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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Levy Shahar 2024 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Cellular and Network Mechanisms of Motor Control
Kayal Yasmin 2024 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts The Role of Heparanase-2 in Normal Pancreas and Pancreatic Cancer
Saleh Aya 2024 Ruth Perets Abstracts Identification of Novel PAX8 Mechanisms of Action in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Sarid Lotem 2024 Serge Ankri Abstracts Characterization of Queuine-Salvage Pathway in Entamoeba Histolytica
Jadon Julian 2023 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Bilateral Fusion of the Dorsal Aortae
Lotan Zohar 2023 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Dynamic Representation of Task Variables by Layer 2-3 Neurons in the Primary Motor Cortex
Douvdevany Guy 2023 Izhak Kehat Abstracts Sarcomere Maintenance
Knani Ibrahim 2023 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Elucidating the Role of Heparanase-2 (Hpa2) in Cancer
Savyon Mor 2023 Simone Engelender Abstracts Phosphorylation by CDK5 Regulates Synphilin-1 Homeostasis and Aggregation: Implications to Parkinson's Disease
Cohen Yasmin 2023 Ruth Hershberg Abstracts Patterns of Occurrence and Persistence of Rapid Genetic Adaptations within the RNA Polymerase Core Enzyme
Gross Jonathan 2023 Ruth Hershberg Abstracts Influence of Experimental Design on the Dynamics of Adaptation under Prolonged Resource Exhaustion
Abu Hariri Hiba 2023 Moran Benhar Abstracts Roles of Thioredoxins in the Cellular Inflammatory Response
Yanovich Ben Uriel Chen 2023 Yona Nadir Abstracts The Regulatory Effect of the Thrombophilic Markers TFPI-2 and Heparanase in Women with Pregnancy Vascular Complications
Harel Ofer 2023 Doron Melamed Abstracts A miRNA Switch in Regulation of PI3K Activity Controls B Cell Maturation, Survival and Lymphomagenesis
Sajrawi Clara 2023 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Endogenous Brain Histidine-Dipeptides are Required for Oligodendrocyte Survival and Antioxidant Activity in Vivo
Lichtman Daniela 2023 Yoram Gutfreund, Itamar Kahn, Abstracts Behavioral and Neuroimaging Characterization of a Novel Mouse Model of the A350V IQSEC2 Mutation
Amer Mariam 2023 Asya Rolls Abstracts Effects of Central Noradrenergic Signalling on Peripheral Immunity
Ghannam Dima 2023 Ruth Perets Abstracts PAX8 Activates a p53-p21-Dependent Pro-Proliferative Effect in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma
Setter Marco Noga 2023 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Utilization of Patient/Disease-Specific hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocyte Models to Develop and Evaluate Novel Molecular Therapies for Inherited Cardiac Disorders
Melamed Shay 2023 Peleg Hasson, Haguy Wolfenson, Abstracts Initiation of Fibronectin Fibrillogenesis is an Enzyme-Dependent Process
Abu Alhiga Fatimah 2023 Simone Engelender Abstracts SIAH Proteins Regulate the Degradation and Intra-Mitochondrial Aggregtion of PINK1: Implications for Mitochondrial Pathology in Parkinson's Diesease
Krot Maria 2023 Asya Rolls Abstracts Brain-Mediated Regulation of Oral Tolerance
Faour Caroline 2023 Mogher Khamaisi Abstracts The Role of Fibroblasts and Induced Pluripotent-Stem Cells in Diabetic Wound Healing
Ben-Shahar Yoav 2023 Zaid A. Abassi, Igor Sukhotnik, Abstracts Evaluation of Signaling Pathways Involved in Intestinal Stem Cell Fate Decision Following Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion in a Rat
Khononov Irina 2023 Yuval Shaked Abstracts Host Response to Immunotherapy
Vorontsova Avital 2023 Yuval Shaked Abstracts The Role of Lin Negative Cells in the Treated Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment
Fedarenchik Pavel 2023 Dale Frank Abstracts The Changes in TALE Class Meis Proteins during Metazoan Evolution, and their Functional Effects on Neural Patterning
Koren Tamar 2023 Asya Rolls Abstracts Inborn and Acquired Neuroimmune Programs of Brain-Regulated Immunity
Agarwal Arpit 2023 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Spatial Representation in the Hippocampal Formation (HPF) of Flying Barn Owls (Tyto Alba)
Pastukh Nina 2023 Eyal Gottlieb Abstracts Acetyl CoA Synthetase 2 (ACSS2) Sensitizes Pancreatic Cancer to DNA Damaging Therapeutic Agents
Fireman Klein Einat 2023 Aharon Kessel, Yochai Adir, Abstracts Biological Monitoring of Ultra-Fine Particles and their Relation to Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Pathways in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Shi Lidan 2023 Haguy Wolfenson Abstracts The Role of YAP in Matrix Rigidity- Dependent Apoptosis
Ballan Nimer 2023 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Utilizing Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Model Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy and to Establish a Platform to Study the Biomechanical Properties of the Diseased…
Boulos Ayub 2023 Noam Ziv Abstracts The Roles of N-Terminal Domain Ubiquitination in PolyQ-Expanded Huntingtin Aggregation, Clearance, Neuronal Function and Cell Death
Urim Shira 2023 Mordechai Choder Abstracts mRNA Imprinting: a Novel Mode of Post-Transcriptional Regulation Mediated by the Transcription Apparatus
Edri Oded 2023 Lior Gepstein Abstracts All-Optical Monitoring and Control of Cardiomyocytes Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Gannam Lina 2023 Ilan Bruchim, Mordechai Hallak, Abstracts Combination of Immunotherapy and IGF1R Inhibition as a Novel Targeted Therapy Approach in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Beeri Hadar 2023 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Stimulus Selection in the Tectofugal Pathway of the Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
Benguigui Madeleine Rose 2023 Yuval Shaked Abstracts The Role of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Tumor Responding to Immune-Checkpoint Blockade
Willi Anteer Lubna 2023 Ofer Binah, Eyal Gottlieb, Abstracts Metabolic Impairments in iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes Generated from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Patients and Searching for New Therapeutic Approaches
Briller Mayan 2023 Shai Shen-Orr Abstracts Baseline Matters: How Immune Age Affects Response
Aviram Rohtem 2023 Peleg Hasson Abstracts Novel Intracellular Activities of Lysyl Oxidase in Smooth Muscle Cells Suggest a Critical Role in Aneurysm Prevention through Cytoskeletal Regulation
Odeh Maaly 2023 Herman Wolosker Abstracts A Novel Brain-Blood Barrier Aminoacidopathy with Toxic Deoxysphingolipids Accumulation Caused by Slc1a4 Mutation
Havkin Evgeny 2023 Yonatan Savir Abstracts Determining the Constaints on the Evolution of Replicative Lifespan
Ginini Lana 2022 Ziv Gil Abstracts The Selective Uptake of Exosomes Secreted by Macrophages into Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Cohen Haim 2022 Yona Nadir Abstracts Enhanced Degradation of Factor VIII and IX in Movement
Aeed Fadi 2022 Yitzhak Schiller Abstracts Dynamics of Excitatory Neurons and Inhibitory Interneurons during Initiation of Focal Neocortical Epileptic Seizures
Rozales Schragenheim Kinneret 2022 Reut Shalgi Abstracts Differential Roles for DNAJ Isoforms in HTT-polyQ and Mutant FUS Aggregation Modulation Revealed by Chaperone Network Screens
Shaulov Dvir Yana 2022 Serge Ankri Abstracts Study of the Interplay between the Parasite Entamoeba Histolytica and Enteric Bacteria during Oxidative Stress and a Multi-Omics Characterization of the …
Shiti As'ad 2022 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Atrial Cardiomycytes Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Studing Atrial Fibrillation
Bodner Oded 2022 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Identification of Novel Transporters for D-Serine that Regulate NMDAR Synaptic Plasticity and their Role in Gila-Neuron Crosstalk
Kaplan Ben 2022 Shulamit Levenberg Abstracts Guidance of Regenerating Axons in Tissue Engineered Constructs
Brant-Roznavi Marina 2022 Dror Aizenbud Abstracts Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells (PDLSCs) Behavior under Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) Stimulation
Schiller Maya 2022 Asya Rolls Abstracts The Impact of the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems on Immunity
Massri Rami 2022 Eyal Gottlieb Abstracts Metabolic Adaptation to Oxidative Stress is Mediated through P5CS Oxidation
Dolev Talya 2022 Herman Wolosker, Avraham Avital, Abstracts Physiological Aspects of Attention in Health and Disease
Gafni Amsalem Chen 2022 Stavit Shalev, Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Abstracts Developing and Testing the Effectiveness of E-Counselling Tools for Genetic Counselling in the Fields of Family Planning and Reproduction
Fernandez Garcia Jonatan 2022 Eyal Gottlieb Abstracts Discovery and Evaluation of Biomarkers by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Untargeted Metabolomics
Kumar Amit 2022 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Role of Active Dendritic Properties on Synaptic Integration and Plasticity in Piriform Cortex Neurons
Zoubi Olfat 2022 Stavit Shalev, Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Abstracts Developing Electronic Tools in Arabic and Hebrew for Enhancing Prenatal Genetic Counseling (E-Counseling)
Fridman Eran 2022 Ziv Gil, Tomer Shlomi, Abstracts Macrophage Derived Exosomes Modulate Pancreatic Cancer Metabolism
Monteiro E Sousa Fer Sara Isabel 2022 Eyal Gottlieb Abstracts Identifying Targetable Environmental and Genetic Metabolic Vulnerabilities of Tumors
Roy Udita 2022 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Heme-Iron Acquisition Pathway in Candida Albicans
Bosak Noam 2022 Itamar Kahn Abstracts Acute Pain Chronification as Reflected by Post-mTBI Brain Imaging
Maoz Inon 2022 Avraham Avital Abstracts The Interaction between Social Cooperation Inheritance and Olfactory Operant Learning in a Rat Model and Implementation in Working Dogs
Crystal Shoshana 2022 David Yarnitsky, Yelena Granovsky, Abstracts Predicting the Efficacy of Treatmant for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy by Pain Modulation Profile and Resting-State EEG
Kakun Rachel Rimonda 2022 Ruth Perets Abstracts Regulating the Master Regulator of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer
Schuessler Friedrich 2022 Omri Barak Abstracts The Interplay between Randomness and Structure in Recurrent Neural Networks
Asleh Jad 2022 Jackie Schiller, Itamar Kahn, Abstracts Mesoscopic Interrogation of Mouse Motor Networks in Health and Disease: from Network Dynamics to Movement
Asayag Weingarten Keren 2022 Yona Nadir Abstracts Effect of Bone Marrow Blood on Bone Tissue Hemostatic Balance and Remodeling
Hallumi Enas 2022 Deborah Yablonski Abstracts Itk Phosphorylation Sites within SLP-76 and Gads Modulate TCR/CD28 Signal Integration in T Cells
Jada Reem 2022 Andrew Peter Levy, Shai Berlin, Abstracts Precision Medicine to Treat IQSEC2
Haj-Shomaly Josephina 2022 Yuval Shaked Abstracts The Contribution of Anticancer Therapy-Induced Extracellular Matrix Remodeling to Tumor Development, Progression, and Metastasis
Hussein Wessal 2022 Shai Berlin Abstracts Engineering Novel Fluorescent Activity Probes for Studying Neurons
Olszakier Shunit 2022 Shai Berlin Abstracts Magneto-Fluorescent Labelling of Distinct Neuronal Populations
Yaseen Badarne Wesal 2022 Peleg Hasson Abstracts The Unexpected Contribution of Fibroblasts to Muscle Fibers Regulates Muscle-Tendon Junction Development
Khier Yasmine 2022 Eldad Dann, Yishai Ofran, Abstracts The Role of Grb2 in Leukemogenesis and Drug Resistance
Goldhirsh Gilad 2022 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Dissection of the Tumor Suppressive Mechanism(s) Mediated by the KPC1 Ubiquitin Ligase and the NF-kB Transcription Factor p50
Tubiana Shir 2021 Sara Selig, Karl Skorecki, Abstracts The Role of Subtelomeric Hypomethylation and the Non-Coding RNA, TERRA, in Generation of the Telomeric Phenotype in ICF Syndrome, Types 1-4
Yehezkely Ravit 2021 Peleg Hasson Abstracts Intracellular Role for the Matrix-Modifying Enzyme Lox in Regulating Transcription Factor Subcellular Localization and Activity in Muscle Regeneration
Sabbah Rawan 2021 Tsila Zuckerman, Shlomit Yehudai-Reshef, Abstracts Characterization of Niche Subpopulations in the Bone Marrow of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients and their Involvement in Disease Propagation and Recurrence
Zubedat Salman 2021 Avraham Avital Abstracts Age Dependent Effects of Amyloyid BETA on Attention and Social Behavior
Shaheen Naim Sharbel 2021 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Novel Genetic Sensors and Manipulators for Investigating Disease Mechanisms in Cardiac Sheets Derived from hiPSCs
Tatour Yasmin 2021 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Characterization of Genetic Defects Underlying Syndromic and Non-Syndromic Retinitis Pigmentosa and their Phenotypic Outcomes
Goltzman Sivan 2021 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Morphogenesis and Differentiation of the Ventral Gut Midline
Paz Rotem 2021 Judith Aharon-Peretz, Itamar Kahn, Abstracts Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging Characterization of Carriers of Autosomal Dominant Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Kan Tal 2021 Yuval Shaked, Ami Aronheim, Abstracts The Immunological Effects Underlining the Anti-Tumorigenic Properties of the Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine IL-31
Gabay Tal 2021 Tsila Zuckerman, Shlomit Yehudai-Reshef, Abstracts Single Cell-Derived Clonal Analysis of AML Links Functional Genomic Heterogeneity
Shemer Yuval 2021 Ofer Binah Abstracts Investigating Cellular Electrophysiological Abnormalities of LMNA-Related Dilated Cardiomyopathy using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell- Derived Cardiomyocytes
Maimon Naama 2021 Yehuda Chowers, Shai Shen-Orr, Abstracts High-Dimensional Characterization of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Tissue and its Reflection in the Periphery Yields New Approaches for Disease Management
Ene Hila 2021 Dorit Ben-Shachar Abstracts Beneficial and Detrimental Cellular and Behavioral Outcomes of Mitochondria Transplantation into Rat Brain: Implications of Schizophrenia
Abboud Yousef 2021 Lior Gepstein, Anat Aharon, Abstracts Methods to Improve Cell Engraftment for Myocardial Repair and Disease Modeling
Perach Michal 2021 Oded Lewinson Abstracts Correlations between Protein Coding, Folding, and Function: The Effect of Silent Mutations and Dynamics of Multi-Component Machineries
Nasser Waseem 2021 Ruby Shalom-Feuerste Abstracts Impact of Total Stem Cell Loss or Mutation on Corneal Integrity
Cohen Laura 2021 Noam Ziv Abstracts The Role of Catabolic Pathways in Maintaining Synaptic Proteostasis
Gruber Amit 2021 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Optogenetics Control of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes
Kaplan Eitan 2021 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Role of the Amino Acid Transporters ASCT1 and ASCT2 in Glia-Neuron Metabolic Crosstalk
Dabbah Assadi Fadwa 2021 Ron Beloosesky, Alon Shamir, Abstracts Molecular and Behavioral Characterization of Neuregulin-ErbB Signaling in Maternal Immune Activation Model and its Involvement in Therapeutic Strategies of …
Khoury Imad 2021 Zaid A. Abassi, Doron Aronson, Abstracts Hemodynamic and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Pathogenesis of Congestive Heart Failure: Role of Corin
Boulos Jubran 2021 Izhak Kehat Abstracts Functional Study of Heart Enhancers
Rechnitz Ohad 2021 Dori Derdikman Abstracts Effects of Aging and Dementia on Hippocampal Function
Erez Neta 2021 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts Identification of Ub/UbL-Related Genes that Maintain the Differentiated Identity of Adult Drosophila Gut
Tocci Stefania 2021 Amir )Oryan )Orian, Zeev Ronai, Abstracts Novel PRMT5 Targets in Melanoma and Pancreatic Cancer
Eiza Nasren 2021 Zahava Vadasz Abstracts CD72: Looking for a Potential Regulatory Ligand Soluble CD72: Immunological Functions
Magidey Ksenia 2021 Yuval Shaked Abstracts Tumor-Educated Monocyte Dendritic Progenitors Promote an IL-6-Dependent Swich to Metastatic Aggressiveness
Mukherjee Abhishek 2021 Haguy Wolfenson Abstracts The Role of ALPHA-Catenin in Mechanosensing of the ECM
Wang Tingting 2021 John Finberg, Dorit Ben-Shachar, Abstracts Effects of Weak Magnetic Fields (MFs) on Rodent Neurons: Characterization and Mechanisms of Action
Yoffe Rinat 2021 Alexander Grinsphoon, Mark Weiser, Abstracts The Association between Parental Age at Birth and Psychosis and Schizophrenia Morbidity among Offspring
Fares Basem 2020 Eyal Gottlieb, Ruth Perets, Abstracts PAX8 Plays an Essential Pro-Proliferative Role in Uterine Serous Papillary Cancer
Nagaraja Shruti 2020 Serge Ankri Abstracts Queuine-Driven Regulation of Entamoeba Histolytica Virulence and Resistance to Oxidative Stress
Golan Lagziel Tal 2020 Izhak Kehat Abstracts Unraveling the Regulatory Elements and Factors for Gene Expression in Cardiac Fibroblasts and Cardiomyocytes
Shechter Dvir Shalom 2020 Yuval Shaked Abstracts Chemotherapy-Induced Metastatic Swich is Mediated by Extracelluar Vesicles Expressing CD44
Yasin Nasra 2020 Moshe Gavish, Rafael M. Nagler, Abstracts Novel TSPO Ligands, Based on a Quinazoline Scaffold, as Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Including the Potential Involvement in Modulation of Nuclear Gene…
Alpert Ayelet 2020 Shai Shen-Orr Abstracts Characterization of Dynamical Processes through High-Dimensional Profiling Yields Meaningful Comparative Metrics
Zur Gil 2020 Itamar Kahn Abstracts Mapping Brain Networks using Structural and Functional MRI: Methods Development and Feasibility Studies in Healthy Brain and Tremor Related Pathologies
Zeineh Nidal 2020 Rafael M. Nagler, Moshe Gavish, Abstracts Cigarette Smoke, TSPO, Oral and Respiratory Diseases
Sukenik Sigalit 2020 Deborah Yablonski Abstracts Cooperative Interactions of Grb2 Family Proteins with LAT and their Effect on TCR Signaling
Derdikman Yael 2020 Yishai Ofran, Igal Louria-Hayon, Abstracts Regulation of CXCR1/2 Receptor Signaling in Tumor Infiltrating T Cells by Lnk Adaptor Protein
Monga Sheelu 2020 Rafael M. Nagler, Moshe Gavish, Abstracts The Effect of the Novel TSPO Ligands (MGV-1, 2-Cl-MGV-1, 2,4-Di-Cl-MGV-1, CB86, and CB204) on the LPS-Induced Inflammatory Pathways
Korin Ben 2020 Asya Rolls Abstracts The Brain's Immune Compartment and How it is Affected by Changes in Brain Activity
Mekies Lucy Naomi 2020 Ofer Binah Abstracts Investigating the Pathophysiological Features of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) – Derived Cardiomyocytes from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Titin…
Knafo Tal 2020 Shimon Marom Abstracts Active Sensing in the Temporal Domain
Chudner Irit 2020 Khaled Karkabi, Miriam Erez, Abstracts Integration of Video-Consultations Into Primary Care: Stakeholders' Preferences using a Discrete Choice Experiment: Patients, Primary Care Physicians and Policy Makers
Kuperman Tzipora Miriam 2020 David Yarnitsky, Michal Granot, Abstracts Research to Determine Acute Pain Impact on the Development of Chronic Pain: a Study of mTBI Post-Motor Vehicle Collision
Dubovik Tatyana 2020 Shai Shen-Orr Abstracts Drivers of Variation in Immunity, an Environmentally Sensitive Complex System
Hillel Ori 2020 Shimon Marom, Erez Braun, Abstracts Excitability Phase Diagram: Theoretical Construction and Experimental Demonstration
Hilu Dadia Reut 2020 Adi Salzberg, Estee Kurant, Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms in Glial Phagocytosis of Apoptotic Neurons During Drosophila CNS Development
Nir Zvi Inbal 2020 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Using CRISPR/Cas9 to Study the Mechanisms of Action of Semaphorins and Lysyl Oxidases.
Gofman-Regev Xenia 2020 Dori Derdikman Abstracts Egocentric Border Cells in the Rodent Hippocampal Formation and their Role in Spatial Representation
Gabay Martin 2020 Moshe Gavish, Yeshayahu(Sha Katz, Abstracts Treatment Of Brain Tumors Utilizing Liposome-Based Targeted Drug-Delivery System
Avraham Shimrit 2020 Ami Aronheim, Yuval Shaked, Abstracts The Role of bZIP Repressors in Tumorigenesis
Dowery Reem 2020 Doron Melamed Abstracts Homeostatic Mechanisms Controlling B Lymphopoiesis in Aging
Samuelly Leichtag Gil 2020 Elon Eisenberg Abstracts The Association between Proinflammatory Cytokines, Bacterial Infection, Imaging, Psychological Factors and Clinical Manifestations in Patients with Sciatica
Normand Rachelly 2020 Shai Shen-Orr Abstracts Harnessing Machine Learning to Bridge the Cross-Species Gap between Mice and Humans
Prinz Elad 2020 Ami Aronheim Abstracts The Physiological Role of the JNK Scaffold Protein WDR62 in Cellular Signaling and Cancer
Yakov Altshuler Anna 2020 Ruby Shalom-Feuerste Abstracts Iluninating Early Stages of Differentation of Pluripotent and Limbal Stem Cells
Kurolap Alina 2020 Tamar Ben-Yosef, Hagit Baris Feldman, Abstracts New Pathophysiological Mechanisms Revealed by Discovery of Disease-Causing Genes for Rare Monogenic Phenotypes
Meller Anatoly 2020 Reut Shalgi Abstracts Regulation of Translation in Proteotoxic Stress and Neurodegeneration-Related Protein Aggregation
Arraf Alaa 2019 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Roles of the Coelomic Epithelium in the Generation and Morphogenesis of Ventral Embryonic Midline Structures
Shinnawi Rami 2019 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived Cardiomyocytes as In Vitro Models of Inherited and Drug-Induced Cardiac Arrhythmias
Safory Hazem 2019 Herman Wolosker Abstracts The Asc-1 Transporter Regulates Glycine/D-Serine Metabolism and Glycinergic Inhibitory Neurotransmission in Motor Neurons: Implications for Hyperekplexia Disorders
Lahoud Jeries Nisrine 2019 Nathan Karin Abstracts The Role of a Monoclonal Antibody to the Scavenger Receptor-Type B Class I (SR-BI) in the Regulation of Autoimmune Disease
Hazan Liran 2019 Noam Ziv Abstracts Shaping of Synaptic Size Distributions by Activity Dependent and Independent Processes
Bergmann Eyal 2019 Itamar Kahn Abstracts From Connectivity to Function: Comparative Analasis of Mesoscopic Organization of Mouse and Human Brain Networks
Nagossa Sara 2019 Ruby Shalom-Feuerste Abstracts Role of MicroRNA-184 in the Skin and Corneal Pathophysiology
Rivkind Alexandr 2019 Omri Barak Abstracts Slowness and Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks
Kveler Ksenya 2019 Shai Shen-Orr Abstracts Text Mining of a Computational Model of the Inter-Cellular Immune Network to Reval Novel Signaling Targets
Safory Samah 2019 Herman Wolosker Abstracts A Phgdh-Dependent Serine-Glycine Shuttle between Glia and Neurons Regulates NMDA Receptor Activity
Kaisari Sharon 2019 Avram Hershko Abstracts Mechanisms of Formation and Disassembly of the Mitotic Checkpoint Complex
Dabool Lital 2019 Adi Salzberg, Estee Kurant, Abstracts Characterizing Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration using the Drosophila Model
Eisen Binyamin 2019 Ofer Binah Abstracts Functional Properties of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes Generated from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients
Khateb Ali 2019 Amir )Oryan )Orian, Zeev Ronai, Abstracts RNF5 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Development and Progression
Riba-Roitblat Inbar 2019 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model of Familial Cardiomyopathies
Hazan Yael 2019 Avraham Avital Abstracts When Environment Demands Meet the Genes: Behavioral, Molecular and Physiological Aspects of a Rat Model for Social Cooperation
Feinsod Moshe 2019 Itamar Kahn Abstracts The Nineteenth Century Endeavor of Cerebral Thermometry. Did it Contribute to Functional Imaging?
Allon Gilad 2019 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Establishment and Characterization of a Line of Prcd-Knockout Mice as a Model for Hereditary Retinal Dystrophy in Humans
Daniel-Farran Nada 2019 Stavit Shalev Abstracts Discovering Mutations and Genes Causing Hearing Impairment by Next Generation Sequencing
Kalfon Roy 2019 Ami Aronheim Abstracts The Role of the Transcription Factors ATF3 and JDP2 in Cardiac Remodeling and Hypertrophy
Bhattacharya Swarnabh 2019 Ruby Shalom-Feuerste Abstracts Role of Sox2 and Mechanosensing in Maintaining Corneal Stem Cell Identity
Binenbaum Yoav 2019 Ziv Gil Abstracts Exosomes Secreted by Macrophages Facilitate Chemotherapy Resistance in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Fares Sabik Eman 2019 Gad Rennert, Walid Saliba, Abstracts Identification of Genetic Markers Involved in Development of Cancer in Israeli Druze Community
Massarweh Amir 2019 Ido Perlman Abstracts The Effect of Prolonged Darkness on the Susceptibility of the Albino Rat Retina to Light Damage
Mutlak Mousa 2019 Izhak Kehat, Lior Gepstein, Abstracts Exploring the Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinases 1/2 (ERK1/2) Pathway and its Role in Cardiac Hypertrophy and Failure
Avitan-Hersh Emily 2019 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts The Role of RNF4, A SUMO-Targeted-Ubiquitin-Ligase, in Melanoma Development and Resistance to Chemotherapy
Razon Hila 2019 Nathan Karin Abstracts The Role of Chemokine and their Receptors in Shaping the Tumor Microenvironment
Argaman Yuval 2019 David Yarnitsky, Irit Weisman-Foegel, Abstracts Exploring Neuroplasticity of the Pain Modulation System in Chronic Pain by TMS and Neuroimaging
Abu Amneh-Abbasi Dalal 2019 Itamar Kahn Abstracts Uyilizing Multi-Scale and Multi-Model Methods to Characterize Neural Systems in Health and Disease
Henry Swaminathan Stephen Richar 2019 Mordechai Choder Abstracts Post-Translational Modifications of Rpb4 Uncover a Novel Type of Regulation
Lewis Yair 2019 Izhak Kehat Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Sarcomere Maintenance
Na'ara Shorook 2019 Ziv Gil Abstracts The Role of L1 Cell Adhesion Molecule in Neural Invasion of Pancreatic Cancer
Xu Tie 2019 Omri Barak Abstracts Integrating Temporal and Spatial Information in Single Neuron and Network Dynamics
Toledano Shira 2019 Gera Neufeld, Yoreh Barak, Abstracts Elucidation of the Role of Plexin-A2 in Tumor Progression and the Utilization of Class-3 Semaphorins for Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Lev-Ari Tidhar 2019 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Behavioral and Physiological Study of Visual Search in Barn Owls (Tyto alba)
Abend Alon 2019 Izhak Kehat Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Extra-Skeletal Ossification – Histone Deacetylases (HDACs) are Potent Inducers of Calcification
Grunwald Hagar 2019 Peleg Hasson Abstracts The Interaction Between Lysyl Oxidase and TGFBeta1 in Vascular Development and Maturation Maturation
Shofty Ben 2018 Itamar Kahn, Shlomo Constantini, Abstracts Of Mice, Men and NF1: Contributions Of Neurofibromin Deficiency to Disrupted System-Specific Brain-Wide Functional Connectivity
Goldshuv Ezra Nurit 2018 Hillel Pratt, Nachum Soroker, Abstracts EEG-Biofeedback Treatment for Unilateral Spatial Neglect: a Behavioural and Functional Imaging study
Hawila Elias 2018 Nathan Karin Abstracts Dissecting the Autocrine and Paracrine Roles of CCR5 and its Ligands in Cancer of the Prostate
Beyar Katz Ofrat 2018 Yuval Shaked, Israel Vlodavsky, Abstracts Analysis of the Reactive Host in Response to Bortezomib Therapy on the Outgrowth of Multiple Myeloma
Livneh Ido 2018 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Stress-Induced Nuclear-Cytosolic Shuttling of the Proteasome
Ben-Shaanan Tamar 2018 Asya Rolls Abstracts Reward System Regulation of Immunity
Kisler Lee-Bareket 2018 David Yarnitsky, Irit Weisman-Foegel, Abstracts Pain Neuromatrix: Pain Perception and Modulation in Migraine and the Effect and Prediction of Migraine Preventive Treatment
Cohen-Segev Ravit 2018 Izhak Kehat Abstracts The Roles of the Small GTPase RhoJ in Cardiac Hypertrophy
Shakya Jivan 2018 Michal Rahat Abstracts Regulation of EMMPRIN in Cancer: a New Target for Immunotherapy
Bolotin Evgeni 2018 Ruth Hershberg Abstracts Evolution of Gene-Content Variation in Bacterial Genomes
Blumenfeld Kan Shiri 2018 Ariel Miller Abstracts Assessment of the Immuno-Modulatory Effects of Fingolimod on B Cell Functions in Multiple Sclerosis
Kahana Meygal 2018 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Targeting of Therapeutic Agents to the Brain Based on Liposomes: a Treatment Paradigm to Control and Improve the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Nebenzahl Sharon Keren 2018 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts Inhibition of the DNA Damage Response by the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein
Honigman Liat 2018 David Yarnitsky, Michal Granot, Abstracts Exploration of Pain Sensitivity Assessment: Assembling a Multi Dimensional Framework in the Research of Pain Modulation Profile
Sagie Shira 2018 Sara Selig, Karl Skorecki, Abstracts ICF Syndrome as a Model for Studying the Role of Human Subtelomeric Methylation
Hakim Vicky 2018 Aaron Ciechanover, Noam Ziv, Abstracts The Involvement of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System in Neuronal Proteostasis in Health and Disease
Flint Brodsly Naama 2018 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts Elucidating a Genetic Network that Maintains the Differentiated-State of Adult Drosophila Melanogaster Gut Enterocytes
Galili Sheli 2018 Ruth Hershberg Abstracts The Somatic Evolution of Cancer
Avni Noa 2018 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts The Role of p62 in Regulating Autophagy, the Ubiquitin System, and Promyelocytic Nuclear-Bodies Formation
Khateb Mohamed 2018 Jackie Schiller, Yitzhak Schiller, Abstracts Information Processing in the Cortical Sensory-Motor Loop
Gordon Urit 2018 Naama Brenner, Shimon Marom, Abstracts Dynamic Perspective on Contextual Effects of Visual and Auditory Perception – A Psychophisical Study
Weissmann Marina 2018 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Heparanase Inhibitors and Neutralizing Antibodies in Hematological Malignancies
Kutchuk Liora 2018 Peleg Hasson Abstracts Lysyl Oxidase Regulates Muscle-ECM Crosstalk during Fetal Myogenesis
Dubin Uri 2018 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis in Cortical Networks
Zhitnitsky Daniel 2018 Oded Lewinson Abstracts Uptake and Efflux of Transition Metals by Bacteria
Sheleg Ortal 2018 Peleg Hasson Abstracts Localized LoxL3-Dependent Fibronection Oxidation Regulates Myofiber Stretch and Integrin-Mediated Adhesion
Avezov Bivas Katherine 2018 Dror Aizenbud, Lena Lavie, Abraham Reznick, Abstracts Oxidative Stress and Induced by Cigarette Smoke and Hypoxia: Different Types of Tissue Damage and Cellular Mechanisms of Defense
Goldenstein Hagit 2018 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts What is the Main Mechanism by Which Haptoglobin Prevents Hemoglobin Derived Oxidative Damage?
Lavzin Maria 2018 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Network and Single Cell Mechanisms Underlying Sensory-Motor Behavior
Dolgopyat Irit 2018 Itamar Kahn Abstracts Brain Networks Dynamics Following Neurodegeneration
Hakim Ketty 2017 Estee Kurant Abstracts The Role of Neuron-Glia Interactions in Neurodegeneration
Gross-Cohen Miriam 2017 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Elucidating the Biological Features of Heparanase Homolog, Heparanase 2, as a Tumor Suppressor
Smolkin Tatyana 2017 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Characterization of Functional Receptor Complexes for Class-3 Semaphorins
Azrad Maya 2017 Moshe Gavish Abstracts TSPO- A Regulator of Apoptosis and Inflammation in Cells of Glial Origin
Gutter-Kapon Lilach 2017 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Heparanase as a Mediator of Cross Talk between the Stroma and Tumor Compartments
Ben-Ari Meital 2017 Ofer Binah Abstracts Developmental Changes in Pacemaker Properties in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC)-Derived Cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CM)
Hazan-Molina Hagai 2017 Dror Aizenbud, Abraham Reznick, Abstracts The Influence of Extraorporeal Shock Waves Therapy on Inflammatory Mediators: The Orthodontic Tooth Movement Model for Sterile Inflammation
Safuri Shadi 2017 Ido Perlman Abstracts Pathogenesis of Macular Degeneration: The mechanism of Lipofuscin Accumulation in a Model of Best Disease, and the Distinct Transcriptome of RPE Cells Facing Cone…
Barad Lili 2017 Ofer Binah Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inherited Ventricular Arrhythmias in Cardiomyocytes Generated from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) Derived from Affected indiv..
Bar-Yosef Hagit 2017 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Suppression of Filamentation in Candida albicans
Vainshtein Alexander 2017 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Regulation of Differentiation and Programmed Cell Death of Neuronal and Glial Cells by TSPO Ligands
Maizels Leonid 2017 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Electrophysiological Implications of Cardiomyocytes, Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Taha Reem 2017 Ido Perlman Abstracts The Role of Nitric Oxide (NO) in Turtle Retinal Neuronal Adaptation to Changes in Conditions of Illumination
Avraham-Kelbert Moran 2017 Mordechai Choder Abstracts The Role of Promoters in Regulating the Fate of the mRNA
Schick-Tuval Revital 2017 Ofer Binah, Amir Weissman, Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Cardiomyocytes Generated from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells(iPSC) Derived from Affected…
Koren Lilach 2017 Ami Aronheim Abstracts The Role of Transcription Factor ATF3 in Cardiac Hypertrophy
Assaf Fadi 2017 Yitzhak Schiller Abstracts Opto- and Chemogenetic Stimulation for Treating Experimental Epileptic Seizures and Parkinson's Disease
Fishman-Turjeman Sigal 2017 Nathan Karin, Gidi Gross, Abstracts Developing a New Genetic Approach for the Immunotherapy of Type 1 Diabetes
Levin Carina 2017 Anat Aharon, Benjamin Brenner, Abstracts The Role of Microparticles in the Pathophysiology and Complications of BETA-Thalassemia
Shehadeh Mona 2017 Jean Francois Soustiel, Moshe Feinsod, Eilam Palzur, Abstracts Mitochondrial Involvement in Traumatic Brain Injury
Uzan Gueta Ravit 2017 John Finberg Abstracts Neuroprotective and Behavioral Effects of Weak Static Magnetic Fields in the Rat
Sucher Mamrut Shimrat 2017 Ariel Miller Abstracts Epigenetic Mechanisms in Autoimmune Diseases
Furman Daniel 2017 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Features of Finger Flexion and Motor Learning for Control of Brain-Machine Interfaces
Khsheibun Rana 2017 Ariel Miller, Tamar Paperna, Abstracts B Cells in Multiple Sclerosis: Gene Expression Profile and Pathway Analysis of the Response to IFN-beta
Paz Harel Gili 2017 Ofer Fainaru, Mordechai Hallak, Abstracts A Role for Myeloid Cells in Placental Angiogenesis
Asor Eyal 2017 Dorit Ben-Shachar, Ehud Klein, Abstracts Modeling gene environment interaction hypothesis in rats; Possible implication for complex behaviors and mental disorders
Bergman Oded 2017 Dorit Ben-Shachar Abstracts Impaired Assembly of Complex l of the Respiratory Chain as a Possible Cause for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Schizophrenia
Timaner Michael 2017 Yuval Shaked Abstracts Protumorigenic Effects of Tumor Microenvironment on Cancer Progression, Resistance and Metastasis: Role of Macrophages and Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Chulsky Elena 2017 Oded Lewinson Abstracts Transport of Trace Metals in Bacteria
Naor Shulamit 2017 Ofer Binah Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inherited Laminopathy in Cardiomyocytes Generated from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) Derived from Affect…
Benhamou David 2017 Doron Melamed Abstracts MicroRNAs Regulation of PI3K Pathway Determines Lymphocyte Development and Differentiation
Thomas Jane Joy 2017 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts The Role of RNF4 in Activation of Oncogenic Pathways by Selective Protein Stabilization
Keren Hanna 2016 Shimon Marom Abstracts Neural Network Synchrony: Dynamics and Control
Golko Sagit 2016 Moussa Youdim, Orly Weinreb, Abstracts Novel Therapeutic Approach of the Protective Multi-Target Iron Chelating Compound Combined with Enriched Diet in Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Remez Lital 2016 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Functional Characterization of the PRCD Gene, Involved in Hereditary Retinal Degeneration
Shklyar Boris 2016 Estee Kurant Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptotic Cell Clearance during Drosophila Embryogenesis
Haroush Netta 2016 Shimon Marom Abstracts Trial to Trial Variability in Synchronized Neural Populations
Tamari Tal 2016 Dror Aizenbud, Abraham Reznick, Abstracts ACellular Collagen Scaffold :The Osteoinductive and Vascularization Promotion
Amit Moran 2016 Ziv Gil Abstracts The Influence of Tumor-Associated Macrophages on Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Neural Invasion
Robicsek Odile 2016 Dorit Ben-Shachar Abstracts Human Hair-Derived Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) as a Model to Study Neurodevelopment in Schizophrenia
Tal Nir 2016 Oded Lewinson Abstracts Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of BtuCD-F, The Vitamin B12 Transporter of Escherichia coli
Ben-Yosef Oren 2016 Ido Perlman, Joseph Itskovitz, Abstracts Generation of Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells from Human induced pluripotent stem cells for the study of Inherited Macular Degeneration (Best Disease)
Pachter Inbar 2016 Jackie Schiller, Yitzhak Schiller, Abstracts Network Dynamics during Seizure Initiation in an Acute Cortical Epilepsy Model: In-Vivo Two-Photon Calcium Imaging Study
Goltsman Ilia 2016 Joseph Winaver (Deceased), Zaid A. Abassi, Abstracts Effects of Thiazolidinedione Therapy on Renal and Cardiac Function in Rats with Experimental Congestive Heart Failure
Mumblat Yelena 2016 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The role of Semaphorin-3C in Tumor Progression
Engelman Rotem 2016 Moran Benhar Abstracts Regulation of the Thioredoxin/Peroxiredoxin System by Nitric Oxide
Shomer Inna 2016 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of the Ubiquitin Ligase Involved in the Processing of P105 NF-kB Precursor to the P50 Active Subunit: Analysis of Mechanisms of Action and…
Zarfati Moran 2016 Anat Aharon, Tamar Katz, Abstracts The Role of Myeloma-Derived Microvesicles on Disease Progression
Dvorkin Roman 2016 Noam Ziv Abstracts The Relative Parts of Specific Activity Histories and Spontaneous Processes in Synaptic Remodeling in Ex-Vivo Networks of Cortical Neurons
Damouni Kampania Rawan 2016 Eliezer Shalev Abstracts Regulation of Cell Cycle during Maturation of Human Amniotic Epithelial Cells, Directed to Express Germ Cells and Primary Oocyte Markers
Sandler Maya 2016 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Synaptic Processing in Fine Tuft Dendrites of Layer 5 Neocortical Pyramidal Neurons of the Rat
Cohen Elad 2016 Michael Aviram, Jacob Vaya, Abstracts Crosstalk among the Human Carotid Athersclerotic Plaque Constituents, and Blood Lipoproteins and Macrophages
Kreizman-Shefer Hila 2016 Eliezer Shalev Abstracts Differentiation and Histone Modifications in Human Amniotic Epithelial Cells Expressing Germ Cells and Gametogenesis Markers
Liu Wei 2016 Moussa Youdim, Orly Weinreb, Abstracts Development of Novel Multifunctional Cholinesterase/ Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors as Derivatives of Rivastigmine and Rasagiline for Treatment of …
Ismael Reem 2016 Zaher Azzam Abstracts The Physiologic and Molecular Effect of Angiotensin-II on Alveolar Fluid Clearance in Rats
Dunayevskyy Adel 2016 Adi Salzberg Abstracts Programmed Cell Death and Cell-Fate Determination in the Proprioceptive Organs of Drosophila Melanogaster
Shahi Preeti 2016 Serge Ankri Abstracts Adaptive Response of the Parasite Entamoeba Histolytica to Nitrosative and Oxidative Stresses
Ben-Lulu Shani 2015 Moran Benhar Abstracts Proteomic and Functional Analysis of Protein Cysteine Nitrosylation in Macrophages
Novak-Petraro Atara 2015 Ofer Binah, Joseph Itskovitz, Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia (CPVT) in Cardiomyocytes Generated from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)
Abu-Saleh Niroz 2015 Zaid A. Abassi, Mogher Khamaisi, Abstracts Effect of Increased Intra-Abdominal Pressure on Kidney Function in Health and Disease
Braten Ori 2015 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Non-Canonical Modes of Protein Ubiquitination
Nussinovitch Udi 2015 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Controlling Cardiac Excitability Using Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy and Light-Sensitive Proteins
Alishekevitz Dror 2015 Yuval Shaked Abstracts The Impact of Blocking VEGF Pathways on Tumor Re-growth and Metastasis Following Chemotherapy
Sason-Bauer Hagit 2015 Herman Wolosker, Avraham Avital, Abstracts Role of the Brain Transporters Asc-1 and ASCT1 in D-Serine Homeostasis; Synaptic Activity and Behavior
Pe'er Yelena 2015 Moshe Gavish Abstracts The Role of TSPO and TSPO Ligands in Glutamate Induced Astrocyte Cell Death
Domev-Cohen Hagit 2015 Joseph Itskovitz Abstracts Characterization of the Immunological Properties of Pericytes Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Viener Hilla Lee 2015 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Haptoglobin Polymorphism and Diabetes Mellitus: The Effects of Vitamin E treatment on CVD
Isakov Elina 2015 Moran Benhar Abstracts Regulation by Nitric Oxide and Thioredoxin of the Toll-Like Receptor 4/Interleukin-1B Pathway in Macrophages
Malka Assaf 2015 Ofer Binah Abstracts The Cardioprotective Efficacy of TVP1022 in Experimental Models of Myocardial Infarction
Koltun Bella 2015 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts The Roles of Degringolade (Dgrn), a SUMO Targeted Ubiquitin Ligase, in Embryonic Development and in Innate Immunity of Drosophila
Attia Lital 2015 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Regulatory Factors that Initiate Formation and Migration of the Nephric Duct
Volovik Yael 2015 Dale Frank Abstracts Functional Interactions between Meis3 and Tsh1 Proteins Control Anterior-Posterior Pattern Formation during Early Nervous System Development in Vertebrate Embryos
Dotan Yaniv 2015 Giora Pillar, Arie Oliven, Abstracts Control of Upper Airway Dilator Muscles Activity during Sleep and Anesthesia in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Berger Liron 2015 Matty Zokerman, Karl Skorecki, Abstracts The Role of the Tumor Microenvironment in Modulating the Behavior of Cancer Cells
Yanku Yifat 2015 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts The roles of dHectH9, a Hect Ubiquitin Ligase during Drosophila Development
Schneider Jenny 2015 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Proximal-Distal Patterning of the Avian Mesonephric Nephrons
Suzan Erica 2015 Elon Eisenberg, Dorit Pud, Abstracts Advanced Psychophysics for Studying Mechanisms of Opioid Induced Analgesia and Hyperalgesia in Humans
Fleming Britannia 2015 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Signaling Pathways Regulating the Formation of the Intermediate Mesoderm
Boyango Ilanit 2015 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Role of Heparanase in the Early Phases of Tumor Initiation: in vitro and in vivo Model Systems
Dikopoltsev Elena 2015 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Regulation of D-serine Signaling: Focus on Serine Racemase Enzyme
Ram Sigal 2015 Estee Kurant Abstracts The Role of Sanat Maria and Megalin in Apoptotic Cell Clearance during Development of Drosophila Central Nervous System
Rom Oren 2015 Abraham Reznick, Dror Aizenbud, Abstracts The Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Catabolism of Skeletal Muscle – Implications to Sarcopenia
Shteingauz Anna 2015 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Interaction of Heparanase with Heparan Sulfate and its Cellular and Molecular Consequences
Shklover Jeny 2015 Estee Kurant Abstracts The Role of the JNK Pathway during Development of the Drosophila Central Nervous System
Nahman Averbuch Hadas 2015 David Yarnitsky Abstracts Mechanisms of Pain Modulation in Healthy Humans: Physiological and Pharmacological Attributes
Rostoker Ran 2015 Derek Leroith, Matty Zokerman, Abstracts The Mechanisms Involved in the Enhanced Risk for Breast Cancer Associated with Hyperinsulinemia
Harlev Shimrit 2015 Benjamin Brenner, Irit Avivi, Tamar Katz, Abstracts Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cell Exhibit Regulatory B-cell Properties as a Mechanism of Immune Evasion
Efrati Adi 2014 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Effects of Early Auditory Experience on the Development of the Auditory Map of Space in the Barn Owl's Brain
Reinartz Sebastian 2014 Shimon Marom Abstracts Fluctuations in Single Neuron Responses to Synaptic Envelope Stimulation
Voloshin-Sela Tali 2014 Yuval Shaked Abstracts Analysis of Host Molecular Responses to Cancer Therapy as Possible Contributors to Tumor Angiogenesis and Metastases Growth
Hertz Rivka 2014 Serge Ankri Abstracts Proteins S-Nitrosylation and Dnmt2 Mediated Resistance to Nitrosative Stress in the Parasite Entamoeba histolytica
Kolodney Goren 2014 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Apoptotic Dysregulation of D-Serine Dynamics: Implications for Neurodegeneration –
Abelson Sagi 2014 Karl Skorecki, Matty Zokerman, Abstracts Study and Analysis of In Vitro and In Vivo Heterogeneity in Ovarian Cancer Cell Populations
Kaufman Maya 2014 Noam Ziv Abstracts Neuromodulators in Cortical Networks
Lapid Dana 2014 Shai Cohen Abstracts Negative Regulation of NF-kB1/p105 Proteolysis by the Zinc-Finger Protein A20
Eilot Shelly 2014 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of Lysyl Oxidase-Like (LOXL2) in Angiogenesis and Tumor Progression
Lavie Arava 2014 Noam Ziv Abstracts Long Term Stability of Presynaptic Properties
Bin-Nun Naama 2014 Dale Frank Abstracts Protein Tyrosine Kinase 7 (PTK7) Interacts with the Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway in the Developing Xenopus laevis Nervous System
Mendelsohn Sigal 2014 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Regulation of the Candida albicans Transcription Factor, CaUme6, by Degradation via the SCFcacdc4
Ben-Yakir Blumkin Moria 2014 John Finberg, Levi Schachter, Abstracts The Neuroprotective Effect of Magnetic Fields in Primary Neuronal Cultures and in Vivo: Charactreization and Mechanism of Action
Grinstein Mor 2014 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Regulation of Nephron Patterning in the Chick Mesonephros
Mory Adi 2014 Ruth Gershoni-Baruch Abstracts Deciphering the Genetic Defect behind Kohlschutter-Tonz Syndrome
Narotzki Baruch 2014 Abraham Reznick, Dror Aizenbud, Yishai Levy, Abstracts Green Tea and Physical Activity – Effects on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and Oxidative Status in the Elderly
Cohen-Inbar Or 2014 Yoram Reiter, Menashe Zaaroor, Abstracts Recruitment of Immune Effector Cells against Astrocytoma by MHC-chlrotoxin Chimeric Proteins
Zach Lolita 2014 Ariel Stanhill Abstracts Cellular Adaptations to Protein Misfolding: AIRAP Translastion is Regulated by Means of Leaky Scanning
Horev Nitza 2014 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Processing of Temporal and Spectral Cues in the Human Brain during Perception of Speech and Corresponding Non-Speech Signals
Nachman Atalya 2014 Adi Salzberg Abstracts Spatial and Temporal Regulation Cell Adhesion is Mediated by Discrete Regulatory Elements in the Delilah Locus
Shani Vered 2014 Simone Engelender Abstracts Study of LRRK2 in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease
Alterzon Sharon 2014 Serge Ankri Abstracts Identification of Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase as a Virulence Factor Essential for the Survival of Entamoeba Histolytica in Glucose-Poor Envirinments
Rosenberg Dina 2014 Herman Wolosker Abstracts D-Serine Release through Asc-1 Transporter and its Role in Synaptic Activity
Farbstein Dan 2014 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Pharmacogenetic Interaction between Haptoglobin Genotype and Vitamin E Treatment on HDL Structure and Function in the Settings of Diabetes
Serror Laura 2014 Ruby Shalom-Feuerste, Daniel Aberdam, Abstracts Study of Corneal Pathophysiology and Therapy Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Gutkovich Yoni Evgeni 2014 Dale Frank Abstracts Transcription Factor Network and Signaling Pathway Interactions Specify Posterior Neural Cell Fates in the Xenopus Embryo
Bilgoray-Brenner Liat 2014 Ido Perlman Abstracts Saving Photoreceptors in a Rat Model of Rod Degenerative Retinal Disease
Bettman Noam 2013 Irit Avivi, Hanna Rosenbaum, Tamar Katz, Abstracts Monocyte Dysfunction in Gaucher's Disease
Amitai-Lange Aya 2013 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Neuronal Networks Derived from Healthy and Diseased Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Arvatz Gil 2013 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Heparanase: Regulatory Mechanism and the Development and Characterization of a Novel Neutralizing mAb
Boico Olga 2013 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts The Role of dHey, a Transcriptional Repressor, during Drosophila Development
Aluf Yuval 2013 John Finberg, Jacob Vaya, Abstracts The Association between Dopamine and Oxidative Stress in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease
Stern Michal 2013 Noam Ziv Abstracts Active Zone Maintenance and Stability Studied in Munc13-1 yfp/yfp Knock-in Mice
Maoz Eyla-Hagar 2013 Moussa Youdim, Silvia Mandel, Abstracts Targeting Glutamatergic Excitotoxic Damage and Mitochondria by the Novel Multi-Target Neurorestorative Drug HLA20
Ben-Ami Eyal 2013 Sonia Berrih, Ariel Miller, Abstracts Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Immunomodulators for Therapy in Autoimmune Myasthenia Gravis and Multiple Sclerosis
Wasserman Tanya 2013 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Characterization of WDR62: a Novel JNK-Scaffold Protein Involved in Cellular Stress and Mitosis
Nahum Sagi 2013 Doron Aronson, Eli Sprecher, Abstracts Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood Cells of Patients with Multi-Vessel Coronary Artery Disease and Acute Myocardial Infarction
Barsheshet Yiftah 2013 Nathan Karin Abstracts The Role of CCL1 in the Potentiation of Foxp3+ Regulatory CD4+ T Cells
Rozenfeld Danit 2013 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Molecular Neuroprotective Targets of the Novel Multi- Functional Iron-Chelating Drug, M30, in Experimental Models of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus & Alzheimer's Disease
Edison-Tkach Natalia 2013 Sarit Larish Abstracts Identification of ARTS Interacting Proteins Emphasis on BCl-2 Family Members
Tzur Shay 2013 Karl Skorecki Abstracts A Population Genetics Approach to End Stage Kidney Disease Susceptibility
Shlush Liran 2013 Karl Skorecki Abstracts Population Substructure in Design and Analysis of Genomic Mapping Studies
Wolchinsky Zohar 2013 Daniel Aberdam, Joseph Itskovitz, Abstracts Function and Regulation of p63 during Early Mammalian Cardiogenesis
Dolnikov Katya 2013 Ofer Binah, Joseph Itskovitz, Abstracts Differentiation and Maturation of Functional Properties of Human Embryonic Stem Cells-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Hofshi Anat 2013 Lior Gepstein Abstracts A Combined Gene and Cell Therapy Approach for the Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Rabinowicz Noa 2012 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of Neuropilin-1 and Plexin-A4 in Angiogenesis and Tumor Progression
Nevet Yudith 2012 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Characterization of CERKL and PRCD, Two Proteins Involved in Human Retinal Degeneration, through Identification of their Protein-Protein Interactions
Miniowitz Shem-Tov Shirly 2012 Avram Hershko Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Release from the Mitotic Checkpoint
Germanguz Igal 2012 Joseph Itskovitz Abstracts Characterization of Adenosine to Inosine RNA Editing in Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Reprogramming
Fink-Barkai Dorit 2012 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of NrCAM in Endothelial Cells Biology and Angiogenesis
Garion Liora 2012 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Texture-Dependent Neuronal Assemblies in Layer 2-3 of the Rat Barrel Cortex in-vivo
Benayoun Liat 2012 Yuval Shaked Abstracts Tumor Initiating Cells: Angiogenic Aspects and Therapeutic Implications
Levy Ofri 2012 Shimon Marom Abstracts Functionality in Modular Neural Networks
Amit Cohen Bat-Chen 2012 Haim Bitterman, Michal Rahat, Nitza Lahat, Abstracts Hypoxia and Co-culture Regulate MMP-9 and VEGF via EMMPRIN Effect of Tumor Cell-Monocyte Interactions on Tumor Progression and Angiogenesis
Abed Mona 2012 Amir )Oryan )Orian Abstracts Regulation of Genetic Networks by a SUMO-Targeted Ubiquitin Ligase
Sela Yogev 2012 Joseph Itskovitz, Yoav Soen, Abstracts Interactions between Cell Cycle and Differentiation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Cohen Victoria 2012 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Involvement of Heparanase in lymphangiogenesis and Signal Transduction
Soueid-Baumgarten Sharon 2012 Thomas Schultheiss Abstracts Molecular Regulation of Kidney Differentiation in the Chick Mesonephros Model System
Zigdon-Giladi Hadar 2012 Eli Machtei, Dina Lewinson, Abstracts Cell-Based Vertical Bone Formation: A Calvarium Model in the Rat
Isakov Elada 2012 Ariel Stanhill Abstracts Proteasome Dynamics as Exemplified by P97 and S5a
Berger Yaroslav 2012 Lena Lavie Abstracts Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Acute Myocardial Infarction and Sleep Disordered Breathing, and Identification of Monocyte-Derived Immature Dendritic Cells…end of subject missing
Sabag Adi 2012 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of Neuripilins and Plexins as Mediators of Semaphorins Activity in the Control of Tumor Progression and Angiogenesis
Teichner Adar 2012 Avram Hershko Abstracts Characterization of Different Inhibitors of APC/C in the Mitotic Checkpoint
Katzir Yair 2012 Erez Braun Abstracts Cell Cycle Plasticity and Adaptation to Unforeseen Challenges
Kupershmidt Lana 2012 Moussa Youdim Abstracts The Neuroprotective Activity of Novel Multi-Functional,Brain -Permeable Iron Chelators in Experimental Models of Alzheimer's Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Aging
Evron Ayelet 2012 Eliezer Shalev Abstracts The Use of Amnion Epithelial Stem Cells in Reproduction
Cohen Katsenelson Ksenya 2012 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Biochemical Characterization of WDR62 – a Novel JNK-binding Protein
Netser Shai 2012 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Novelty Response and Habituation in the Barn Owl
Moont Ruth 2012 David Yarnitsky, Dorit Pud, Abstracts 'Pain Inhibits Pain' Mechanism: is Pain Modulation Simply Due to Distraction?
Hod-Dvorai Reut 2012 Orly Avni Abstracts Dual Function of Polycomb Group Proteins in T Helper (CD4+) Cells
Katz Sophia 2012 Serge Ankri Abstracts The E.histolytica Methylated LINE Binding Protein(EhMLBP) Serves as a Bridge between Environmental Stress Response and Epigenetic Regulation
Ariav Gal 2012 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Cellular Mechanisms allowing Integration of Synaptic Inputs within Time Scales of Single to Hundreds of Milliseconds in CA1 Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons
Haj Tharwat 2012 Elias Toubi, Doron Melamed, Abstracts Human Regulatory B Cells (CD19+CD25high) Regulate the Proliferation of CD4+ T Cells and Enhance the Expression of Foxp3 and CTLA-4 in Regulatory T Cells
Habib Manhal 2012 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells for Myocardial Regeneration
Shomer-Prital Einat 2012 Anat Aharon, Benjamin Brenner, Abstracts Identifying Mechanisms through which Microparticles Contribute to Pregnancy Related Complications
Ertracht Offir 2012 Ofer Binah Abstracts The Cardioprotective Efficacy of TVP1022
Tzunz-Henig Noa 2012 Ariel Miller, Ron Pinter, Abstracts Transcriptional Profiling and Pathway Analysis of Response to Interferon-Beta in Immune Cells and Multiple Sclerosis
Leshansky Lucy 2012 Joseph Itskovitz, Sonia Berrih, Abstracts Immunomodulatory properties of Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Mechanisms of Action and use in Transplantation
Vekslin Sharon 2012 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Characterization of the CERKL (Cermide Kinase-Like) Gene in the Mammalian Retina
Saadon Ilona 2012 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Biochemical Characterization of the Interaction between the bZIP Repressors, JDP2 and ATF3, and HDACs
Rapoport Sophia 2012 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Active Dendritic Properties of Layer 4 Spiny Stellate Neurons in the Rat Somatosensory Cortex
Hershkovitz Dov 2012 Eli Sprecher, Adi Salzberg, Abstracts Characterization of SAMD9 Role in Health and Disease
Baranes-Sela Nadine 2011 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Role of Neddylation and of Tip120/CAND1 in SCF Ubiquitin Ligase Function
Zeno-Sizikov Sivan 2011 Menashe Zaaroor, Moshe Gavish, Abstracts The Role of TSPO and ROS in Mediating Cell Death Induced by CoCl2 and PPIX
Alter Joel 2011 Eyal Bengal Abstracts Stress Pathways Maintaining Undifferentiated Reserve Cells in the Skeletal Muscle Lineage
Sader-Mazbar Ola 2011 John Finberg Abstracts The Role of Monoamine Oxidase Subtypes in Striatal Metabolism of Dopamine Produced from L-DOPA in the Rat
Avital-Shacham Meirav 2011 Dale Frank, Tamar Kleinberger, Abstracts Study of the Interaction between PP2A and the NTPDASE4 Gene Products and their Contribution to Induction of Cell Death by the Adenovirus E4orF4 Protein
Tavori Hagai 2011 Michael Aviram, Jacob Vaya, Abstracts A Mutual Association between Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) and the Atherosclerotic Lesion: In Search after a Specific Lactone as a Substrate for PON1
Simon Einav 2011 Ami Aronheim, Daniel Kornitzer, Abstracts Mechanism of the Modulation of Substrate Recognition by a CDK via Cyclin Phosphorylation
Treister Roi 2011 Elon Eisenberg, Dorit Pud, Abstracts Genetic, Psychophysical and Pharmacological Evidence for Dopamine and Serotonin Involvement in Pain Perception and Modulation in Healthy Subjects
Haimovich Gal 2011 Mordechai Choder Abstracts A Novel Role for mRNA Decay Factors in mRNA Synthesis
Barash Uri 2011 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts A Novel Human Heparanase Splice Variant; T5; Endowed with Pro-Tumorigenic Characteristics
Fishma-Jacob Tali 2011 Moussa Youdim, Silvia Mandel, Abstracts A Sporadic Parkinson's Disease Model via Silencing of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome/E3-Ligase Component, SKP1A
Itzhaki Ilanit 2011 Lior Gepstein, Jackie Schiller, Abstracts The Development of Excitability and Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived Cardiomyocytes
Nahor Irit 2011 Joseph Itskovitz, Sonia Berrih, Abstracts Immunomodulatory Properties of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Mechanisms of Action and Use in Cell Therapy
Nir Rony-Reuven 2011 David Yarnitsky, Michal Granot, Abstracts Psychophysics and Neurophysiology of Human Pain Modulation: From the Physical to the Cognitive Dimension
Hazan Brill Roni 2011 Ariel Miller Abstracts Analysis of Genes Involved in the Response to Hypoxia in Human Brain Endothelial Cells
Kladnitsky Orly 2011 Israel Zelikovic, Julia Rozenfeld, Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for the Regulation of the Renal Magnesium Channel (Paracellin-1) Gene
Kigel Boaz Avraham 2011 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of Class-3 Semaphorin and their Receptors, Type-A Plexins, in Angiogenesis and Tumor Progression
Zahar Yael 2011 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Multisensory Integration: A Physiological Study in the Optic Tectum Of the Barn Owl
Tovy Ayala 2011 Serge Ankri Abstracts The Function of Ehmeth an E.histolytica Dnmt2 homolog, and the Meaning of its Interaction with Enolase
Cymerblit-Sabba Adi 2011 Yitzhak Schiller Abstracts Network Dynamics Leading to Seizure Initiation and Maintenance and Improving the Antiepileptic Efficacy of Cortical Stimulation in Pharmacologically Induced Epil
Yehezkel-Rekhes Shiran 2011 Karl Skorecki, Sara Selig, Abstracts The Role of Human Subtelomeric DNA Methylation in Regulation of Telomere Length and Function
Segal Elena 2011 Ido Perlman Abstracts The role of Zinc and Nitric Oxide in Modulation of Information Processing in the Distal Turtle Retina
Vainer Evgrafov Elit 2011 Ido Perlman Abstracts Functional Plasticity in the Distal Turtle Retina: The Interplay between Retinoic Acid, Nitric Oxide and Dopamine
Karni Shiri 2010 Eddy Karnieli Abstracts NFkB Regulates GLUT4 Expression and Function in Insulin Target Tissues
Danovich Ilana 2010 Henry Silver, Moussa Youdim, Orly Weinreb, Abstracts The Molecular Mechanism of Pharmacodynamic Interactions between Psychoactive Drugs: Interactions between Antidepressants and Antipsychotic Drugs
Brestovitsky Anna 2010 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts The Interaction with the ACF1 Chromatin Remodeling Factor Contributes to the Functions of the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein
Ofir Ayala 2010 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Role of Cell Cycle Regulation in Candida Albicans Morphogenesis
Polsky Alon 2010 Jackie Schiller Abstracts Synaptic Integration in Cortical Pyramidal Neurons: Coordinated Experimental and Modeling Studies
Asaf Roy 2010 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Haptoglobin Genotype and Cardiac Remodeling after Myocardial Ischemia in Mice
Fonar Yuri 2010 Dale Frank Abstracts Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) Protein Regulates Wnt Signaling During Xenopus Laevis Development
Tamir Ronit-Rachel 2010 Shimon Pollack Abstracts Anti Tumorigenesis of All-Trans Retinoic-Acid (ATRA) in Breast Cancer is Mediated by the Inhibition of MIF and CD44 Expression
Weidenfeld Keren 2010 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Characterization of JDP2 Function and Regulation
Shabek Nitzan 2010 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Ubiquitin Meets its Fate: Mechanisms of Ubiquitin Degradation
Zivony-Elboum Yifat 2010 Tzipora Falik Abstracts Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP): Identification of the Causative Genes and Proteins for Two Unique Disease Phenotypes
Keren-Politansky Anat 2010 Eyal Bengal Abstracts MAPK Stress Signals and Cardiac Development of Xenopus laevis
Elkouby-Naor Liron 2010 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Interactions between Claudin Tight Junction Proteins in Various Physiological Systems
Ben-David Dror 2010 Erella Livne (Deceased), Abraham Reznick, Abstracts The Involvement of Oxidants and NF-kB in Cytokines Induced MMP-2,-9 Synthesis by Bone Marrow-Derived Osteoprogenitor Cells
Drigues Noam 2010 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Rat Hippocampal Gene Expression after Chronic Administration of Antidepressant Drugs Employing cDNA Microarray
Sapir Yair 2010 Nathan Karin Abstracts Exploring the Involvement of CCR5 Chemokines in Autoimmune Processes by a Novel Recombinant Soluble Receptor
Nousbeck Janna 2010 Eli Sprecher, Adi Salzberg, Abstracts Pharmacogenetics of Psoriasis
Lahav Maoz 2010 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts Identification and Characterization of the Signal Transduction Pathway Induced by the Viral Protein E4orf4 in Drosophila
Reches Amit 2010 Yoram Gutfreund Abstracts Saliency Coding in the Gaze Control System of the Barn Owl: Unimodal and Bimodal Aspects
Gochman Einat 2010 Abraham Reznick, Jamel Mahajna, Abstracts Involvement of Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) in Activation of Transcription Factor NF-kB in Colon Cancer Cells In Vitro and in Human Colon Sections Ex Vivo
Worms-Bitton Keren 2010 Ami Aronheim Abstracts The Role of AP-1 in Inflammation Dependent Hepatocellular Carcinoma Animal Models
Elkouby Yaniv 2010 Dale Frank Abstracts The Embryonic Posterior Nervous System is Induced by Paraxial Mesoderm via Wnt3a and Meis3
Balan Livia 2010 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Mechanisms Inactivation of D-Serine Synthesis by NMDA Receptor-Elicited Translocation of Serine Racemase to the Membrane
Jacob Eyal 2010 Orly Avni Abstracts The Role of the Lineage Specific Transcription Factors and General Maintenance Machinery in Heritable Cytokine Gene Expression in T Helper (Th) Cells
Daniliuc Sharon 2010 Ami Aronheim Abstracts The Identification and Characterization of a New c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) Binding Protein
Sedan Oshra 2010 Ofer Binah, Joseph Itskovitz, Abstracts Functional and Developemental Properties of Human Embryonic and Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Kermany Einat 2010 Shimon Marom Abstracts Representation in Neural Networks
Moshe Yakir 2010 Avram Hershko Abstracts Regulation of the APC/C Ubiquitin Ligase by the Protein Emi1
Lev Rina 2010 David Yarnitsky Abstracts Dysexcitability of the Migrainous Brain: Functional Relationship between Somatosensory and Prefrontal Cortices
Stroopinsky Dina 2010 Jacob Rowe Abstracts Induced T Cells as a Potential Therapy for Graft-Versus- Host Disease
Hamed Saher 2010 Ariel Roguin, Benjamin Brenner, Abstracts Mechanisms for Impaired Endothelial Progenitor Cell Migration in Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Mahroum Mohammed 2010 Adi Salzberg Abstracts Transcriptional Regulation and Structure-Function Analysis of Homothorax
Koren-Gluzer Marie 2010 Nathan Karin Abstracts Exploring the Differential Role of CXCR3 Ligands in the Regulation of Immunity Using a Mutated Soluble CXCR3-Ig
Kemeny Stav 2009 John Finberg, Sarit Larish, Abstracts Involvement of the Pro-Apoptotic Protein ARTS in Parkinson's Disease: Parkin is an E3-Ligase for ARTS
Scheinman Eyal 2009 Orly Avni Abstracts Regulation of Expression of the Transcription Factor GATA3 in T-helper (Th) Cells
Genser-Nir Mira 2009 Tzipora Falik Abstracts Juvenile Hypertrophy of The Breast (JHB) Accompanied by Familial Onychodysplasia and Dysplasia of Distal Phalanges (ODP): Mapping of a Novel Genetic Syndrome
Haskin Joseph 2009 Simone Engelender Abstracts Characterization of AF-6 as a Novel Parkinson's Disease Related Protein
Zaaroor-Regev Daphna 2009 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts A Role for the Ubiquitin System in Regulation of the Polycomb Group Transcriptional Repressors Ring1B and Bmi1
Mandel Ilana 2009 Ariel Miller, Tamar Paperna, Abstracts Mechanisms of Immune Dysregulation in Multiple Sclerosis: The Modulation of Tight Junction Proteins (TJPs), Apoptotic Processes and the Ubiquitylation System
Strauss Merav 2009 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts The Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for the Divergent Regulation of Cytokine Secretion by Macrophages after Binding Hb-Hp1 and Hb-Hp2 to CD163
Bogin Yaron 2009 Deborah Yablonski Abstracts Mechanisms for Regulating Phospholipase C-Gamma1 Activation in the T Cell Antigen Receptor Signaling Pathway
Sabbah Annie 2009 Tamar Ben-Yosef Abstracts Evaluating Suppression of Nonsense Mutations of the PCDH15 Gene, Underlying Type 1 Usher Syndrome, by Aminoglycoside Antibiotics
Lavi Tal 2009 Serge Ankri Abstracts Characterization of a Novel Methylated DNA Binding Protein in the Protozoan Parasite Entamoeba histolytica
Starosvetsky Elina 2009 Deborah Yablonski Abstracts A Genetic Analysis of the Signaling Pathways that Mediate Chemokine induced Chemotaxis and Migration in T Cells
Caspi Oren 2009 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Strategies for Myocardial Regeneration Using Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes
Varshavsky Asya 2009 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of Semaphorin 3B in Angiogenesis and Tumor Progression
Minerbi Amir 2009 Noam Ziv Abstracts Long-Term Relationships between Network Activity, Synaptic Tenacity and Synaptic Remodeling in Networks of Cortical Neurons
Telerman Alona 2009 Lena Lavie Abstracts Platelet Activation in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Intermittent Hypoxia In Vitro
Blecher-Gonen Ronnie 2009 Deborah Yablonski Abstracts The Role and Regulation of TCR-Induced Serine Phosphorylation of SLP76 and SLP76-Associated Proteins
Crispel Yonatan 2009 David Yarnitsky Abstracts Pre-Operative Psychophysical Testing of Pain Modulation for Prediction of Short and Long Term Post- Operative Pain after Thoracotomy
Avraham Eyal 2009 Simone Engelender Abstracts Implication of Protein Phosphorylation in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease
Golan-Shani Orit 2009 Lena Lavie Abstracts Atherosclerotic Phenotype of Monocytes in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Khateb Samer 2009 Michael Fry, Pnina Shomer, Abstracts Destabilization of Tetraplex Structures of the Fragile X Syndrome Expanded Sequence (CGG)n by Members of the hnRNP Family
Avramovich-Tirosh Yael 2009 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Neuroprotective/Neurorescue Mechanisms and Processing of the Alzheimer's Disease APP by Novel Multi- Functional Iron-Drugs
Rosenberg Orit 2009 Moshe Gavish Abstracts The Physiological and Pharmacological Role of the Translocator Protein 18kDa TSPO in Human Osteoblast Like Cells
Brekhman Vera 2009 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Lysyl Oxidase Like Protein 2 (LOXL2) Activity in Tumor Progression
Novak Rostislav 2008 Doron Melamed Abstracts The B Cell Antigen Receptor Signaling Regulates Activation Induced Cell Death and Expression of Recombination Activating Genes in Transformed B Cells
Barac Yaron 2008 Ofer Binah Abstracts The Long Term Effects of Fas Activation in Cardiac Myocytes: A Key Role for the 1,4,5-IP3 Pathway
Blum Shany 2008 Andrew Peter Levy, Yishai Levy, Abstracts Haptoglobin Genotype and Myocardial Infarction in Mice
Levy-Adam Flonia 2008 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Characterization of Protein Domains Critical for Heparanase Functions
Inbar Michal 2008 Ronnie Barkey Abstracts Regulation of Growth Hormone Binding Protein Generation and Leptin Signaling in Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines
Kalet-Litman Shiri 2008 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Elucidation of the Mechanisms Responsible for the Interaction between the Haptoglobin Polymorphism and Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease in an In-Vivo Model
Mazor Rafi 2008 Batya Kristal, Shifra Sela, Abstracts A Role for Primed Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes in the Development of Hypertension
Liani-Gura Esti 2008 Simone Engelender Abstracts Ubiquitylation of Synphilin-1 and its Role in Parkinson's Disease
Harduf Haggar 2008 Eliezer Shalev Abstracts Embryonic and Maternal Signaling Mechanisms in Endometrial Cell Lines with High and Low Receptivity (RL95-2 and HEC-1A)
Gingis-Velitski Svetlana 2008 Israel Vlodavsky, Moshe Flugelman, Abstracts Regulation of Heparanase Cellular Uptake and Processing
Lugassy Yevgenia 2008 Eli Sprecher, Reuven Bergman, Abstracts Genetic Basis of Cornification Disorders
Tsuriel Shlomo 2008 Noam Ziv Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Dynamics Involved in The Maintenance of Presynaptic Structure
Baidosee Maslama 2008 Ronnie Barkey Abstracts The Involvement of Human Growth Hormone and its Receptors in Prostate Cancer
Keren Aviad 2008 Eyal Bengal Abstracts The p38 MAPK/CREB Pathway Regulates Mesoderm Patterning during Early Xenopus laevis Development
Yankelson Lior 2008 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Cell Therapy for Modification of the Myocardial Electrophysiological Properties
Lange Tali 2008 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Involvement of Semaphorin 3C in Tumor Progression and Angiogenesis
Rozentzweig Dafna 2008 Eddy Karnieli Abstracts Role of AHNAK in the Mechanism of Insulin Resistance: Implication on GLUT4 Gene
Kalfon Limor 2008 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms and Signaling Pathways Mediating the Neuroprotective Action of the Green Tea Polyphenol (-)-Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate (EGCG)
Mawasi Nidal 2008 Gad Spira Abstracts Improving Cirrhotic Liver Regeneration Following Partial Hepatectomy
Ben-Ari Shunit 2008 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Novel Multi-Functional Neuroprotective and Neurorestorative Iron Chelator-Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor Drugs for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Ram Elsebeth 2008 Eliezer Shalev Abstracts The Role of Transcription Factors in MMP Expression and Trophoblast Invasion in vitro
Atir-Lande Avigail 2008 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Function and Regulation of the SCF Ubiquitin Ligase in Candida albicans
Yafe Anat 2008 Michael Fry, Eyal Bengal, Abstracts Tetrahelical DNA Structures in Regulatory Regions of Myogenic Genes and their Interaction with Myogenic Transcription Factors
Brenner-Lavie Hanit 2008 Dorit Ben-Shachar, Ehud Klein, Abstracts A Possible Linkage between Dopamine and Mitochondria Implications to Schizophrenia
Matia Nirit 2008 Adi Salzberg Abstracts The Roles of the delilah Gene in Wing Development in Drosophila
Assady Suheir 2008 Karl Skorecki Abstracts Characterization of Differentiation Pathways in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Volinsky Natalia 2008 Deborah Yablonski Abstracts The Role of P21-Activated Kinase in SDF-1Alpha-induced T Cell Migration
Yaniv Shirit 2008 Dorit Ben-Shachar, Ehud Klein, Abstracts Glucocorticoid – Norepinephrine Interactions at the Level of Intracellular Signaling: Implications to the Plasticity Hypothesis of Major Depression and its Treatment
Shleper Maria 2008 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Role of D-serine Release in Neuronal Cell Death Mediated by NMDA Receptor Activation
Meiry Gideon 2008 Ofer Binah Abstracts Electrical Properties of Altered Activation Patterns in Neonatal Rat Ventricular Myocytes Cultures; Model and Implications
Snir Ayelet 2008 Benjamin Brenner, Noemi Lanir, Abstracts Coagulation and Angiogenesis in Placenta
Dumin Elena 2008 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Protein-Interactors of Serine Racemase and Their Role in Regulating Brain D-serine Levels
Nadir Yona 2008 Israel Vlodavsky, Benjamin Brenner, Abstracts Regulatory Effect of Heparanase on Tissue Factor and Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor
Palzur Eilam 2008 Jean Francois Soustiel, Ran Arieli, Abstracts Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on Avenues of Secondary Brain Injury
Egozi Dana 2008 Karl Skorecki, Matty Zokerman, Abstracts Telomerase and Cell Cycle Regulatory Proteins in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Keren Zohar 2008 Doron Melamed Abstracts Depletion of B Cells Revives B Lymphopoiesis in Aging and Modifies Autoantibody-Cytokine Network in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Reznichenko Lydia 2008 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Neurorescue Mechanisms of the Green Tea Polyphenol (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) in Cell Culture and Animal Models of Neurodegeneration
Chefetz Ilana 2008 Eli Sprecher Abstracts Pathomechanisms of Hyperphosphatemic Familial Tumoral Calcinosis
Harony Hala 2008 Serge Ankri Abstracts DNA Methylation and Targeting of LINE Retrotransposons in Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba invadens
Kartvelishvily Elena 2007 Herman Wolosker Abstracts Identification of a Neuronal Pool of D-Serine and its Role in NMDA Receptor Regulation
Fisher Revital 2007 Hillel Pratt, Judith Aharon-Peretz, Abstracts Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD): A Single pathology?
Topaz Orit 2007 Eli Sprecher, Reuven Bergman, Abstracts Molecular Genetics of Familial Tumoral Calcinosis
Shakour Khoury Sana 2007 Gad Rennert Abstracts Molecular Epidemiology of Colorectal and Breast Cancer and the GH/IGF-1 Axis
Regev Avital 2007 Eliezer Shalev Abstracts The Semaphorin-plexin Ligand-Signaling System in Rodent and Human Ovary
Diab Sammer 2007 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts The Involvement of the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Mdm2 in the Regulation of the Oncoprotein c-Myc
Sitry-Shevah Danielle 2007 Herman Wolosker, Avram Hershko, Abstracts Mechanisms of Degradation of p27 and their Control in the Cell Cycle
Ofek Einat 2007 Hillel Pratt, Shimon Marom, Abstracts Characterization of the Neural Response to Subjectively Significant Verbal Stimuli Using Evoked Potentials
Adler Lior 2007 Israel Zelikovic Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Epithelial Cell-Specific Expression and Regulation of the Human Anion Exchanger (Pendrin) Gene
Guetta Julia 2007 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Regulation of the Macrophage Atherogenecity by Different Protein Products of Haptoglobin Gene
Reisner Yotam 2007 Ofer Binah, Noam Ziv, Abstracts Remodeling of Impules Conduction in Cultured Ventricular Myocytes by Biomechanical Forces and Hypertrophic Stimuli
Itzhaki Sarah 2007 Giora Pillar, Lena Lavie, Abstracts Endothelial Disfunction in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome and the Effect of Treatment
Yalon-Oren Michal 2007 Karl Skorecki, Sara Selig, Abstracts Sister Chromatid Separation at Human Telomeric Regions
Bar-Shai Marina 2007 Abraham Reznick, Raymond Coleman, Abstracts The Involvement of Oxidative Stress and NF-kB Activation in the Degradation of Skeletal Muscle Proteins in Immobilization and Aging
Eyal Allon 2007 Simone Engelender Abstracts Characterization of Synphilin-1 Isoforms and Their Role in Neuronal Toxicity
Gildor Tsvia 2007 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Determinants of Substrate Recognition by a Cyclin-CDK Complex and an SCF Ubiquitin Ligase
Kehat Rinat 2007 Ido Perlman, Hermona Soreq, Abstracts The Role of Acetylcholinesterase in Light-Induced Photoreceptor Damege in the Rat Retina
Fodor Adriana 2007 Eddy Karnieli Abstracts Construction of Glucose-Sensitive Insulin Secreting Cells from Liver and Adipose Cells: A Model of Ex Vivo Gene Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes
Bornstein Gil 2007 Avram Hershko Abstracts Conjugation of Cul1 by the Ubiquitin-like Protein NEDD8 and the Mode of its Action on SCFskp2 Ubiquitin Ligase
Shiner Maayan 2007 Michael Aviram, Bianca Furman, Abstracts Regulation of Macrophage Paraoxonase 2 (PON2) Expression
Aviram Sharon 2007 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Characterization of the Signals and Pathways Involved in the Degradation of the Cyclin Pcl5 of the Yeast S.cerevisiae
Ben-Saadon Ronen 2007 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Identification of Signals that Target Proteins for Degradation via the Ubiquitin Pathway: A Role for the N-Terminal as a Conjugation Site
Zohar Yaniv 2007 Nathan Karin Abstracts Chemokine/Cytokine Function of Soluble VCAM-1 Independent of Binding to VLA-4 and Its Role in the Regulation of Inflammation and Autoimmunity
Mazor Meital 2007 Batya Kristal, Shifra Sela, Abstracts Disruption of Endothelial Integrity by Primed Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes – an Early Event Leading to the Development of Atherosclerosis
Meilin Edna 2007 Batya Kristal, Shifra Sela, Abstracts "Heparin Cryo-Precipitation (HCP)" of Plasma Reduces Plasma Levels of Constituents Involved in Endothelial Dysfunction
Edry )Kaduri( Efrat 2007 Doron Melamed Abstracts Spontaneous and Induced Class Switch Recombination in Developing B Lymphocytes
Gottfried Yossi 2007 Sarit Larish Abstracts ARTS Mechanism of Apoptotic Function and its Involvement in Selected Pathological Syndromes
Shafat Itay 2007 Israel Vlodavsky Abstracts Characterization of Mechanisms Involved in Secretion of Active Heparanase by Cancer Cells
Rozenberg Orit 2007 Michael Aviram Abstracts The Effect of Paraoxonase (PON1) on Macrophage Foam Cells Formation and on the Development of Atherosclerosis
Klein Yifat 2007 Adi Salzberg Abstracts Key Factors in the Sensory Organ development in the Embryonic PNS of the Fruit Fly
Herman-Bachinsky Yifat 2007 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Regulation of the Drosophila Ubiquitin Ligase DIAP1 is Mediated via Several Distinct Ubiquitin System Pathways
Lahad Iris 2006 Shimon Pollack Abstracts Involvement of MAPK Signal Transduction Pathways in Human Monocyte Differentiation
Goldberg-Satran Ruth 2006 Gila Maor, Nathan Karin, Abstracts Gene Therapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Loal Administration of Osteoprotegerin
Weinberg Uri 2006 Nathan Karin Abstracts The Role of MCP-1 (CCL2) and its Receptor (CCR2) in Cancer of the Prostate: Basic Research and Clinical Implications
Kaufman Gili 2006 Israela Berdicevsky (Deceased), Benjamin Horwitz, Abstracts The Molecular Basis of Dermatophyte Pathogenicity
Dabour Ziad 2006 Eddy Karnieli Abstracts Thiamine Effect on Insulin Responsive Glucose Transporter (Glut4) Gene Expression
Shapira-Rootman Mika 2006 Noam Ziv Abstracts Formation of Presynaptic Active Zones – Involvement of Precurser Vesicles
Zeevi-Levin Naama 2006 Ofer Binah, Andrew Peter Levy, Abstracts Gap Junctional Remodeling by Hypoxia in Cultured Neonatal Rat Ventricular Myocytes
Yogev-Falach Merav 2006 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing and Neuroprotection by the Anti-Alzheimer's Drug, Ladostigil (TV3326)
Anunu Rachel 2006 Nathan Karin, Eyal Bengal, Abstracts The Involvment of Scavenger Receptor Class B Type I in the Directional Polarization of Activated Macrophages
Moisesco-Yiflach Tsuf 2006 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Auditory Evoked Potentials among Dyslexics Students
Preis Meir 2006 Moshe Flugelman Abstracts Phenotypic Changes of Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells Mediated Bio-Synthetic Vascular Grafts Patency, Expansion, and Stabilization of Collateral Circulation
Rozen Nimrod 2006 Dina Lewinson, Abraham Reznick, Abstracts Enhancement of Fracture Healing by Factors that Accelerate Bone Turnover
Chertkow Yael 2006 Henry Silver, Moussa Youdim, Abstracts The Effects of Typical and Atypical Antipsychotics alone and in Combination with SSRI Antidepressant on Gene and Protein Expression and their Relationship to Clinical…
Etzioni Shulamit 2006 Michael Fry, Eyal Bengal, Abstracts Interaction of the MyoD Protein with Tetrahelical DNA
Schaal Shlomit 2006 Ahuva Dovrat Abstracts Characterization of Oxygen-Induced Cataract
Snir Mirit 2006 Dale Frank Abstracts The Xenopus POU91 Protein Regulates Cellular Competence during Early Development
Fisher Ohad 2006 Serge Ankri Abstracts The Role of DNA Methylation in the Parasite Entamoeba histolytica
Rosenberg Shai 2006 Karl Skorecki, Sara Selig, Abstracts Population Genetic Analysis of DNA Sequence Variation at the MAOA Locus and Relation to Quantitative Behavioral Traits
Jacobson Eyal 2006 Shimon Marom Abstracts Adaptation in Neurons and Networks of a Rat Cortex
Szuchman Andrea 2006 Michael Aviram, Jacob Vaya, Abstracts Characterization of Oxidative Stress Processes and their Products by Chemically Synthesized Markers
Weisz-Hubshman Monika 2006 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Molecular Characterization of Chp Function
Asleh Rabea 2006 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Elucidation of the Mechanisms Responsible for the Interaction between the Haptoglobin Polymorphism and Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease
Eytan Dan 2006 Shimon Marom Abstracts Synchronization, Adaptation and Modulation of Activity in Networks of Cortical Neurons
Tsabary Ziva 2006 Lena Lavie, Peretz Lavie, Abstracts Expression of Adhesion Molecules, Cytokines and Activation Markers in Plasma and Monocytes of Sleep Apnea Patients
Shraga-Heled Niva 2006 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Neuropilins as Mediators of VEGF and Semaphorin Signaling during Angiogenesis
Weissman-Fogel Irit 2006 David Yarnitsky Abstracts Pain Perception and Vagal Function in an Animal Model of Neuropathic Pain
Diamant Eran 2005 Doron Melamed Abstracts Developmental Regulation of Positive Selection and Maturation in Bone Marrow B Cells
Silberman Michal 2005 Ofer Binah, Nitzan Resnick, Abstracts The Role Of Biomechanical Forces in New Blood Vessel Formation in the Failing Heart
Meilik Ahuva 2005 Gad Rennert Abstracts Clinical Practice Improvement Using Quality Methodology
Bresler Tal 2005 Noam Ziv Abstracts The Assembly of the Postsynaptic Element of Individual Glutamatergic Synapses Formed between Hippocampal Neurons
Amit Michal 2005 Joseph Itskovitz, Abstracts Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Derivation, Maintenance and Differentiation into Hematopoietic Progeny
Goldberg Cohen Ilana 2005 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts The Role of the 3'UTR in the VEGF mRNA Turnover
Bar-Yoseph Fabiana 2005 Eddy Karnieli Abstracts Mechanism of Action of NF-kB and IKK on the Expression and Activity of Glucose Transporters in Pathophysiological Metabolic States
Raskin Leonid 2005 Gad Rennert Abstracts The Role of Aromatase (CYP19) Polymorphisms in the Etiology of Breast Cancer in Ashkenazi Jews
Grossman Iris 2005 Ariel Miller, Abstracts Genetic Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis Patients According to their Response Pattern to Glatiramer Acetate (Copaxone) Treatment as a Means to Develop Pharmacogenetic…
Hasnis Erez 2005 Abraham Reznick Abstracts Mechanisms Underlying Cigarette Smoke Induced NF-kB Activation in Human Lymphocytes
Shoukrun Rami 2005 Moshe Gavish Abstracts The Involvement of the Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor in Colorectal Cancer
Abraham Michal 2005 Ariel Miller, Sarah Shapiro, Abstracts The Role of CD3 and Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) in Immune Regulation: Relevance to Multiple Sclerosis
Ben-Yosef Yaara 2005 Nitza Lahat, Ariel Miller, Abstracts Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 Modulation by Hypoxia and its Role in Endothelial Cells Survival
Maoz Tsofnat 2005 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts A Genetic Analysis of the Apoptotic Pathway Induced by Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein
Eilon Yael 2005 Etan Zimmer, Shai Linn, Abstracts Validity of Ultrasound Screening Tests at Different Stages of Pregnancy in Women whom no Major Congential Malformation was Diagnosed on Ultrasound Examination
Kehat Izhak 2005 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Electromechanical Assessment of Embryonic, Fetal and Adult Cardiomyocyte Cultures: Possible Role in the Regeneration of Functional Myocardium
Kenyagin Dorit 2005 Adi Salzberg Abstracts Studying the Developmental Roles of the Drosophila Fer3, a Proneural-Like Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Protein
Sagi Yotam 2005 Moussa Youdim Abstracts Pharmacological and Molecular Mechanisms of Neuroprotective Action of anti-Alzheimer's and anti Parkinson's Drugs Ladostigil (TV3326), TV3279, and Rasagiline
Behar Doron 2005 Karl Skorecki Abstracts Genomic Diversity among Near Eastern Populations
Tsabar Nir 2005 Dale Frank Abstracts A Functional Screen to Identify Genes Involved in Neural Crest Induction
Meiron Moran 2005 Nathan Karin Abstracts Dual Function of SDF-1 in the Regulation of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
Engelmayer Miri 2005 Nitza Lahat, Haim Bitterman, Michal Rahat, Abstracts Effects of Hypoxia on the Expression and Activity of TIMP-2 in Macrophages
Ben-Israel Haggit 2005 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts Study of the Mechanism of Action of the Adenoviral Protein E4orf4
Srouji Samer 2005 Erella Livne (Deceased) Abstracts Use of Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Biological Scaffold for Bone Repair
Rozenfeld Julia 2004 Israel Zelikovic, Edna Efraty, Abstracts The Human Magnesium Channel (Paracellin-1) Gene: Renal Epithelial Cell-Specific Expression and Regulation
Oren-Jazan Hely 2004 Michael Fry Abstracts Tetraplex DNA Destabilizing Proteins from Human cells
Yaniv Gal 2004 Ofer Binah, Sarit Larish, Abstracts Modulation of Fas-Induced Apoptosis in Cultured Neonatal Rat Ventricular Myocytes by Ischemic Stresses
Shai Ayelet 2004 Israel Vlodavsky, Nitzan Resnick, Abstracts The Regulation of Expression of Angiogenic Genes by Shear Stress in Vascular Endothelial Cells
Tov Naveh 2004 Arie Oliven Abstracts Contractile Characteristics of the Tongue in Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Levin Evgeny 2004 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Relevance of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors to Brain Cancer
Eviatar Tamar 2004 Erella Livne (Deceased) Abstracts The Effects of IGFs and the Binding Protein IGFBP-3 on MMPs in Articular Cartilage of Joints
Carmel Julia 2004 Erella Livne (Deceased) Abstracts Involvement of Cytokins and Growth Factors in Degradation and Synthesis in Articular Cartilage
Israelit Shlomo 2004 Shimon Marom Abstracts Analysis of Spontaneous Activity in Large Random Neural Networks
Holtzman Tzvi 2004 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts Mechanisms of Regulation of the Cyclin Genes CLN3 and PCL5 in the Yeast S. cerevisiae
Twig Gilad 2004 Ido Perlman Abstracts Color Information Processing in the Distal Turtle Retina under Bright Light Illumination
Lotan Rona 2004 John Finberg, Sarit Larish, Abstracts Elucidation of ARTS Apoptotic Signaling Pathway
Laufer Ilan 2004 Hillel Pratt Abstracts The Electrophysiology of Auditory Object Formation by Fusion of a Phonemic Element with a Preceding Stream
Bental Barbara 2004 Emanuel Tirosh Abstracts The Relationship between Attention, Executive Functions and Written Language Functions
Baron Shahaf Dana 2004 Ami Aronheim, Yehuda Assaraf, Abstracts Identification and Characterization of the Gene Involved in Rogers' Syndrome
Meimoun Ariella 2004 Daniel Kornitzer Abstracts The Roles of Kinases in the Degradation of the Yeast Transcription Factor Gcn4
Schif-Zuck Sagie 2004 Nathan Karin Abstracts The Role of Interleukin-18 and Interleukin-18 binding Protein in T-cell Mediated Autoimmune Diseases
Seagal Jane 2004 Doron Melamed Abstracts The Role of Fas in Regulating Development and Selection of Isotype-Switched B Cell Precursors and in the Generation of an Autoimmune B Cell Repertoire
Braunstein Ilana 2003 Karl Skorecki, Matty Zokerman, Abstracts Transcriptional Regulation of Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Gene in Normal and Malignant Human Ovraian Cells
Laifenfeld Daphna 2003 Dorit Ben-Shachar, Ehud Klein, Abstracts Regulatory Effects of Norepinephrine on Genes Involved in Cell Survival and Synaptic Connectivity: Implications to Major Depression
Jacobi Jeanna 2003 Batya Kristal Abstracts The impact of Primed Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes on Endothelial Function
Feld Yair 2003 Lior Gepstein Abstracts Long Term Electromechanical and Structural Evaluation of Hybrid Cardiomyocytic Cultures
Cohen )Ganelin( Esther 2003 Michael Fry, Pnina Shomer, Abstracts Mechanisms of Tetraplex-DNA Binding and Destablilization by the hnRNP-Related Protein CBF-A
Inbal Adi 2003 Adi Salzberg Abstracts Developmental and Functional Studies of HTH and VVL, Two Transcription Factors involved in PNS Development in Drosophila
Achbert-Weiner Hillit 2003 Aaron Ciechanover, Hedva Gonen, Abstracts Mechanisms of Ubiquitin-Mediated Processing and Proteolysis of the p105 NF-kB Precursor and Generation of the p50 Active Sunbit
Klein Ifat 2003 Abraham Reznick Abstracts Cigarette Smoke Damage to Saliva Defense Systems and the Capacity of Antioxidants to Curtail Some of these Damages
Livne Adi 2003 Adi Salzberg, Tamar Kleinberger, Abstracts Analysis of the Mechanism Underlying Induction of Apoptosis by Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein
Ostrovsky Olga 2003 Eyal Bengal Abstracts Involvement of the MAP Kinase Signal Transduction Pathways in the Differentiation of Skeletal Muscle
Sovak Guy 2003 Anna Weiss, Irena Gotman, Abstracts Bone Tissue Reaction to a Novel Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating on Titanium Alloy (Ti-6al-4V) Implants and the Effect of Growth Factors and Cell Adhesion Molecules on …
Shaked Orit 2003 Zaki Kraiem Abstracts The Role of Human Sperm Metalloproteinases and Their Inhibitors in the Fertilization Process
Waldman Arie 2003 Israela Berdicevsky (Deceased), Amos Gilhar, Abstracts The Function of T Lymphocytes from Peripheral Blood and Mycotic Lesion – in Acute and Chronic Dermatophytosis
Fajerman Ifat 2003 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Mechanisms of Recognition and Degradation of the Id2 Protein by the Ubiquitin Proteolytic Pathway
Katz Sigal 2003 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Identifying the Mechanism of JNK(c-Jun N-terminal kinase) Substrate-Specificity and Selectivity
Sinai Alon 2003 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Evoked Potentials in First and Second Language Processing: The Time Course of Linguistic Processing
Yudkovsky Yana 2003 Avram Hershko Abstracts The Mechanisms of the Regulation of Cyclosome Activity in Somatic Human Cells
Aamar Emil 2003 Dale Frank Abstracts The Role of XMeis3 Protein in Anterior-Posterior Pattern Formation During Early Embryo Development in Xenopus laevis
Khalilieh Edita 2002 Raymond Coleman, Michael Silbermann, Abstracts Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on Musculoskeletal Tissues of Aging Female Rats
Aharon Anat 2002 Benjamin Brenner Abstracts Procoagulant and Anticoagulant Mechanisms in Human Placenta
Kedar Zohar 2002 Ora Israel Abstracts Quantitative Bone SPECT in the Evaluation of Bone Turnover in Diseases of the Skeleton and in Monitoring Response to Treatment
Gealekman Olga 2002 Joseph Winaver (Deceased), Ofer Binah, Abstracts Mechanical, Electrophysiological and Paracrine Profile of Cardiac Myocytes in Rats with Compensated and Decompensated Heart Failure
Fuchs Dror 2002 Dina Lewinson, Raymond Coleman, Abstracts Model of Rat Femoral Head Endoprostheses: Caracterization, Acceleration and Prevention of the Aseptic Loosening Process
Roguin Ariel 2002 Andrew Peter Levy Abstracts Mouse Hindlimb Chronic Ischemia Model and Genetic Treatment Using Continuous Infusion of Different VEGF Vectors
Barr Haim 2002 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts A Study of Protein Interactions Involving the B55 Subunit of Protein Phosphatase 2A
Gil Sharon 2002 Ehud Klein Abstracts The Relationship between Memory of the Traumatic Event and the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Study in Head Trauma Victims
Pud Dorit 2002 David Yarnitsky, Elon Eisenberg, Abstracts The Relationship between Sensitivity to Pain and Responsiveness to Analgesics to Personality Traits
Daher Ofra 2002 Erella Livne (Deceased), Abraham Reznick, Abstracts The Effect of Growth Hormone (GH) on Cartilage and Bone Loss Following Prolonged Immobilization in Old Animals
Reinstein Eyal 2002 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Mechanisms of Recognition and Degradation of the Proto- Oncogene c-Myc and the Oncogene E7 by the Ubiquitin Proteasome Proteolytic Pathway
Levy Hanna 2002 Ido Perlman Abstracts The Role of Nitric Oxide in Information Proccessing in the Distal Retina of the Turtle
Avnon Yehoudith 2002 David Yarnitsky Abstracts The Parasympathetic System in Migraine
Dibner Charna 2002 Dale Frank Abstracts The Role of XMeis3 Protein in Xenopus laevis Embryo Nervous System Development
Golan Amnon 2002 Avram Hershko Abstracts Molecular Processes Responsible for Cyclosome Activation at Mitosis
Wolowelsky Yael 2002 Zvi Borochowitz, Efrat Neter, Abstracts Genetic Counseling in an Arab Community; Families at High- Risk for Cystic Fibrosis as a Model of the Influence of Genetic Counseling in this Community
Bigman Zehavah 2002 Hillel Pratt Abstracts The Time Course of Category Induction: A Visual Event- Related Potential Study
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Bonneh-Barkay Dafna 2002 John Finberg Abstracts Characterization of the Neuroprotective Potential and Mechanism of Action of the MAO-B Inhibitor Rasagiline
Vardinon-Friedman Hagit 2002 Noam Ziv Abstracts The Assembly of Synapses Formed among Neurons in the Mammalian Central Nervous System
Engel-Yeger Batya 2002 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Hearing Impairments and Deafness Due to Consanguinity: Genetic Factors and Their Physiological and Clinical Expressions
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Shahaf Goded 2002 Shimon Marom Abstracts Fundamentals of the Psychobiological Transform – Theory and its Demonstration in a Model System
Ofir Rache 2002 Karl Skorecki Abstracts Replication of Human Telomeric Regions – Relevance to Cellular Senescence
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Voskoboynik Ayelet 2001 Abraham Reznick, Baruch Rinkevich, Anna Weiss, Abstracts Developmental Processes and Programmed Cell Death in the Colonial Tunicate Botryllus Schlosseri
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Gredinger Eran 2001 Eyal Bengal Abstracts Involvement of Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Signal Transduction Pathways in Muscle Differentiation
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Zarzhevsky Nataly 2001 Abraham Reznick, Raymond Coleman, Abstracts Capacity for Recovery and Molecular Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle Degeneration in Immobilization and Aging
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Wolf Tamir 2001 Gideon Uretzky, Shlomo Ben-Haim, Abstracts Characterization of the Electromechanical Changes Occurring throughout Various Myocardial Pathologies
Shilkrut Mark 2001 Ofer Binah Abstracts Fas (Apo-1/CD95)-Mediated Damage to Murine Ventricular Myocytes Induced by Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes from Perforin Gene Knockout Mice
Shalata Adel 2001 Hanna Mandel, Nadine Cohen, Abstracts Mapping and Identifying – MOCS1, the Gene Responsible for Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency Type A (MoCoD), and the Discovery of MOCS1 Processed Pseudogene (MOCS1P1)
Korem Sigal 2001 Zaki Kraiem Abstracts The Expression and Regulation of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Malignant and Benign Human Thyroid Cells
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Shofty Rona 2001 Rafael Beyar Abstracts The Influence of Intravascular Stents on the Proliferative Process
Raz Tal 2001 Nadine Cohen Abstracts Mapping and Identifying – SLC19A2, the Gene Responsible for Thiamine-Responsive Megaloblastic Anemia (TRMA)
Broder Yehoshua 2001 Ami Aronheim Abstracts Functional Characterization of CHP (CDC42 Homologue Protein), a Novel Member of the RHO Proteins
Harun Yafa 2000 Shai Linn Abstracts Health Characteristics of Circassians in Israel Mortality, Hospitalizations, Chronic Illness and Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease
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Kaplan Odelia 2000 Michael Aviram Abstracts The Involvement of Membranal Proteoglycans in the Specific Cellular Uptake of Oxidized LDL by Macrophages
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Oryan Amir 2000 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Involvement of the Ubiqutin-Proteasome Proteolytic System in the Activation of the Transcriptional Factor Nf-kB
Gazit Vered 2000 Yeshayahu(Sha Katz Abstracts Cysteine-and Phenylpyruvate-Induced Hypoglycemia: Implications to Neurodegeneration
Bercovich Beatrice 2000 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Involvement of Phosphorylation and the Heat Shock Cognate Protein Hsc70 in Mechanisms of Substrate Recognition by the Ubiquitin Proteolytic System
Granovsky Ilena 2000 David Yarnitsky Abstracts The P300 Wave and Pain Perception
Youssef Sawsan 2000 Nathan Karin Abstracts Intervention in Specific Anti-Self Immunity by C-C Chemokine Naked DNA Vaccines
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Ghandour Haifa 2000 Lena Lavie, Peretz Lavie, Abstracts The Expression of Stress Proteins in Peripheral Blood Monocytes of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Gour-Lavie Alumit 2000 Nathan Karin Abstracts The Roll of VEGF in Regulation of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
Rambod Edmond 2000 Simcha Milo Abstracts Flow Dynamics of Mechanical Heart Valve Closure: Formation of Gas Microbubbles
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Weinberger Ronit 1999 Michael Fry Abstracts Isolation of Two New Homologues of the RNA Splicing Protein SC35: P17 and P42
Bornstein Orna 1999 Ido Perlman Abstracts Lateral Signal Processing in the Neuronal Network of Horizontal Cells in the Turtle Retina
Grabie Nir 1999 Nathan Karin Abstracts Regulatory Mechanisms of Induced Immunological Tolerance
Frank Meira 1999 Shimon Marom Abstracts Slow Changes in the Availability of Mammalian Muscle Sodium Channel: Implication for Input-Output Function
Lejbkowicz Izabella 1999 Fred Wiener, Daniel Shapira, Abstracts An Expert System to Assist in the Radiologic Diagnosis of Bone Disease
Nachaliel Nira 1999 Dale Frank Abstracts Molecular Pathways Regulating Axis Formation in the Xenopus Laevis Embryo
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Shtrichman Ronit 1999 Tamar Kleinberger Abstracts Study of the Mechanisms Underlying Activity of the Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein
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Maor Irit 1999 Michael Aviram Abstracts Relationships between Oxidation and Aggregation Processes in LDL Derived from Apolipoprotein E-Deficient Mice During Atherogenesis
Israel Nava 1999 Shai Linn Abstracts Health and Nutritional Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors And Status of Disabled and Able-Bodied Basketball Players of the Israeli National League
Gepstein Lior 1999 Shlomo Ben-Haim, Yeouda Edoute, Abstracts Electroanatomical Mapping of the Heart
Bar Sela Inbal 1999 Shraga Hocherman Abstracts Human Visuo-Spatial Information Processing: Comparison between Perception and Visuomotor Execution
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Yakirevich Evgeny 1998 Yehudith Naot (Deceased) Abstracts Sperm Antigens Eliciting Antibodies Involved in Human Reproductive Failures
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Henig Klara 1998 Dale Frank Abstracts The Role of the Xlpou19 Protein During Early Development of Xenopus Laevis
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Heinrich Ronit 1998 Zaki Kraiem Abstracts Involvement of the PKa, PKC and PTK Signal Transduction Pathways in Regulating c-jun and c-fos Proto-Oncogene Expression in Cultured Human Thyroid Follicles
Tartarover Shelly 1998 Harriet Gershon (Deceased) Abstracts An in Vitro Model for Elucidation of the Phagocyte Receptors Responsible for Sequestration of Old Human Erythrocytes
Behar-Erlitzki Ronit 1997 Michael Fry Abstracts Characterization of a Mammalian Protein that Binds Single Stranded and Tetraplex Telomeric DNA
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Blumenfeld Israel 1997 Erella Livne (Deceased) Abstracts Cytokines and Growth Factors Involvement in Metabolism Processes of Osteoarthritic Cartilage in the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) of Aged Mice
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Gonen Adi 1997 Peretz Lavie Abstracts "Sleepiness" and "Alertness" – State or Trait Characteristics?
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Levy Ruth 1997 Shai Linn Abstracts The Burden of Hospitalization in Childhood Cancer: The Epidemiology of Length of Stay in the Hospital of Children with Cancer
Kessary-Shoham Hadar 1997 Harriet Gershon (Deceased) Abstracts The Influence of IVIG on Erythrophagocytosis of Red Cells from Healthy Individuals and Those Suffering from a Representative Autoimmune Disease (SLE)
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Lahav Shirly 1997 Avram Hershko Abstracts The Role of Phosphatase in Cyclin B Degradation
Ayalon Judith 1996 Shraga Hocherman Abstracts Visuomotor and Visually Independent Mechanisms for the Control of Hand Movement in the Cortex of the Rhesus Monkey
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Goldman-Ohava Shlomit 1995 Zaki Kraiem Abstracts Modulation by Thyroid Hormones of the Function and Growth of Cultured Human Luteinized Granulosa Cells
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Fonia Ora 1995 Moshe Gavish Abstracts The Relationship Between Prophyrins, Porphyria and the Benzodiazepine Receptors
Blumenfeld Nava 1995 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Identification, Purification and Characterization of a Novel Ubiquitin-Carrier Protein, E2, that is Involved in the Degradation of Non "N-End Rule" Protein Substrates
Weinreb Orly 1995 Ahuva Dovrat Abstracts The Effect of Oxidative Stress on the Eye Lens in Organ Culture
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Hafner Hava 1994 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Development and Maturation of the Auditory System Studied by Neonatal 3CLT
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Lavy Revital 1994 Ido Perlman, Ofer Binah, Abstracts Mechanism by Which Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes Kill Target Tumor Cells (El4) – Electrophysiological Findings
Tabak Arek 1993 Uri Taitelman Abstracts Drugs in Liposomes for Treatment of Paraquat Intoxications
Moskovitz Jackob 1993 Avram Hershko Abstracts Ubiquitin Protein Consugate Degrading Enzymes in Erythrocyt
Hadary Tamar 1993 Avram Hershko Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of Ub Binding Protein
Karmeli Eliezr 1993 Abraham Reznick Abstracts The Effect of Growth-Hormone on Skeletal Muscles of Old Rats After Hindlimb Immobilization
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Jacob Giris 1993 Arieh Bomzon Abstracts The Effect of Obstructive Jaundice on the Function of the Adrenoceptors in the Cardiovascular System
Rahat Michal Ami 1993 Michael Fry Abstracts Two Liver Proteins That Bind to Selected Dna Seqwenles
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Heller Hanna 1993 Avram Hershko Abstracts Mode of Action of a Novel Enzyme that Ligates Ubiquitin to Protein
Klorin Geula 1992 Raymond Coleman, Michael Silbermann, Abstracts Effects of Growth Hormove (Gh)and Glucocrticoids on Developm
Altman Arie 1992 Michael Silbermann Abstracts Interactions Between Growth Hormone and Glucocorticoid
Lewkowicz Shlomo 1992 Yoram Palti Abstracts Coronary Artery Stenoses Detection by Acoustical Methods
Furman Bianca 1992 Gerald Brook, Michael Aviram, Abstracts The Effect of Platelet Secretory Products on the Uptake
Lavian Gila 1992 John Finberg Abstracts Cardiovascular Actions of Antidepressant Drwgs Mediated by
Stam (Armon) Tamar 1992 Avram Hershko Abstracts The Role of Atp in the Degradation of Proteins
Zaaroor Menashe 1992 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Nuclei Vs Tracts as Generators of Abep in Laboratory Animal
Kim Tae Yeon 1992 Anna Weiss, Michael Silbermann, Abstracts Effect of Deflazacort a New Heterocyclice
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Netzer Esther 1992 Benjamin Miller Abstracts Pathogenesis of Epiretinal Membranes Formation
Armoni Michal 1991 Eddy Karnieli Abstracts Glucose Transporters in Human and Rat Adipocytes Regulatio
Bregman David 1991 Abstracts Development of a Computerized Simulation Model of a Hospital
Aronson Leonor 1991 Ludwig Podoshin (Deceased), Giora Rosenhouse, Abstracts Electrical Parameters of Cochlear Prosthesis Adapted to
Gross Micha 1991 Peretz Lavie Abstracts Dreams of Patients with and Without Sleep Apnea in the
Hussain Amer 1991 Oren Zinder Abstracts Control of Catecholamine Secretion in Adrenal Medulia Cells
Yadid Gal 1991 Moussa Youdim, Oren Zinder, Abstracts Biochemical and Pharmacological Rolf of Glyine in Chromaffi
Gonen Hedva 1991 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Aspects in Protein Selection for the Ubiquitin – Dependent
Mandel Silvia 1991 Ronnie Barkey Abstracts Medical Sciences
Dwairy Marwan 1991 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Evoked Potetials Dvring Anticipation of Phgsical Threat
Fuchs Amir 1991 Ella Lindenbaum (Deceased) Abstracts Novel Methods for Invivo and in Vitro Studies of Mouse
Mager Sella 1991 Ofer Binah Abstracts Effect of Thyroid Hormones on Electrophysiological Propertie
Amiri Zamit 1991 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Regulation of Central and Peripheral Benzodiapine Receptors
Makhoul Imad 1991 Moshe Berant Abstracts Antibiotic Treatment of Experimental Pseudomona Penumonia in
Ganot Devora 1991 Avram Hershko Abstracts Formtion and Mode of Action of a Complex That Degrades
Konig Elke 1991 Michael Silbermann Abstracts Direct Effects of Local Growth Factors Upon Chondrogenesis
Barnea Anat 1991 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Evoked Potenials in Short Term Memory Tasks in Dyslexic
Shai Shafira 1990 Yehudith Naot (Deceased) Abstracts Antigenicity of Human Spermatozoa Its Relevance to
Rubinstein Irit 1990 Ido Perlman, Ofer Binah, Abstracts Effect of Thyroid Hormones on Cardiac Electrophysiological
Levy Aliza 1990 Michael Fry Abstracts Mechamisms of the Seguemce-Specific Bimding of Factoc D to
Paizi Emily M 1990 Gad Spira Abstracts The Role of Fibronectin in Processes Related to Pcd
Katz Yeshayahu 1990 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Functional Aspects of the Peripheral Benzodiazepine
Rottem Shraga 1990 Bezalel-A. Peretz Abstracts Feto-Maternal Ultrasonographic Patterns Using a 6.5 Mhz
Schnall Robert 1990 Yoram Palti Abstracts The Development of a New Blood Pressure Measurement Technion
Kra-Oz Zipora 1990 Gad Spira, Abstracts Use of Antibodies for Stmdying Structure of Sodium Channels
Dagan Yaron 1990 Peretz Lavie Abstracts Sleep and Dreaming Characteristics of War Victims Suffering
Mayer Arie 1990 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Characterization of the Ubiquitin Activating Enzyme Form
Schapira Daniel 1990 Michael Silbermann Abstracts The Influence of Calcinm Vitamin D and of Prolonged Physical
Kaminer Hanna 1990 Peretz Lavie Abstracts Patterns of Sleep and Dreaming as a Function of Adaptation
Safadi Asaad 1990 Abraham Reznick, Erella Livne (Deceased), Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of Alkaline and Acid
Sadeh Abraham 1990 Peretz Lavie Abstracts Medical Sciences
Even-Sapir Eynat 1990 Dov Front (Deceased) Abstracts In Vivo Measur of Uptake of Chemoth Orugs in Human Tumors
Grupper Ronit 1989 Aaron Ciechanover Abstracts Pegradation Ofulong Lived Proteins in Cells with a Mutated
Kadar Tamar 1989 Michael Silbermann Abstracts Histopathological Aspects of the Aging Cholinergic System in
Ben-Ami Yeichel 1989 Michael Silbermann, Dina Lewinson, Abstracts Characterization of Endochondral Ossification
Nevo Erez 1989 Yoram Palti, Yoram Lanir, Simon Braun (Deceased), Abstracts Parameter Estimation in the Cardiouascular System
Sammar Marai 1989 Gad Spira, Abstracts Functional Regions in the Sodium Channels
Awad Mohamed 1989 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Comparative Study on Peripheralbenzodiazepine Binding Site
Bidder Miri 1989 Moshe Gavish Abstracts Biochemical and Endocrinological Studies on Peripheral Type
Abassi Zaid 1989 Ronnie Barkey, Joseph Winaver (Deceased), Abstracts Mechanisns of Renal-Resistance to Ntrial Natriuretie Factor
Gottlieb Michal 1989 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Medical Sciences
Reiss Yoval 1989 Avram Hershko Abstracts Selectivity and Mode of Action of Ubiquitin-Protein
Zeitoun Irene 1989 Yoram Palti Abstracts Study of Sodium Channels During Development of Sensory
Paltieli Yoav 1989 Michael Silbermann Abstracts Identification of High Risk Pregnancies by Routine Measurem
Gahnim Fuad 1989 Ronnie Barkey Abstracts In Vitro Effect of Prolactin on Steroidogenesis in the Rat
Bar-Shira Batia 1989 Michael Silbermann, Raymond Coleman, Abstracts Mouse Model for Age-Nealated Bone Loss in Lumbar Vertebrae
Safadi Mohammed 1989 Michael Silbermann, Abraham Reznick, Abstracts Age Related Bone Loss in Rat Vertebrae and the Effect of
Bick Tova 1989 Moussa Youdim Abstracts The Effect of the Pulsatile Secretion of Growth Hormone
Attias Josep 1989 Hillel Pratt Abstracts Event Related Potentials to Verbal and Semantic Stimuli
Shabtai Yael 1989 Noam Gavriely Abstracts The Effect of External High Frequency Chest Wall Vibration
Rennert Hana 1989 Michal Lahav Abstracts Mechanism of the Luteolytic Action of Prostaglandin F2d in
Marom Shimon 1989 Daniel Dagan, Joseph Winaver (Deceased), Abstracts Sodium Reabsorbtion in Proximal Nephron: Contribution of Chq
Kahana Edith 1988 Ilana Tatarsky Abstracts Shectroscopic Studies on the Interactions Between the Struct