraham 1996 Pavel Grabov Abstracts Quality Characteristics of Doppler Tracking Radar for Projectile During Flight.
Harel Avihou 1996 Milo-Emil Hoffman Abstracts In Situ Detection of Defects by Thermography and Analysis of Thermal Resistance Measurements of Building Elements
Weinberg Uri 1996 Abstracts Integrated Operation Control
Goldner Yeshayau 1995 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Prediction of Axial Flow Fan Unavailability
Bayer Peres 1995 Amos Notea, Abstracts Early Detection of Fatigue Damage through Ultrasonic Nde
Lipnik Boris 1995 Amos Notea Abstracts Development of Tools for Radiographic Defects Scanning In Ceramic Materials
Segal Rodica 1995 Gedalyahu Manor, Abstracts Quality Education Conform to Industry's Needs
Gur Zvi 1995 Abstracts Space Environment Tests of Gurwin-1 Techsat Satellite
Klein Renata 1995 Dov Ingman Abstracts Detection of Defective Valves by Analysis of Vibroacoustic
Sarel Eli 1995 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Sqa Applicability in Fatigue Simulation Software Development
Amiel Miriam 1995 Baruch Rosen Abstracts Quality Assurance Analysis of Sistem Belonging to Processed Meat Production
Wajsberg Cathie 1995 Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased) Abstracts Evaluating Atomizers for the "Energy Towers" Project
Talmor Michael 1995 Shimshon Arueti Abstracts Reliability Analysis in Projects with Very High Operational
Grossman Itzhak 1995 Shimshon Arueti Abstracts Fighter's Ejection System Risk Analysis
Menahem Abraham 1995 Reuven Karni Abstracts Improvement of Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System
Cohen Zaki 1995 Dov Ingman Abstracts Reliability Prediction of Eprom Memories Using Program Margin Voltage Results
Lev Edward 1995 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Inplementation of Tqm Techniques in the Project Departmentof Israel Electric Corporation
Kofmer Anat (Ana) 1994 Avner Halevy Abstracts Exponentially Weighted Movins Averages )Ewma( Control
Burstein Pablo 1994 Dov Ingman Abstracts Lsf Restoration by Neural Networks
Altar Ariel 1994 Amos Notea Abstracts Fruit Quality Indices by Radiography Methods
Yunger Reuven 1994 Dov Ingman Abstracts Behaviora of Polymer Films Under Mechanical Stress
Goldstein Dan 1994 Ishay Weissman Abstracts Reliability Growth of Systems
Gimpelevich Yonatan 1994 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Prediction of Bulldozer Availability
Stossel Smadar 1994 Amos Notea, Itzhak Shmulevich, Abstracts Implemention of Total Quality Assurance in Citrus Fruit
Frank Yoav 1994 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Quality Assurance for Electric Power Generation System Plann
Grossman Malki 1994 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Feasibility of Software Engineering for Poleograph Software
Shtekel Ronen 1994 Amos Notea Abstracts Measurement Methods for Radiogr Aphy Resolving Power
Erlichson Amir 1994 Paul Feigin, Abstracts Quality Assurance Program for the Phthalis Ahhydride
Rusak Jacob 1994 Dov Ingman, Pavel Grabov, Abstracts Reliability Optimization in Riwcontracts by Taguchi Methods
Herman Haviv 1994 Dov Ingman Abstracts Enhanced Control of Measuring and Test Equipment
Baier Norberto 1993 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Reliability Analysis of Emerency Power Supply System
Hari Amihud 1993 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Application of Quality Function Deployment (Ofd) in Complex
Mayersohn Ariel 1993 Lev Reznikof Abstracts Prediction of Plant Process Control Room Availability
Ronen Mordechi 1993 Abstracts Tecsat-Reliability Analysis
Baratz Joseph 1992 Amos Notea Abstracts Measurement of Build Up Factor with Co-60 Radiation in Soli
Ben Harush David 1992 Abstracts Predicted Field Reliability of Military Avionic Systems
Galbinsky Jeannette 1992 A. Zonnenshain, Ishay Weissman, Abstracts A Tool for Reliability Emrovement Warranty Delisions
Cohen Jacov 1992 Abstracts A Fta of Safety Systems in the Irr-1 Research Reactor
Niv Hadas 1992 Amos Notea Abstracts Statistical Characterization Oftexture in Radiographs
Raz Shlomo 1992 Eli Altus Abstracts Fatigue Delamination Onset of Composite Materials
Brand Daniel 1992 Abstracts A Satellite Reliability Analysis
Ben David Gad 1992 Amos Notea Abstracts Simulation of Film Based Tomography
Goel Isaac 1992 Abstracts Reliability Analysis of a Cpu Operated at High Altitudes
Ben Shelomo Chaim 1992 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts A Guide to Dimensional Measurement Laboratory
Brand Yoel 1992 Dov Ingman Abstracts Volume Measurement of Conductors in Motion
Bar-Guri Moshe 1991 Dov Ingman Abstracts Analysis of Multi-Variable System
Naveh Eitan 1991 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Quality Improvement Plan for An Assemblies Overhauling Plan
Yoskovich Benjamin 1991 Amos Notea Abstracts Measurement of X Ray Ruild Up in Propellant
Zidon Isaac 1991 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Reliability Growth of Advanced Armament Systems
Sabo Itzhak 1991 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Detection of Defects through Lminography
Shlmovitz Avigdor 1991 Amos Notea Abstracts Film Based Industrial Tomography
Kollan Haim 1990 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Reliability Ajpects in Contracts
Regev Ran 1990 Reuven Karni Abstracts Expect Systems Applications in Quality Electronic Industry
Valdman Moshe 1990 Abstracts Aspects of Reliability of Repackaing and Vlsi Conversion
Stekel Amit 1990 Amos Notea, Joseph Shamir (Deceased), Abstracts Development of Optomechanical Method of Non Destructive Ava.
Shapira Mordechy 1989 Amos Notea, Abstracts Cost Optimization of Qt on Printed Wiring Assembly Processes
Rosin Abraham 1989 A. Zonnenshain Abstracts Reliability and Maintainability Aspects of Built-in Test