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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Lee Ifhar 2018 Ben-Shachar Dorit Abstracts Metabolism of Heme Compound in Schizophrenia
Adi Yannai 2018 Hershberg Ruth Abstracts The Codon Usage of Lowly Expressed Genes is Subject to Natural Selection
Maaly Odeh 2018 Bengal Eyal Abstracts Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy by p38 MAPK Signaling
Mirna Safieh 2018 Rahat Michal, Zisman Devy, Abstracts Role of EMMPRIN/CD147 in the Pathogenesis of Psoriatic Arthritis
Maysa Hreish 2018 Azzam Zaher, Berger Gidon, Abstracts The Human Gastro Intestinal Tract Microbiota and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) Carriage
Yael Glatt 2018 Salzberg Adi Abstracts The Role of Dpax2 in the Organogenesis of Drosophila Melanogaster Proprioceptors
Irina Khononov 2018 Engelender Simone Abstracts Study of CDK5 in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's desease
Nardeen Atweh 2018 Bonshtein Lilach, Frank Dale, Abstracts Platelet Function in Inflammatory Disorders
Hiba Abu Hariri 2018 Benhar Moran Abstracts The Role of Trx-related Protein of 14kDa(TRP14) in Regulating Protein S-Nitrosylation
Estherina Trachtenberg 2018 Dann Eldad, Aharon-Peretz Judith, Abstracts Cognitive Impairment in Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors
Yasmin Cohen 2018 Frank Dale Abstracts The Role of Protein Tyrosine Kinase 7 (PTK7) in Regulating the Wnt Signaling Pathway
Yana Shaulov 2018 Ankri Serge Abstracts Study of the Protective Effect Against Oxidative Stress that Enteropathogenic Bacteria Escherichia Coli 055 Confers to the Parasite Entamoeba Histolytica
Therese Shehadeh Mbariki 2018 Sarig Galit Abstracts The Role of Endothelial Protein C Receptor (EPCR) in Early Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) Progression
Rose Shalah Almour 2018 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts Regulatory Effects of Gads Domains in the T Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
Evgeny Havkin 2018 Avital Avraham Abstracts The Effects of Methylphenidate on Different Types of Attention
Hassan Shalata 2018 Kleinberger Tamar Abstracts Study of the Contribution of the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein to Virus-Host Cell Interactions
Alaa Knany 2018 Benhar Moran Abstracts Characterization of Nitroso-Redox Stress-Induced Cancer Cell Death
Jana Amer 2018 Kleinberger Tamar Abstracts Study of the Contribution of the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein to Cancer Cell Death
Noam Almog 2018 Derdikman Dori Abstracts Correction Structure of Grib Cells is Preserved During Hippocampal Inactivation
Zamzam Faour 2018 Kaplan Marielle, Dumin Elena, Abstracts Identification of Metabolomic Signatures of Macrophages and the Implications for Atherogenesis
Sapir Sela 2018 Karin Nathan Abstracts The Role of Scavenger Receptor-B1 in the Regulation of Autoimmunity in the Gut
Raeda Mubariki 2018 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Adhesion Molecule Kirrel3/Neph2: Regulator of Morphological Changes Required for Myoblast Fusion
Yasmine Khier 2018 Ofran Yishai, Igal Louria-Hayon, Abstracts The Role of Grb2 in Survival of Progenitors, HSC and Leukemia Cells
Maria Plotnikov 2018 Maor Gila Abstracts Cannabinoids and Post-Natal Skeletal Growth
Cristina Avila 2018 Kornitzer Daniel Abstracts Hemolytic Activity in C. Albicans
Haya Hussien Ali Saleh 2018 Assady Suheir Abstracts Involvement of Heparanase in the Pathogenesis of Glomerular Diseases
Yael Lamfrom 2018 Schiller Jackie Abstracts Establishing an Experimental Platform to Study Representation and Plasticity in Primary Sensory Cortex Following Motor Task Learning
Eiman Najjar 2018 Miller Ariel Abstracts Assessment of the Immune-Modulatory Effects of Tecfidera (Dimethyl Fumarate; DMF) on B Cell Functions in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Ella Kenigswald 2018 Ofran Yishai, Igal Louria-Hayon, Abstracts The Role Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSC) in Supporting Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Proliferation
Shunit Olszakier 2017 Kahn Itamar, Amirav Lilac, Abstracts Intracellular Labelling of Selected Neurons Utilizing MR-Visible Nanoparticle Imaging
Fatimah Abu-Alhiga 2017 Engelender Simone Abstracts Regulation of PINK1 homeostasis in Parkinson's disease
Yasmin Tatour 2017 Ben-Yosef Tamar Abstracts Using advanced genetic analyses to identify the underlying genetic basis for Hereditary Retinal Degeneration
Samah Waked 2017 Brenner Benjamin, Benyamini Noam, Katz Tamar, Abstracts The effect of Lenalidomide on Multiple Myeloma Associated Macrophages
Safa Kinaneh 2017 Azzam Zaher Abstracts Na+/H+ exchangers in alveolar epithelial cells and their involvement in lung edema clearance
Shorook Ghanem 2017 Nadir Yona Abstracts Heparanase Procoagulant Domain in Angiogenesis and Wound Healing
Itzik Sibony 2017 Schultheiss Thomas Abstracts Influence of the Mesonephros on the development of the indifferent gonad in the chick embryo
Mona Fanadka 2017 Horowitz Netanel, Ringlshtein Shimrit, Katz Tamar, Abstracts Characterization of Molecules Inducing Regulatory Features of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells
Ilia Borodach 2017 Derdikman Dori Abstracts Contribution of Visual System to the Stability of Head-Direction Cell Responses
Doron Ziv 2017 Binah Ofer Abstracts The cardioprotective efficacy of TVP1022 against the cardiotoxicity caused by the anti-cancer tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Clara Sajrawi 2017 Abassi Zaid A. Abstracts Involvement of Heparanase in the Pathogenesis of Acute Kidney Injury
Rawan Kawar Jaraisy 2017 Zigdon Hadar Abstracts Role of Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC) in Angiogenesis and Osteogensis
Jiriys George Ginini 2017 Rachmiel Adi, Maor Gila, Abstracts Distraction Osteogenesis under Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) – The Bone Biology Effects in the Rat Mandible
Rina Ben-El 2017 Salzberg Adi Abstracts Morphogenesis of the Chordotonal Organ Depends on the Proper Composition of the ECM
Anat Gelfand 2017 Karin Nathan Abstracts The Role of the Chemokine CCL1 in the Regulation of the Immune Response
Shoshana Crystal 2017 Zaaroor Menashe Abstracts Effect of Lesion Characteristics in Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) on Tremor and Quality of Life – a Clinical, Neurophysiological Study
Talia Ifrach 2017 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts Function and Regulation of Gads in the T cell Receptor and FC Epsilon Receptor Signaling Pathways
Faina Vladimirov 2017 Schultheiss Thomas Abstracts The Ability of Embryonic Stem Cells to Differentiate and Integrate in the Gastrulation Stage Chicken Embryo
Maria Zaatreh 2017 Ofran Yishai Abstracts Identification of Genetic Alterations and its Relation to Differentiation Markers that Distinguish Subpopulations of leukemic Cells in AML Patients
Rohtem Aviram 2017 Hasson Peleg, Neufeld Gera, Abstracts Exploring the interactions between LOX and ADAMTS/L proteins
Rula Rashed 2017 Leroith Derek Abstracts The role of CD24 in Breast cancer progression
Ilana Oz 2017 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts Function and Regulation of new SLP76 phosphoserine sites in T cells
Shiri Davidi 2017 Shaked Yuval, Aronheim Ami, Abstracts The Role of IL-31 in Tumorigenesis
Rami Massri 2017 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts Development of new tools for studying TCR signaling, through the application of TALENs/CRISPR-based strategies for precise genome editing in the T cell lineage
Shira Turgeman 2017 Zuckerman Tsila, Yehodai-Reshef Shlomit, Abstracts The Interaction Between Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Microenvironment: The Role of Microenvironment in Supporting Differential Proliferation and Survival of Differentet…
Wessal Hussien 2017 Ben-Shachar Dorit Abstracts Mitochondrial Response to Psychotropic Drugs as a Potential Guideline Tool for Personalized Medicine in Patients with Psychoses
Ruslana Militsin 2017 Shaked Yuval Abstracts Tumor-derived microparticles from cells exposed to ionizing radiation inhibit anti-cancer immune response
Hitam Saadi 2017 Horowitz Netanel, Katz Tamar, Abstracts Microenvironment-Mediated Growth and Progression of Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Lubna Willi Anteer 2017 Itskovitz Joseph Abstracts Induced Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Suspension
Shiran Manor 2017 Ankri Serge Abstracts Adaptation of Entamoeba histolytica to nitrosative stress: insights into the role of arginase in the adaptation process
Amal Ghraieb 2017 Gilhar Amos Abstracts NKT Cells in Alopecia Areata disease
Gabriel Semel 2017 Aizenbud Dror, Maor Gila, Abstracts Endochondral Ossification of Mandibular Condyle – the Impact of Shock Wave Therapy
Nizar Khoury 2017 Machtei Eli, Zigdon Hadar, Abstracts The Combined Use of Transforming Growth Factor-BETA Loaded onto BETA-tri Calcium Phosphate Scaffold to Enhance Bone Eneration
Nadia Nahmany Goldberg 2017 Pratt Hillel Abstracts Cerebral electrical activity during content and spatially cued attention task in adult ADHD subjects
Shir Yaish 2017 Kornitzer Daniel Abstracts Factors Involved in the Heme Utilization Pathway in Candida Albicans
Alaa Khutaba 2017 Samer Sarouji, Zigdon Hadar, Abstracts VEGF release from nanofibers scaffold for angiogenesis
Ofrit Bar-Bachar 2017 Eisnberg Elon, Yarnitsky David, Abstracts Intramuscular Stimulation for Myofascial Pain and its Effects on Peripheral and Central pain Modulation
Abeer Hassan 2016 Salzberg Adi Abstracts An RNAi-Based Genetic Screen Identifies New Genes Required for Normal Morphogenesis of Proprioceptors in Drosophila
Christine Namouz 2016 Peled Micha, Leiser Yoav, Abstracts The Possible Role of Different Biomarkers in the Prognosis of Head and Neck Sarcoma
Kinneret Schragenheim Rozales 2016 Ofran Yishai, Igal Louria-Hayon, Abstracts The Role and Significance of Signal Transduction Pathways in Response to Busulfan in AML cells
Hiba Qasem-Abdallah 2017 Lewinson Oded Abstracts The Molecular Mechanism of Heme Transport by HmuU2V2-T from Yersinia Pestis
Mifleh Tatour 2016 Nadir Yona Abstracts Involvement of white blood cells heparanase in activation of the coagulation system
Tova Hallas 2016 Binah Ofer, Katz Yeshayahu(Sha, Abstracts Investigating the molecular, cellular and pathophysiological features of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)- derived cardiomyocytes from SCO2 mutated patients
Haya Abbas 2016 Kleinberger Tamar Abstracts Analysis of E4orf4-Induced Cell Death in a Drosophila Cancer Model
Michal Savkin 2017 Hershberg Ruth Abstracts Codon Usage Optimization and Horizontal Gene Transfer via Bacteriophage Transduction
Isabelle Dai 2016 Melamed Doron Abstracts The Role of MicroRNA in Resistance to Antibody-Induced Cell Death in B Lineage Cells
Ali Abed Al Wahad 2016 Horowitz Netanel, Katz Tamar, Abstracts The Role of Pregnancy in Promoting Lymphoma Growth and Dissemination
Chen Itzkovich 2016 Ofran Yishai Abstracts Plasma-sHLA Bound Peptides in Acute Myeloid Leukemia as Predictors of Individual Response and their Application in Immunotherapy
Enas Hallumi 2016 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts Function and regulation of Gads in the T cell receptor signaling pathway
Israa Adawi 2016 Choder Mordechai Abstracts Early assembly of cytoplasmic mRNA decay factors to mRNAs in the nucleus
Gadir Telhami 2016 Derdikman Dori Abstracts Electrophysiological Recordings of Grid Cells in a Disorientation Task
Yelena Barbarov 2016 Shaked Yuval, Aronheim Ami, Abstracts The Role of JDP2 Expression in the Host in Tumor Growth and Metastasis
Nasren Eiza 2016 Toubi Elias, Vadasz Zahava, Abstracts Fas-Ligand high CD5 high expressing B cells: association with increased viral load and autoimmunity in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection
Shachar Nehoray 2016 Karin Nathan Abstracts The Involvement of SRBI in Differentiation of Tr1 Cells in DDM1 Model
Ayelet Gruman 2016 Marom Shimon, Pratt Hillel, Abstracts Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures in a Cued Attention Task Combining Response Inhibition, Response Selection, and Information Processing from Competing Chan
Eshkar Nir 2016 Shalom-Feuerste Ruby Abstracts MIR450 regulates Pax6 and Sox2 in eye morphogenesis and corneal homeostasis
Amit Kroner 2016 Karin Nathan, Gidi Gross, Abstracts Redirecting regulatory T cells to common gut antigens for restoring immune tolerance in IBD
Tatyana Haykin 2016 Binah Ofer Abstracts Investigating the molecular, cellular and pathophysiological features of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)- derived cardiomyocytes from SCO2 patients
Revekka Ismakov 2016 Derdikman Dori Abstracts Stability and variability of spatially- modulated neuronal firing patterns
Yaron Granot 2016 Skorecki Karl Abstracts The Equidistance Index of Population Structure
Osnat Eidinger 2016 Ben-Yosef Tamar Abstracts The Genetic and Functional Basis for Cone-Rod Degeneration
Dante Wasmuht 2016 Gutfreund Yoram Abstracts Adaptation Paradigms for the Study of Auditory and Visual Motion in the Optic Tectum of the Barn Owl
Rihan Moghrabi 2015 Hasson Peleg, Bengal Eyal, Abstracts The Role of the Stress-Induced Protein, CHOP, in Muscle Regeneration
Hila Berkovich 2015 Hasson Peleg, Shaked Yuval, Abstracts The Pro-Tumorigenic Role of Platelets Following Chemotherapy
Natali Shelli 2015 Schiller Yitzhak Abstracts Synchronization in the CA3 Hippocamapal Cortical Network during Development and Propagation of Pilocarpine-Induced Epileptic Seizures
Eran Levy 2015 Karin Nathan Abstracts The Interaction of CCL1 with Its Receptor CCR8 Directs the Suppressive Functions of Regulatory T-Cells and Macrophages
Evgeny Shlyakhover 2015 Kurant Estee Abstracts Regulation of SIMU Expression in Drosophila Embryonic Macrophages
Anna Rubinski 2015 Ziv Noam Abstracts Remodeling of Inhibitory Synapses: Relationships with Network Activity and Neighboring Excitatory Synapses
Oded Schiff 2015 Schiller Jackie, Eddie Barkai, Abstracts Dendritic Properties of Piriform Cortex Neurons and their Modification after Higher Order Learning
Inna Yarin 2015 Gutfreund Yoram Abstracts Tracking of Pupil Size for the Study of Auditory-Visual Integration in Barn Owls
Michal Aharonson 2015 Ben- Arye Eran, Schiff Elad, Abstracts Impact of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Counseling on Cancer Patients Quality of Life in Ambulatory Oncology Service: Prospective Controlled Study
Michael Mullokandov 2015 Gavish Moshe, Yehuda Arieli, Abstracts Investigation of Mitochondrial Function in CNS Oxygen Toxicity by Means of Repeated Exposure to Non-Convulsive Hyperbaric Oxygen and Following Administration of
Wesley Field 2015 Hershberg Ruth Abstracts Alarmingly High Segregation Frequencies of Quinolone Resistance Alleles within Human and Animal Microbiomes are not Explained by Clinical Antibiotic Exposure
Iman Khoury 2015 Schiller Yitzhak Abstracts Reorgenization of the CA1 Hippocampal Network in the Chronic Kainate Model of Epilepsy
Miriam Hadad 2015 Aronheim Ami Abstracts Biochemical Characterization of the Interaction of WDR62, C-Jun N-Terminal Kinase Scaffold Protein, with MAP3K Proteins
Ifat Koren Carmi 2015 Reznick Abraham, Snait Tamir, Abstracts FSL-1 Induced Inflammatory Factors Involved in Atopic Dermatitis Like Model in Keratinocytes – The Involvment of p38 MAPK and NF-kB Pathways
Yael Timerman 2015 Salzberg Adi Abstracts Studying the Role of DPax2, a New Determinant of Proprioceptor Morphogenesis Identified via a Large Scale RNAi Screen
Josephina Haj 2015 Samer Sarouji Abstracts Hybrid Scaffold Imitating ECM Seeded with MSCs for Bone Regeneration
Hala Toukan 2015 Azzam Zaher Abstracts Detection and Localization of Endothelin Converting Enzyme (ECE)-1 in the Human Diabetic Kidney
Gal Michaeli-Geller 2015 Machtei Eli, Zigdon Hadar, Abstracts Extra-Cortical Bone Augmentation Using Human Peripheral Blood Derived Endothelial Progenitor Cells (hEPC)
Elena Bukin 2015 ))Oryan )Orian Amir Abstracts The Role of Degringolade (Dgrn), a SUMO-Targeted Ubiquitin Ligase, in IMD Signaling and Innate Immunity In Drosophila Melanogaster
Yasmine Ghantous 2015 Peled Micha Abstracts The Possible Role of Viral Infection in the Etiology of Oral Cancer
Lyudmila Verbuk 2014 Shalom-Feuerste Ruby Abstracts The Involvement of Ras Signaling pathway in Pluripotency and Early Differentiation
Daria Rashkovetsky 2014 Shalom-Feuerste Ruby, Aberdam Daniel, Abstracts Characterization of MicroRNA-184 Expression and Pathways during Skin and Corneal Development and Homeostasis
Chen Rachman 2014 Hasson Peleg, Shaked Yuval, Abstracts Host Response to Tumor Resection and its Impact on Metastasis
Lital Gross 2014 Choder Mordechai Abstracts Possible Roles of Post-translational Modifications of Rpb4/7 in Regulating Gene Expression
Noa Ezaguy 2014 Neufeld Gera Abstracts Characterization of the Role of LOXL3 during the Differentiation of C2c12 Myoblasts
Cecilia Waknin 2014 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts Gads Dimerization and its Implications for TCR Signaling
Ariel Michaelov 2014 Frank Dale Abstracts Regulation of Hindbrain or Spinal Cord Cell-Fate Choices during Early Xenopus Laevis Development
Anna Shur 2014 Aviram Michael, Kaplan Marielle, Abstracts CRP Expression and Modulation in Different Subtypes of Macrophages and the Implications in the Pathogenesis of Atherogenesis
Reef Einoch 2014 Silver Henry, Youdim Moussa, Weinreb Orly, Abstracts The Involvement of BDNF-CREB Signaling Pathways in the Pharmacological Mechanism of Combined SSRI- Antidepressants and Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia
Shay Sherbo 2014 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Role of Stress-Induced C/EBP Homology Protein (CHOP) in Muscle Regeneration
Alina Kurolap 2014 Gershoni-Baruch Ruth, Efrat Dagan, Abstracts Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with Mental Deficiency – Homozygosity Mapping and Gene Identification
Dmitri Vaisberg 2014 Choder Mordechai Abstracts The Impact of the Promoter and Sfp1 on the mRNA Fate in the Cytoplasm in Saccharomyces cervisiae
Sandra Katz 2014 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Role of the Mef2D Transcription Factor in Mesodern and Ectoderm Specification During Early Development
Sleman Bishara 2014 Engelender Simone Abstracts Regulation of PINK1 in Parkinson's Disease
Yael Hazan 2014 Gutfreund Yoram Abstracts Using Gaze Tracking to Investigate Visual Auditory Integration in Barn Owls
Sigalit Sukenik 2014 Stanhill Ariel Abstracts Characterizing the Cellular Role of AIRAP in Proteasomal Detoxification
Gali Movshovich 2014 Benhar Moran Abstracts Characterization of the Denitrosylation Activity of Thioredoxin Mimetic Peptides
Ella Gebert 2014 Gutfreund Yoram Abstracts Virtual Acoustic Space Technique for the Study of Auditory Motion Processing in the Barn Owls: Setup and Evaluation
Svetlana Melikhan 2014 Gershoni-Baruch Ruth, Efrat Dagan, Abstracts A Molecular Genetic Study of Congenital Lymphedema Using Homozygosity Mapping Strategy
Hanna Polevoy 2014 Frank Dale Abstracts FoxD1 Protein Regulates Dorso-Ventral Mesoderm Specification during Early Embryonic Development
Doreen Ben-Zvi 2013 Salzberg Adi Abstracts The Developmental Role of cg8965 in Drosophila melanogaster
Klarina Shertser 2013 Ben-Shachar Dorit Abstracts The role of Dlgap2 (SAPAP2) in PSD zone: Possible Implication to Synapse Formation
Daniel Zhitnitsky 2013 Lewinson Oded Abstracts Conserved Amino Acids in Trans-membrane Domains of PIB-Type ATPases, and their Role in Metal Translocation
Sivan Eliyahu 2013 Binah Ofer Abstracts Experimental Model of Long Q-T Syndrome in Human Embryonic Stem Cells-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Odelya Mohadeb 2013 Nagler Rafael M., Gavish Moshe, Abstracts The Interaction between TSPO and p53 in Relation to Cell Death, Implication for Lung Cancer Cells
Ravit Piterman 2013 Stanhill Ariel Abstracts Proteasomal Regulation by S5a
Neta Pery 2013 Rowe Jacob Abstracts Unrevealing the Heterogeneity of Leukemia using Single Cells Analysis
Ravit Cohen-Segev 2013 Abassi Zaid A. Abstracts The Involvement of ACE and ACE-2 in Renal and Cardiac Dysfunction in Rats with Experimental Heart Failure
Meital Emanuel 2013 Miller Ariel, Melamed Philippa, Abstracts Epigenetic and Gene eEpression Modifications in Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Response to Glucocorticoid Treatment
Aviad Rotenberg 2013 Krausz Michael, Abassi Zaid A., Abstracts The Effect of Heparanase in Sepsis and Acute Lung Injury
Yael Nae 2013 Gutfreund Yoram Abstracts Utilizing Virtual Space Techniques to Study Neuronal Processing of Moving Audio-Visual Stimuli in the Barn Owl
Peter Kechker 2013 Kleinberger Tamar Abstracts Studying the Role of the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein in Silencing the DNA Damage Response in the Host Cell
Yael Sellman 2013 Kurant Estee Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms in Regulation of Phagocytic Receptor Six-Microns-Under (SIMU)
Michael Timaner 2013 Reznick Abraham, Livne Erella (Deceased), Abstracts Co-Culture of Osteogenic and Angiogenic Stem Cells on 3D Scaffolds for Improved Engraftment in Animal Model
Gal Larom-Khan 2013 Sara Selig, Skorecki Karl, Abstracts Telomeric Abnormalities in a Mouse Model for ICF Syndrome
Keren )Rima( Shemtov-Yona 2013 Machtei Eli, Liran Levin, Rittel Daniel, Abstracts Effect of Dental Implants' Diameter on their Fatigue Performance
Alina Kolpakova 2013 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Role of Mef2D Transcription Factor in Germ Layer Formation and Patterning at Early Development
Idit Biale-Spiegel 2013 Binah Ofer Abstracts Remodeling of Gap Junctions, Sarcomers and Nuclei by Cyclic Stretch in NRVM
Rotem Bril 2013 Shaked Yuval Abstracts The Response to Radiotherapy May Induce Metastasis in Mice
Tal Glinka 2013 Stanhill Ariel Abstracts Characterizing the Cellular Role of AIRAPL
Laura Cohen 2013 Ziv Noam Abstracts Protein Turnover and Replenishment at Central Nervous System Synapses
Omri Nayshool 2012 Baruch Yaacov Abstracts Transplant of Hepatocytes Encapsulated in Hydrogel Polymers- Basis for Liver Tissue Engineering
Ben Horowitz 2012 Kleinberger Tamar Abstracts Study of the Interactions between the Adenovirus E4ORF4 Protein and its Partners ACP and PP2A
Doaa Bayaa 2012 Gavish Moshe Abstracts The Possible Interactions between Steroids and TSPO in Relation to Glioblastoma Cells Death
Nataly Agra 2012 Salzberg Adi Abstracts The Effect of Phosphorylation on the Activity of Dei Protein in Drosophila
Netta Haroush 2012 Marom Shimon Abstracts Excitability of Neural Populations
Mijal Munster 2012 Shaked Yuval Abstracts Role of microparticles in tumor growth and angiogenesis following cytotoxic drug therapy
Yafit Harel 2012 Engelender Simone Abstracts Interaction Between Cdk5 and Synphilin-1 Implications to the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease
Mordechai Pollak 2012 Levy Andrew Peter Abstracts Influence of Vitamin E Supplementation on HDL Structure and Function in DM Patients
Liat Honigman 2012 Yarnitsky David, Irit Weisman-Foegel, Abstracts Inter-Relations between Offset Analgesia and Conditioned Pain Modulation
Esther Weindling 2012 Kornitzer Daniel Abstracts Role and Regulation of Candida Albicans NRM1 in Cell Cycle Progression
Dror Alishekevitz 2012 Karin Nathan Abstracts Regulatory Mediators in EAE and Autoimmunity
Lucy Naomi Mekies-Shitrit 2012 Engelender Simone Abstracts Role of Synphilin-1 on the Cellular Pathway of PINK1 and Parkin: Implications for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease
Julia Bargarum 2012 Reznick Abraham, Dovrat Ahuva, Weinreb Orly, Abstracts The Effect of Nanoparticles on the Eye Lens as a Model Biological Organ
Shani Shafir Alon 2012 Melamed Doron Abstracts CD19 Regulates Expression of Recombination Activating Genes and AICD in Transformed B Cells
Yulia Boyko 2012 Avni Orly Abstracts Aspects of the Mechanism Underlying the Bi-Functional Role of Polycomb Group Proteins in T Helper (CDA+) Cells
Ora Herkon 2012 Stanhill Ariel Abstracts Characterization of Rpn13-Proteasome Interaction
Ofer Elhanani 2012 Aronheim Ami Abstracts The Role and Regulation of Activating Transcription Factor 3 (ATF3) in the Myocardium in Health and Disease
Keren Ziv 2012 Kleinberger Tamar Abstracts Study of the Mechanisms Underlying Induction of Apoptosis by the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein in a S.Cerevisiae Model System
Tatiana Sezin 2012 Bergman Reuven Abstracts Human Amnion Membrane as a Substrate and an Antigenic Source for the Detection of Auto Antibodies in Autoimmune Bullous Skin Diseases
Marina Weissmann 2012 Krausz Michael, Dar Dalit, Abstracts Treatment of Controlled Hemorrhagic Shock Combined with Brain Injury
Aya Solomon 2012 Hasin Yonathan, Blum Arnon, Abstracts The Influence of Anemia on Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC) Circulating in Peripheral Blood in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)
Roman Dvorkin 2012 Ziv Noam Abstracts Similarity of Activity-dependent Structural Changes of Synapses Formed between Identical Neurons
Rinata Broneshter 2012 Iancu Theodore (Deceased), Finberg John, Abstracts Combined Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Doxorubicin and Sorafenib: Molecular Mechanisms of Co-Interaction and the Role of MAPK/ERK Pathway
Or Ben-Mordechai 2012 Avni Orly Abstracts The Role of the Polycomb Group Proteins, Eed and Ring1A and the Trythorax Group Protein MLL1 in the Regulation of Cytokine Gene Expression in T Helper Cells
Michal Halperin 2012 Jacob Horwitz, Machtei Eli, Abstracts Accuracy of Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) for the Measurement of Linear Distances in the Mandible, an Ex-Vivo Study
Adel Zeidan 2012 Ziv Noam Abstracts The importance of Neuroligin 1 for Synaptic Tenacity
Miriam Valter 2012 Lahat Nitza, Rahat Michal, Abstracts EMMPRIN Vaccination: Effects on Tumor Progression and Angiogenesis via Inhibition of MMP-9 and VEGF
Ilana Daniel 2012 Pillar Giora Abstracts Potential Autonomic and Cardiovascular Consequences of Objective Insomnia and Sleep State Misperception
Ella Bar-Or 2012 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Role of the KirreL3 Receptor in Motility and Fusion of Myoblast Cells
Evgeny Libman 2012 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts 14-3-3 Protein Binding to GADS and SLP76 as Negative- Feedback in TCR-signaling
Alooma Ordan 2011 Perlman Ido Abstracts A Potential Rat Model for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
Shulamit Naor 2011 Melamed Doron Abstracts B Cell Depletion Revives B Lymphopoiesis and Enhances Immune Response in Aging
Raneen Mzalbat 2011 Zidan Jamal Abstracts Comparison between HER2 Extracellular Domain in Serum and HER2 Overexpression in Breast Cancer Tissue
Christine Safieh 2011 Ben-Yosef Tamar Abstracts Genetic Characterisation of the Causes for Retinitis Pigmentosa
Meirav Sela 2011 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts A New Phosphotyrosine Site of SLP-76 in T Cells: Characterization and Exploration of Signal Transduction Mechanism
Ya-El Mandel 2011 Binah Ofer, Weissman Amir, Abstracts Characterization and Analysis of the Spontaneous Electrical Activity over Time of Cardiomyocytes Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells and from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Orli Turgeman 2011 Blumenfeld Zeev Abstracts Minimizing Chemotherapy Associated Gonadotoxic Effect by S1P Administration
Nava Salman-Kesner 2011 Aberdam Daniel, Ben-Shachar Dorit, Abstracts Derivation and Characterization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) from Hair Follicles: a Model for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Hadas Cohen 2011 Blumenfeld Zeev Abstracts Investigation of the Association between GnRH-a Sphingosine Kinase (SphK) Activity, in Human Granulosa Cells as a Protective Means for Decreasing the Chemotherapy …
Anastasia Shifman 2011 Frank Dale Abstracts FoxD1 Protein Regulates Neural Cell Fate Specification during Early Xenopus Laevis Development
Oded Kushnir 2011 Ankri Serge Abstracts The Effect of Environmental Changes on the Epigenetic Machinery of Entamoeba histolytica
Sharona Kizhner 2011 Finberg John Abstracts Modification of L-dopa-induced Increase in Striatal Extracellular Fluid Dopamine Levels and Metabolism by the Centrally-acting COMT Inhibitor, Tolcapone
Adi Rojtblat 2011 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Role of the Transcription Factor Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2(mef2)in Mesodermal and Neuro-Ectodermal Induction in Xenopus Laevis Embryos
Anat Lucki 2011 Ben-Shachar Dorit Abstracts The Role of Dexamethasone in Antidepressant Modulation of MAPK Signaling: Implications to the Pharmacological Treatment of Major Depression
Marina Kurtz 2011 Yablonski Deborah Abstracts The Role and Regulation of RhoA in SDF-1 Alpha Induced T Cell Chemotaxis
Morad Nakhleh 2011 Aronson Doron, Lavie Lena, Abstracts Clinical Implications of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Patients Admitted for Acute Myocardial Infarction
Muhammad Zoabi 2011 Ciechanover Aaron Abstracts Proteins of the PRC2 Complex are Degraded by the Ubiquitin- Proteasome System
Doron Rozitsky 2011 Machtei Eli Abstracts Bone Regeneration in Dehiscence-Type Defects Following Implantation of Beta Tri-Calcium Phosphate with Hydroxyapatite Plus Biphasic Calcium Sulfate: An Experimental Study
Oded Ben-Haim 2011 Choder Mordechai Abstracts A New Role for Transcription Factor in mRNA Degradation
Luba Perry 2011 Gavish Moshe Abstracts The Role of TSPO in Mediating Cell Death Induced by Nitric Oxide
Adi Zohar 2010 Salzberg Adi Abstracts Homothorax is Required for Normal Development of the Drosophila Renal Tubes
Shani Ben-Lulu 2010 Sukhotnik Igor, Mogilner Jorge, Abstracts Effect of Peptide Growth Factors on Intestinal Recovery and Enterocyte Turnover after Chemotherapy Induced Intestinal Injury in a Rat
Hagit Domev-Cohen 2010 Itskovitz Joseph Abstracts Directed Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells towards Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Yoav Rubin 2010 Schiller Jackie Abstracts Two Photon Imaging with High Temporal Resolution of Correlated Neural Activity
Manal Ammouri 2010 Melamed Doron Abstracts IgG1 B Cell Receptor Promotes Development of B Cells in the Bone Marrow and Confers Extended Survival in the Periphery
Sigalit Pinchevsky 2010 Lahat Nitza, Rahat Michal, Abstracts The Effects of Hypoxia on Macrophage Activation via Trafficking of Secreted Proteins: Involvement of the Cytoskeleton
Shahar Ben-Shaul 2010 Toubi Elias, Miller Ariel, Melamed Doron, Abstracts Laquinimod Modulates Responsiveness, Phenotype and IL10 Production in Human B Cells from Healthy Donors and MS Patients
Ravital Lerer 2010 Bengal Eyal Abstracts The Role of Kirrel3 Receptor and Rac1 Small GTPase in Myoblast Fusion
Katya Sharfman Zavalkovsky 2010 Mogilner Jorge, Sukhotnik Igor, Abstracts Mechanism of Germ Cell Apoptosis in Ischemic and Contralateral Testis following Testicular Ischemia-Reperfusion in a Rat
Sarah Katzenell 2010 Brenner Benjamin, Aharon Anat, Abstracts Microparticles Involvement in Gestational Vascular Complications Characterized by Excess Coagulability
Almog Bregman Cohen 2010 Choder Mordechai Abstracts A Novel Role for Promoters in mRNA Decay in the Cytoplasm
Alexandra Berdichevski 2010 Binah Ofer Abstracts Cardioprotective Efficacy of TVP1022 and Propargylamine against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity
Rivka Hertz 2010 Perlman Ido Abstracts The Expression of Acetylchlinesterase Following Stress in the Vertebrate Retina
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Reut Erel-Segal 2010 Falik Tzipora Abstracts Characterization of the Biochemical and Molecular Pathophysiology of Patients with Cockayne Syndrome, Xeroderma Pigmentosum and Trichothiodystrophy
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Lana Fahoum 2010 Levy Andrew Peter Abstracts Diabetic Angiogenesis and Haptoglobin Genotype
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Roni Zidon 2009 Neufeld Gera Abstracts The Role of Semaphorin 3C in Tumor Progression and the Mechanism by which Semaphorins Affect the Cytoskeleton
Haddas Bookay 2009 Itskovitz Joseph Abstracts Sorting of Cardiomyocytes Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells Using Transgenic Markers
Hagit Bar-Yosef 2009 Pollack Shimon Abstracts Flagellin Activation of Tool Like Receptor 5 (TLR5) Directs Human Monocytes into Distinct Differentiation towards Dendritic Cells
Dalal Abu Amneh-Abbasi 2009 Pratt Hillel Abstracts The Effects of Bilingualism and Proficiency in Hebrew and Arabic on the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Speech Processing
Inbal Maniv 2009 Gavish Moshe Abstracts The Effects of Novel TSPO Ligands on Apoptosis and the Potential Implications for their Use as Therapeutic Agents
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Pazit Haghbi 2008 Miller Ariel Abstracts The Effect of Hypoxia on Gene and Protein Expression in Human Brain Endothelial Cells
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May Meirav Oren 2006 Youdim Moussa Abstracts Neuroprotection by the Novel Iron Chelator, M30, in Neurodegeneration Model Induced by Kainic Acid
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Adi Sela-Goldberg 2005 Gershoni-Baruch Ruth Abstracts Mapping the Gene for Hereditary Microphthalmia
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Isaac Shemer 2005 Palti Yoram Abstracts Effect of Non Excitatory Electric Signals on Cardiac Contractility
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Ofir Menashe 2002 Reznick Abraham Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Muscle Degragation Processes Due to Immobilization
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Hila Debby 2001 Green Jacob (Deceased) Abstracts Hypophosphatemia and Phosphaturia Following Renal Transplantation; Evidence for a PTH Independent Humoral Mechanism Affecing the Function and Expression of Proximal
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Ana Perelman 2001 Lavie Lena, Lavie Peretz, Abstracts Possible Biochemical Markers in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
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Yaara Ben-Yosef 2000 Miller Ariel, Lahat Nitza, Abstracts Hypoxia-Mediated Modulation of Matrix Metalloproteinases ((Mmps) and Tissue Inhibitors of Mmps (Timps) In Human Endothelial Cells.
Zoya Sprintson 2000 Hocherman Shraga Abstracts L-Dopa Improves Visuo-Motor Coordination in Stable Parkinson's Disease Patients
Irit Weissman-Fogel 2001 Yarnitsky David Abstracts Pain Perception in Migraineurs
Revital Cohen 2000 Dovrat Ahuva, Nitsa Mirsky, Abstracts The Effects of Chromium Complexes on Diabetic Lens Metabolism
Irit Wolach 2000 Abstracts Clarifying the Mode of Short Term Memory Encoding Using Evoked Potentials in a Memory Scanning Task with Distractions
Dorit Yosef 2000 Gavish Moshe Abstracts The Involvement of Peripheral Type Benzodiazepine Receptor In Proliferation and Cell-Cycle in the C6-Glioma Cell-Line
Sigal Katz 2000 Abstracts Characterization of Jdp2 Protein, a Novel Inhibitor of Ap-1 Transcription Factor
Livnat Krispel 2000 Merchav Shoshana Abstracts Effects of Overexpression of Stat-5a and Stat-5b On the Proliferation and Differentiation on Mel Cells
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Theodore Greenberg 1999 Brenner Benjamin Abstracts Interaction of Autoantibodies with Platelets in Autoimmune Disorders
Tzvi Holtzman 1999 Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of New Genes in the Cdc34 Pathway of the Budding Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Orit Shaked 1999 Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of High Copy Suppressors Of the Skp1-11 Mutation in the Budding Yeast.
Nir Tsabar 1999 Merchav Shoshana Abstracts Role of Potassium Inward Rectifier Channels in Cellular Processes
Ossama Abu-Hatoum 1999 Ciechanover Aaron Abstracts Degradation of Myogenic Transcription Factor Myod by the Ubiquitin Pathway
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Victoria Margulets 1999 Abstracts A New Adhesive Polymer Material for Injured Bones
Poula Lieber 1999 Abstracts Stadies on the Mechanism of Action of Prolactin in Ma-01 Testicular Tumor Leydig Cells
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Michal Zakai 1997 Podoshin Ludwig (Deceased) Abstracts Research of Orthostatic Dizziness Made by Tilt-Test And Eng
Hanna Levy 1997 Hocherman Shraga Abstracts The Effects of Visuomotor Training on Motor Perfomance and Spatial Relation After Stroke
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Limor Ben-Yaish 1997 Aviram Michael Abstracts Anti-Oxidative Effect of Carotenoids Against Ldl Oxidation
Avraham Reick 1997 Youdim Moussa Abstracts Neurobiological Aspects of Oxygen and Nitric Oxide Free Radicals
Gila Amitay-Levin 1997 Hocherman Shraga Abstracts Deprenyl Treatment Affect on Hand Movements of Parkinson Patients
Ravid Sason 1997 Kraiem Zaki Abstracts Control of C-Jun and C-Fos Protouncogene Expression in Cultured Human Thyroid Carcinoma Cells
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Haifa Ghandour 1997 Lavie Lena Abstracts The Effects of Hypoxia on Functions of Macrophages
Haja Zaltzberg 1997 Levy Yishai Abstracts The Influence of Beta-Carotene on Lipid Peroxidation In Niddm Patients
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Moshe Presser 1997 Yarnitsky David Abstracts The Effect of Tens Treatment on Pain Produced by the Conduct of Epidural Steroid Injections
Dan Sigal 1997 Golan Dov Abstracts Intracellular Penetration, Into Living Cells, of Autoantibodies Derived from Autoimmune Patients, In Vitro
Orit Rosenberg 1996 Gavish Moshe Abstracts The Role of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor in Regulation Of Female Steroid Hormones.
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Josef Rimar 1996 Pollack Shimon Abstracts Activation of Map-Kinase in T Lymphocytes from Peripheral Blood and Cell Lines: the Effect of Cd4 and Cd28 On Activation and Characterization of Erk1 and Erk2 Activity
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Smadar Chen 1996 Lindenbaum Ella Abstracts Inducded Fibroblast Migration by Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields in Vitro
Stella Aronov 1996 Katz Yeshayahu(Sha Abstracts Analgesia of A2 – Adreno – Receptor Agonists: Involvement Of Nitric Oxide?
Lilach Brown 1996 Lindenbaum Ella Abstracts Induction of Capillary Endothelial Cells Proliferation by Growth Factors Extracted from Wound Fluid
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Niva Reicher 1994 Karnieli Eddy Abstracts Glucose Metabolism in Growth Hormone Deficient Patints
Gila Yakov 1994 Merzbach David (Deceased), Berdicevsky Israela, Abstracts Imicrobial Effect of Quinolones on Staphylococci
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Astrid Andreescu 1994 Abstracts Distribution of Lymphocytes Subsets in Cancer Patients
Galia Eshel 1994 Youdim Moussa Abstracts The Role of Iron Chelation in the Deceleration – Cell
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Klara Henig 1993 Brandes Joseph (Deceased) Abstracts Study and Characterizat of the Bcr-Abl Translocation in
David Galron 1993 Stein Haim Abstracts Functional Outcome of Austinmoore and Christiansen Arthropl
Edita Khalilieh 1993 Silbermann Michael, Oettinger Moshe, Abstracts Essct of High Doses Oiestrogen on Theskeletaltissuesintherat
Yifat Bar-Sever 1993 Kraiem Zaki Abstracts Function and Growth of Culturedhuman Thyroid Follicles
Amnon Weikselbaum 1993 Eibschitz Izu Abstracts Ciliary Beat Frequency in the Human Oviduct During Operatio
Smadar Saar 1993 Berdicevsky Israela Abstracts Antimicrobial Activity of Plants of Labiatae Family
Smadar Isvoranu 1993 Wiener Fred Abstracts Expert System Evaluation of Themilitary Health Examination
Anat Klemen 1993 Reznick Abraham, Weiss Anna, Abstracts Characterization of Damages Resucting from Denervation
Anat Aharon 1993 Kraiem Zaki Abstracts Mutual Interactions Between Transduction Pathwavs on
Judith Attias 1993 Aviram Michael Abstracts The Effect of Macrophage Activation on Cellular Cholesterol
Amir Rozenberg 1993 Wiener Fred, Winaver Joseph, Abstracts Proximal Nephron & Urinary Con-Centration Mechanism Modeling
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Ronit Behar-Erlitzki 1992 Karnieli Eddy Abstracts Expression of Glucose Transporters in Diabetic Rat Cradi
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Aliza Sprei 1992 Wiener Fred Abstracts An Expert/information System for Diabetic Neuropathy
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Husam Asi 1992 Perlman Ido Abstracts Erg Analysis:normative Data Andclinical Applications
Aliza Palant 1992 Kanter Yoram Abstracts The Metabolic Response to Protein in Diabetes Obseknormals
Arie Shklar 1992 Stein Haim Abstracts Isokinetic Shoulder Strength
Yuval Shachar 1992 Wiener Fred, Thaler Israel, Abstracts Predicting Preterm Pelivery from Early Pregnancx Data
Haya Yechiely 1992 Winaver Joseph Abstracts Regulation of Anf Binding Sitesin Nat Ridney Gluneruli
Ram Raphaeli 1992 Gavish Moshe Abstracts The Role of Rdz in Regulation of the Neuroendocrine System
Ruth Burgin 1992 Gavish Moshe Abstracts Clinical Sicnificance of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor
Miriam Rojek 1991 Lahav Michal Abstracts Involvement of Ions in the Requlation of Rat Luteal Cells
Michal Soker 1991 Lindenbaum Ella Abstracts An Antiangiogenic Effect in the Egg Model
Jason Alster 1991 Feinsod Moshe Abstracts Density Spfctral Arry Evoked Potentials
Yael Albo-Abraham 1991 Wiener Fred Abstracts An Expert/information System for Dims Diagnosis
Dalit Dar 1991 Gavish Moshe Abstracts Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Peripheral Bz Receptor
Gil Ari 1991 Finberg John Abstracts The Effect of Anti Depressant Treatment on Noradrenaline
Hiam Rouhana 1991 Gershon Harriet (Deceased) Abstracts Production of Il1 and Tnf by the Monoytes of Old People
Galia Kkimchi 1991 Wiener Fred Abstracts An Information System for Interpreting Ovarian Tumor Marker
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Orit Topaz 1991 Lahav Michal Abstracts Imhibition of Rat Luteal Ademylate Cyclase by Sphingolipids
Elisheva Mashiach 1991 Shasha Shaul Abstracts Antioxidant Enzymes Activty in Reperfused Ischemic Kidney
Hadar Kessary-Shoham 1991 Gershon Harriet (Deceased) Abstracts Chemotaxis and Lysozyme Secretion by Neutrophils from
Ariella Yavor 1990 Reis Daniel Abstracts Rm-Isoelastic Total Hip Arthrop Lasty
Michal Perach 1990 Fry Michael Abstracts Oligo(Dg) Binding Proteins That Stimulate and Systhesis
Alice Zagury 1990 Reis Daniel Abstracts Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Otneall Bearey 1990 Reis Daniel Abstracts Retropective Evaluation After High Tibial Osteotomy
Ella Waldman 1990 Fry Michael Abstracts Rabit Liver Factor E: a New Poly D(C-T) Template Specific
Iris Keren 1990 Merchav Shoshana Abstracts Regulation of Haemopoiesis by Marrow Stromal Cells
Edwar Sheiban 1990 Gershon Harriet (Deceased) Abstracts In-Vitro Recognition and Sequestration of Young and Old Red
Dafna Ulus 1990 Pollack Shimon Abstracts The Influence of Recombinant Gh and Igf-1 on Immune
Sophie Avigdor 1990 Youdim Moussa Abstracts The Effect of Smoking During Pregnoncy on Human Plaental
Dana Mlynar 1990 Spira Gad Abstracts The Effect of Mntagens on Immunoglobulin Shitching in Vitro
Kohava Shariki 1990 Lahav Michal Abstracts Regulation of Luteolysis in Rat Corpus Luteum by Prolaction
Deganit Shkedy 1989 Spira Gad Abstracts Fc Receptors on Hybrid Cells and Derived Ig Switch Variants
Camellia Khoury 1989 Ginsburg Haim (Deceased) Abstracts The Role of Natural Killer Cells in Resisting Infetion
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Sarah Sigalat 1989 Finberg John Abstracts Effects of Buspirone in the Sympathetic Nervous System
Riva Binyamini 1989 Pratt Hillel Abstracts Implamentation of Evoked Potentials Analisis on
Bella Felsen 1989 Binah Ofer Abstracts The Effect of Thyroid Hormones on the Electrophysiological
Milly Amira 1989 Ginsburg Haim (Deceased) Abstracts Mast Cell Induction Differentia Tion and Functional Activity
Ariela Shwartz 1989 Abstracts Immunological Study of Active Sites in Na Channels
Omar Said 1989 Bomzon Arieh, Finberg John, Abstracts Effect of Obstructive Jaunoice on the Uptake of Norepinephr
Irit Arbell 1989 Weiss Anna, Silbermann Michael, Abstracts Bone Loss in the Fenale Mouse Femoral Condyle and the
Dina Aminpoor 1989 Brandes Joseph (Deceased) Abstracts Factors Involed in the Regultion of the Steroidogenic Activi
Janette Bishara 1988 Silbermann Michael, Gdal-on Mordechai, Abstracts Melanoma Tumor in Murine Eye and Its Treatment by Pot